Marijuana for Beginners: Cannabis Consumption

Marijuana for Beginners: The Basics of Cannabis Consumption

Marijuana, cannabis, and hashish, how many synonyms to these words do you know? I am sure – plenty of them! Everyone has heard these words many times, in everyday life, the movies, in the street, or even at home.

In what context did you understand these words for the first time? Did your parents tell you that marijuana negatively affects your health or is addictive? Did they also tell you that marijuana could be helpful and that many people use it for medical purposes?

Today thousands if not millions of people use marijuana both for recreational and medicinal use. Since may states have legalized marijuana for adult consumption, research in cannabis has been making well deserved leaps and bounds and thus is bringing it more into the forefront of modern society.

For those who use the plant for medical reasons and experience the profound healing properties of the herb, there is no question that cannabis deserves its place in their medicine cabinet. States where marijuana has been legalized have even seen a reduction in opiate addiction!

Have you considered using marijuana for recreational or health reasons? Perhaps it’s time to check with your doctor to see if it may be an option for you.

Here’s a quick look at why people consume cannabis and popular ways marijuana is consumed.

Reasons People Consume Marijuana

What is the main reason people use cannabis? Surely they use it to relax! Well yes, but this is only one of many reasons. Marijuana smoking also brings euphoria, talkativeness, decreased anxiety, enhancement of sensory experiences, increased appetite, and more.

People consume marijuana for a variety of reasons and each consumer is different from the other. No person reacts the same to marijuana just as no person reacts the same to pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol.

Medical Reasons

Medical patients consume marijuana mainly because the plant has very few side-effects compared to pharmaceuticals and in many cases does a better job at treating their medical issues like chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite and other health issues. Perhaps check with your doctor if cannabis is new to you and you’re currently dependent on pharma or over-the-counter products, for cannabis might just be something worth trying.

Recreational Reasons

Recreational folks consume it simply for the fun of it. Marijuana can be looked at similar to the way people go out on the weekends to have a drink. In moderation the plant is pretty harmless, and for this very reason it is a favorite weekend pastime of many.

Reasons Marijuana Isn’t for Everyone

Obviously marijuana isn’t ideal for everyone and so it comes with some caveats. Cannabis consumption may cause hallucinations or strange dreams among other negative effects. The list can be pretty long like any other drug you take, but marijuana is relatively harmless, even in large doses when compared to most if not all pharma drugs used to treat similar ailments. Consult with a marijuana doctor to get the full scoop.

The length of the effects vary according to a persons peculiarities, basically how one reacts to cannabis personally and to the quality and potency of the drug, and the consumption method used. If you do consume too much, simply stay calm and relax. Marijuana cannot kill an adult or even a child if consumed, even in large quantities, and the effects are temporary.

A great technique with over-consumption is to continually tell yourself that you will be ok and to focus on your breath. Once the peak period is over it is usually smooth sailing from there. Now if a child overdoses on marijuana, it is best to contact a poison control center just in case, thought chances are that they will be just fine once the scary effects wear off.

At the end of the day, nobody can know how cannabis will affect them until they’ve personally tried it. If you do and then determine cannabis doesn’t feel right to you, simply don’t use it. Or perhaps check with your doctor for you may simply have consumed too much and so it may be worth another try at a lower dose or via a different consumption method. For example, don’t start out your marijuana journey with edibles, many have a bad experience when doing so. One puff on a pipe is all you need if new to cannabis, and then from there you can progress to two hits, et cetera. Or if you are prescribed edibles by your doctor, start out with the smallest dose recommended by them.

Ways People Consume Marijuana


Vaping has fast become a favorite method to consume cannabis among many. Modern technologies now propose to vape cannabis through individual marijuana vaporizers from Vapingdaily and others. Many folks love this option because of convenience and the comparatively reduced negative effects on the lungs. Vaping is also very popular because the process doesn’t have the pungent smell which is associated with combustion consumption methods. Vaping starts with a vape cartridge that contains cannabis oil and vaporizer pen which is basically a device with a battery that connects to the cartridge. Vape cartridges come in a convenient form which is essentially cannabis that has been extracted into liquid form. Simply screw the cartridge to the pen and you’re ready to consume. The vape pen has a button which you simply press to then consume the oil.


