12 Ultimate Tips to Tone Your Legs

The Ultimate Secret To Tone Your Legs?

This is a secret that everyone knows. There’s no easy way to tone your hips and thighs. It requires commitment, focus and hard work.

The reward is exhilarating- a toned body, better health and a better sense of self and confidence. When it comes to legs, one of the issues we need to contend with is cellulite.

While there are many creams and lotions being touted as the next cure, cellulite can be stubborn. It can also be sometimes found in a toned body.

Instead of focussing on getting rid of cellulite, consider toning up the legs. This is a more practical way to go about the whole thing.

Twelve key tips to help you tone your legs:

#1. Toned legs mean toned calves, thighs, and butt. You need to formulate an exercise plan that works on all areas. Burning fat, giving your legs definition and lifting the butt- everything together combines to createtoned legs.

#2. Think about lean muscle. Women tend to put on weight in the lower half of the body. But it’s also the best place to build lean muscle. This is connected to the calories the body burns up when resting. This means you burn more fat when you have more lean muscle. This means the bigger muscles can burn so much fat. And what better bigger muscle group than the legs? A human has 200 muscles in the lower body, the largest being the butt, or the gluteus maximus. Do your maximum to make sure it’s worked out. Use your legs well and see the fantastic results for yourself.

#3. Consider sprints-raise your heart beat with about 20 minutes of sprints and it will keep your heart at an elevated level for another three quarters of an hour. This is great to burn fat. It puts you hormones in sync as well and gives you better energy and strength.

#4. Join Pilates- for overall toning, and concentrating on the abs, Pilates is a great exercise to consider. It takes up less time, is relatively simple to perform and shows good results.

#5. Work those squats- squats are a great way to burn more calories than many other exercises. It also helps create shape and definition by building muscle. You can also tone your legs with this squat challenge – The 30 Day Squat Exercise Challenge.

#6. Bring in some strength training- when you work with endurance and resistance, it has great effect on the muscles. Resistance training is useful to build strength. When you have strength, stamina gets better too, allowing you to put in more effort at the gym.

#7. Be careful with ankle weights- a lot of people think tying ankle weights helps to tone legs. What also happens is enormous strain on knees, joints, strained ligaments that can be torn or ruptured and muscle distress. Ditch the weights.

#8. Do those lunges- no wonder modern dance practitioners have such toned legs- think of all the lunges they do. The same goes for ballerinas as well who stand in the optimum position for lunges- heels off the floor, toes down.Lunges are simple and can be done practically anywhere- even at the steps leading to your house. Bring in lunges for more toning.

#9. Core training works- you’ll see this term thrown around quite a lot- core training cannot happen without the involvement of the legs. As a result, core training also works your legs. The added advantage is that it builds the core that keeps everything moving well. Incorporate some core training into your routine.

#10. Work your weaker side- when you think about it, this point makes complete sense. Depending on whether you’re left handed or right handed, you tend to start with your stronger side. If you’re right-handed, you tend to start with the dumbbell in the right hand or the lunges from the right leg. By the time you get to the weaker side, you’re not as fresh as you were before. This means the weaker side doesn’t get as worked out as it should be. Switch sides. Start with your weaker side when you’re fresh and concentrate on getting a great work out done. The extra time and effort you spend on the weaker side or the less used side of your body will be useful.

#11. Cardio is a must- when you have fat around the hips, it takes longer to shift or go away. Some cardio will surely help in this endeavour- consider 45 minutes to an hour of cardio, at least three times a week.

#12. Think about your diet- you cannot see results if you work out in the gym but continue to follow the same unhealthy dietary pattern. Work with a nutritionist if necessary and find out what to eat and what to avoid.

The Bottom Line

Judicious exercise and a sound diet go a long way in toning your legs. And that’s the ultimate secret.

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