YouTube Marketing Tips for the Fitness Industry


It’s hardly a mystery to know that YouTube search is the second most popular search tool on the planet after Google. People search almost anything they can think of on YouTube.

For instance, “What is the meaning of life”, or “Best fitness routines for a slimmer body”. So, YouTube is an excellent platform to promote your business and optimize YouTube Search for it, therefore, becomes important in your overall marketing strategy.

In this article, we look at the best ways to optimize YouTube marketing for the Fitness Industry.

Build an appealing YouTube channel

So you’re in the fitness industry. Maybe you own a gym or a fitness centre, or you might be a personal trainer – whatever your mode of business is, you need to be on YouTube. Why?

A gym owner limits themselves by the location of the gym, which narrows down your customer reach. If you want to grow your business, you need to leverage YouTube.

YouTube is your brand building centre. One of the first things people are going to do when they are researching where they want to go to find a gym or fitness centre or look for a personal trainer to work with is to search those terms on YouTube. The first thing when they see when they land on YouTube is your channel page. The first impression in this situation matters a lot. Your YouTube channel is your best salesperson.

Investing and building your YouTube channel is necessary for brand building. To start with, you can create an attractive YouTube thumbnail that serves as an extension and denotes what the video is going to be about. The thumbnail is the first thing any customer will see when looking for fitness-related content. Make sure you use beautiful and clear thumbnails with less than 40 words and use eye-catching colours.

Another feature you should include in your channel is to have a channel trailer. A channel trailer provides a sneak peek of your content in a video format. It is exactly what it says – a trailer. Take the help of online video editor tools to create your channel trailer as it will appeal with your existing and especially potential customers.

Create value for your customers

YouTube is more than a video sharing platform. It’s an advertising medium available for any business. But just because it is an advertising platform doesn’t mean you will post anything and people will like it. That’s not how it works!

The best way to optimize YouTube for your benefit is to create value for your existing and potential customers. A customer looks for genuine, authentic and valuable content when they watch a video on YouTube. Creating a value-based video for your customers will benefit your brand image for longer-term gains. People often change their fitness centres or personal trainers because they find no more value from being associated with them. Don’t make the mistake of doing that.

Creating valuable video content is a long process. You can start by including people from all age groups and physical abilities in your videos. The word will spread if your videos are of unique quality and tell a narrative rather than just being shot run-of-the-mill. Think of creating a video series every week that concerns a specific subject, “Morning workouts”, “Leg exercises” are some examples.

Using your video, show people how your gym or fitness centre differs from other ones in your area. Take them on tour inside your centre and show how it provides a healthy and nurturing environment to support people to reach their fitness goals.

Creating videos is time-consuming, but producing more videos is going to help your brand awareness and help you get more customers. Pre-planning, producing, and editing can all go smoothly if you know that your deadlines are. Generating valuable content is a skill learned over time, and editorial calendars are a great way to map out the path for each video and when it needs to be published.

Create a lot of good video content

To stand out on YouTube and gain a competitive edge over other gyms/training centres, make sure you give your customers a visual experience of your gym, centre or training exercise. YouTube and video are inseparable. No matter what business you are in today, videos dominate the internet landscape, and it’s better to make use of the domination that sits idle and does nothing about it. A content marketing strategy is incomplete without creating videos, as video can help you –

    • Increase brand awareness and customer engagement
    • Increase leads to more direct conversions
    • Drive more traffic to a webpage, social media, or physical centre
    • Build your online presence

People want to see good content before they decide to join your gym or take your training services. Education, interesting, customer-centric content is what appeals to most people seeking fitness services. Fitness brands create video content all the time. There isn’t any better yet to show the value and effectiveness of fitness than to present it visually, and YouTube is the best medium for that.

Videos are also like social proof that what you are passionate about is what you do. Video can be hard to do if you haven’t done it before and if you are wondering how to shoot video? How to edit videos for YouTube, then don’t worry. There are a ton of free tutorials and content available on the web from where you can learn to make videos, shooting tips and content ideas. One use of videos is to include a call to action at the end of each video. You can create an outro maker for YouTube that helps you do exactly that. The outro can be customized with more channel videos, website links, and subscription options.

Fitness hacks, nutritional regimes, quick workouts, home workouts, client testimonials, and addressing questions you hear from clients are some ideas that can help you get started. Be sure to make at least one video, if not more per week.

Engage with your customers regularly

Creating interesting and engaging video content will help attract viewers who are your potential customers. But simply letting them watch your video and go back to their lives won’t grow your business. Engage with them.

Engagement is the primary function of all social media platforms, and yes, that includes YouTube. All social media channels that exist today push videos to more users to ensure it reaches a wide pool of people. Ask your viewers to like, share and comment about what they felt after watching the video. This has two-fold benefits – one; it helps your engagement rate shoot up and two; it helps you understand what your customer wants.

Think of conducting surveys—let your viewers speak and share their opinion. You can even do a LIVE stream with one of your viewers to understand what they like, dislike and ways in which you can be better. Every platform has its type of audience and optimizing your YouTube videos to them requires a bit of imagination and strategizing.

Remember, when people see you are engaging with other people, they would want to get involved with you, and you need to be ready to engage with them regularly.


YouTube marketing is a great way to attract potential customers to your gym, fitness center, personal training and other health services.

When marketing on YouTube, consider the tips in this guide. Many health related businesses extensively use YouTube marketing so you don’t want to miss out on this effective strategy.

Remember, marketing is a long-term effort and hoping for short-term results is a foolish exercise. If done correctly and creatively, your business could grow to become the next YouTube sensation!

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