One of the more traditional and nostalgic ways to consume marijuana is to roll the flower into a joint, spliff, doobie, jay, et cetera.  Rolling a joint takes from one to ten minutes depending on whether you are already experienced in doing so. However, many people feel rolling a joint entrenches upon their time and thus they prefer other methods to consume the plant. Using a joint rolling device can speed up the process or you can always opt for one of the many alternative methods to smoke if it isn’t to your liking. Joints are very popular in the recreational scene because of the overall experience. Passing the joint around with friends is a popular pastime and bonding experience for the marijuana connoisseur.


Using a pipe is a very popular way to consume marijuana flower, however, many people will choose other methods to consume for various reasons. While using a pipe is super simple, the pipe isn’t always favored because the experience may be harsh depending on the quality of the pipe. With lower quality pipes, the heat source can irritate the throat and you may inhale (sometimes hot) particles of weed while you puff. The fact pipes eventually get clogged and require fairly consistent cleaning to remove obstructions from the pipe, is yet another reason people often choose an alternative path to consume the herb. Overall though pipes are a popular option and there are a variety of products to choose from, which can help you avoid the aforementioned cons.


A tincture of cannabis is essentially an concentrated alcoholic extract of cannabis, though there are other extraction methods and chemicals used to create tinctures. Alcohol is by far the most popular way to extract cannabis into a tincture. The tincture used to be the primary method of consumpion before marijuana was outlawed with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970. Basically cannabis is soaked in alcohol and all the terpenes (flavors) and cannabinoids (medicinal compounds such as THC or CBD) are extracted into the liquid, which is then consumed via a dropper under the tongue, or what they call sublingual. This method isn’t really popular today in the recreational sector, however, tinctures are fantastic for medical patients, especially those who have lung issue and thus cannot use smoking or vaping devices.


Edibles are simply food items such as candy, cakes, or even drinks that are infused with cannabis. Cannabis is extracted via different methods and usually turned into butter or oil to make it convenient to add to edible creations which are then cooked. This method is super popular today, especially with the growing medical community. Edibles have no real negative health effects thanks to the oral consumption method, and the potency of edibles is enhanced because of the way cannabis is absorbed into the body differently because of first pass metabolism, which changes the major compound in marijuana called THC to a more potent form called 11-Hydroxy-THC. Edibles are not for beginners and it’s best to start out slow. One big potential negative of edibles is that you can get very high and experience an intense psychological experience if you’re not careful. Depending on the person, this experience isn’t always fun. The biggest pro to edibles is the sedating and pain reduction effects. Edibles produce more of a body high so to speak, at least in reasonable quantities.

Capsules, Tablets, Dermal Patches, Oral Sprays, etc.

The variety of ways to consume marijuana are many. These methods are less popular but have their place in the marijuana world, notably with those who use cannabis strictly for medical purposes. Capsules, tablets, dermal patches and oral sprays are unique options for those who may not be able to or for those who do not prefer traditional consumption methods. New methods of consuming cannabis are continually being created on top of the ones we’ve covered here. Check with your local budtender or ask your doctor which option is best for you, if you’re not sure where to start or if you tried other methods and weren’t happy with the effects or experience.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana use is gaining widespread adoption for many reasons. The many medicinal benefits cannabis offers medical consumers and the popularity of marijuana as an alternative to alcohol or other drugs for recreational consumers is a big motivator in the continuing growth of the plant.

Is marijuana for you? This depends. You will only be able to know if you try it for yourself, however, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning. For example, marijuana may not be a good option since it may negatively interact with other drugs you are taking, such as antidepressants.

Pros and cons aside, there’s no denying that cannabis is likely to progress as we progress, and chances are it’s here to stay whether you like it or not.

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Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.) Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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