Five Workplace Wellness Ideas to Help You Keep Your Gains

Workplace Wellness Ideas

Workplace Wellness Ideas to Help You Keep Your Gains

Workplace Wellness: Don’t Let a Desk Job Steal Your Gains

Gains are hard to get going when it comes to bypassing the adaption phase of training. This phase is for around the first year of training, when your body starts reacting to new dieting and training programs with significant results.

After this, the gains are a lot harder to achieve and maintain, which is why you do not want your desk job, or any job for that matter, to get in your way of proper dieting and training.

The common excuse for losing the gains one has achieved is that it is hard to eat enough or the body is too tired to train after work. These two things are easily manageable if you truly desire to keep your gains and be able to work as well.

Here are five effective workplace wellness ideas that you can easily incorporate into your busy lifestyle. When utilized these tips will surely help you to maximize muscle gains that you worked your butt off to achieve.

Five Effective Workplace Wellness Ideas to Use to Your Advantage

#1. Bring Healthy Calorie Dense Snacks

Muscles requireBring Healthy Calorie Dense Snacks energy to stay where they are and even more energy to continue growing alongside a proper training program.

This energy is received through the calories we consume, and the best ones come from nutritious sources because they are not going to add body fat unless you are just eating too much. The issue here is that when it comes to working, it is hard to have the food readily available for you to consume.

You can solve this dilemma by bringing your own snacks that will last throughout the day. If you do not have a fridge to use at work, then you definitely do not bring foods that need to be kept cool. Instead, brings dried fruits, nuts, peanut butter, dark chocolate, protein bars, protein powder, and water.

This is going to keep your muscles hydrated and offer the energy needed to stick around for the time being. Nutrition is the number one reason anybody builds muscle or loses fat, and keeping your gains is something that requires a proper nutrient intake.

Luckily they even make handy to-go cups of things such as peanut butter, which are high in calories, protein, and dietary fats. All of which your muscles love.

#2. You can Stay Physically Active at Work

staying physicall active at workYou cannot really get an amazing workout in, but if you feel more physical training is needed you can easily do exercises such as push-ups and steam engines while you are on break or lunch.

People may look at you silly or make jokes, but if you are truly dedicated and want to keep your gains, then you have to take drastic steps such as this. Ignore what everyone else has to say since it is your body. Do what make you happy.

Other things to consider doing are active stretches to keep your joints and tendons loose. This also helps get you ready for training after work if that is how your schedule ends up being.

#3. Keeping Yourself Motivated to Train

keeping Yourself Motivated to TrainDiminished motivation starts to set in as work picks up and you feel too exhausted to train. This is a common occurrence that you need to avoid.

To boost your motivation, look in the mirror and see how far your gains have gotten you, and compare yourself with an old picture to get reminded about what needs to be done, which is performing some type of intense workout even if it only lasts 30 minutes.

A good thing to do is keep your body energetic enough to get to the gym and start performing exercises. Drinking a cup of coffee will most likely be good enough since it can have over 75mg of caffeine in it, which gives your body mental and physical energy boosts. They even have a large variety of pre-workout supplements that you can consider using such as Whey Protein.

#4. Try to Make a Set Schedule

Make a Set ScheduleAfter working at one place for a long period of time, you get the rhythm of how your schedule is going to be. During this time, you should start figuring out what days you feel might work with a training day.

However, you probably do not want your days off to be overloaded with training. Have a day set just for rest and relaxation. Something to consider would be what days you have a shorter shift, or what days would require less physical activities during work.

#5. Make Friends at Work Who Share the Same Common Fitness Interests

askthetrainerteamOne of the best things to do at work is making friends that like to train and diet as well. This helps you and your friends keep each other on your toes.

You will be amazed at how common jokes with each other about losing gains actually helps build motivation and determination to stay on track with your fitness goals. Gains will surely stay if you have somebody to talk with. You can even join internet forums and have discussions to stay motivated to train while working a busy schedule.

The Bottom Line

In the end it is definitely possible for anybody to maintain their gains while working. This happens every day around the world and is not something new. You just have to be motivated enough to stay on course with training program and bring your own food to maintain the calories you require for muscle maintenance and growth.

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