Workout Tips To Get Fit Fast

fit man and womanDo You Want To Get Fit Fast?

Do you want some insider information to get fit fast? Of course we all want tips and tricks to get stronger, faster, leaner, quicker, and fitter. Every little tip or trick if incorporated into your fitness goals can make a huge difference. Don’t let your routines get stagnant. These small secrets, tips, and tricks for working out will help you break plateaus, stay motivated and save time. Everyone wants new results and new challenges so take some of these great secrets and fit them into your life today!

Workout Tips To Get Fit Fast

1. Visualize your workouts

Before you start your workout, visual how your workout is going to go.  This is so helpful because you will then have a better chance of success in your workout of not quitting before its finished and even working out harder then you normally do.  Setting up your mind for success is powerful because then you have the determination to achieve it.

2. Maximize your rest time

In between sets when working out give stretching a try.  This will help improve flexibility and also just help to keep your focused and on target for what you are trying to accomplish.  This maximizes your time for putting more into your workouts.  Just an extra boast that get you up to the next level.

3. Super HIIT training

If you are doing the best form of fat loss cardio out there – HIIT training (high intensity interval training), then super charge your routine after you have gotten it down pat by adding hills, a climb or any incline to get your body working even harder and burning more calories!

4. Don’t procrastinate

If you hate doing something you have to do in your workout routine then do it first!  Get it over with and move onto something you enjoy more.  Don’t worry about it your entire workout.  That makes no sense!  Do you hate pushups?  Do them first.  Also consider that most people don’t like something because it’s hard.  So if you don’t like pushups it could be because you need to improve on them which are all the more reason to do them first!

5. Routinely circulated between free weights, machines and bodyweight exercises

Routinely changing your workout routine to accommodate free weights, machines and bodyweight exercises is the best way to keep things fresh, not get bored and to challenge your muscles.  It works best if you can rotate this throughout your week.  Using different forms of resistance works muscles in different ways to help produce the best results.

6. Add something you have never done before

Adding in some cardio or a class or video or new weight lifting routine or exercise is a great way to keep your motivation up!  Go to a gym with a pool but never set foot in it yet?  Try a water running class.  Always do cardio indoors?  Take it outdoors.  Never tried free weights?  Give them a try.  Mixing it up keeps your interest in working out peaked too not to mention constantly working your body in different ways.

7. Beat your best

Beating your best time, best number of reps, best anything in working out will constantly keep you in workout mode.  If you have a great time for your cardio routine, try to beat it every time even by a few seconds.  If you are using machines for cardio try to beat the calorie counter even if it’s by 10, 20 or 30 each time.  To do this you need to be keeping track of your workout bests if you can.  In order for you to keep beating your best you need to up your intensity, weight or speed in order to achieve this.  This is a great motivator and goal for you to accomplish and will leave you smiling after every workout.  It is so motivating to leave each workout as the best and also to go into each workout looking for the best.  This will help you to inch closer and closer to success in whatever you are doing.

8. Changing your grip, stance or hand positions

Even a tiny adjustment on your grip (over and under in bicep curls) or stance (wide leg versus standard in a squat) can make a big difference in which muscles you are using and will allow you to hit the same muscle from a slightly difference angle.  This will tweak your workout routine to heights when incorporating this.

9. Stay focused

Find out what distracts you during a workout and eliminate it.  If you run outside while listening to music you may be naturally running at a slower pace than you can really go just by zoning out and not focusing.  This can affect your training greatly.  You want to focus on working out not watching TV or reading a magazine.  Just will also help you to have a better use of your time while working out.

10. Incorporate more side exercises

Most people tend to focus on the front and back of their body when choosing exercises but do not neglect the sides of your body.  Choose exercises for shoulders, hip abductors and oblique’s in order to work out your sides as well.

11. Add weights for added resistance

Add a weighted vest, ankle or wrist weights while completing your regular workout routine.  This will just give you another angle to improve and get fitter.  It will increase the intensity of any workout and burn extra calories.

12. Don’t forget your core

Many people leave core work until the end or are too tired to complete it as planned.  Don’t forget that a strong core is very important to having a fit body.  Consider doing your core work at a separate time or at the beginning of your workout so that it is executed properly.  Remember not to strain your neck while completing ab work as this will hinder your core work results.

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