Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Guide for Beginners

CBD Oil for Your Health: What is CBD?

Medical marijuana has taken the world by storm. Many countries around the world have realized the many benefits of this “miracle” plant, notably its positive effects on the human body when consumed orally, smoked, vaped, or even applied topically.

Studies have shown that CBD can effectively treat and potentially cure a number of ailments and may help treat and possibly even prevent certain types of cancers. While the latter needs more study, CBD as a cancer treatment aid is promising nonetheless. At the minimum, CBD can help relieve the pain experienced by cancer patients but without the side effects of traditional prescription pain meds.

CBD is also often used to help reduce anxiety and it’s even used as a beauty product by many. CBD’s bread and butter, though, is reducing inflammation and helping reduce pain.

Let’s take a closer look at CBD, how it’s commonly consumed, and some of the primary uses and benefits…

What is CBD?

CBD oils are oil extracts from the cannabis plant (marijuana or hemp). The major difference between smoking marijuana and consuming CBD oil is the level of THC present. It’s worth noting that some CBD oils do contain THC, however, CBD oil extracted from hemp does not.

THC is the chemical in marijuana responsible for getting a person “high”. The levels of THC in the majority of CBD oils is considerably low, therefore, they are safe for use for people who don’t want to get “high” but want to enjoy the health benefits of the cannabis plant.

Why & How is CBD Oil Consumed?

When CBD oils are consumed, they interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This is where the magic happens. The effects of oil differ from person to person but are they are very therapeutic. CBD is consumed because it helps with a number of ailments.

Common issues treated with CBD include:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy

CBD is consumed in a number of ways, making it a very versatile medicinal product. There isn’t a recommended dose but a person should begin with low doses while observing the effectiveness, and from there decide whether they should increase the dosage.

CBD oils are often consumed via:

  • Oral ingestion
  • Capsules
  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD oil edibles
  • CBD vape oils

At Closer Look at the Potential Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

It’s taken years for cannabis to be accepted as a “magic” plant. Many countries are still hesitant about legalizing the plant but from the look of things, the future is bright for all who have read or experienced firsthand the benefits of CBD.

Thankfully, companies such as Nature & Bloom ( are helping to pave that path by offering high quality and organic products to consumers.

Here’s a closer look at some of the major benefits of using CBD oil.


Many claim to have used CBD oil to cure and or prevent various forms of cancer. This is an area that’s still under investigation but the potential is very promising.

Heart disease

Because CBD prevents inflammation, limited research suggests that it mitigates against other damages to the heart, not to mention it helps balance your nervous system which impacts every other system in the body, including the circulatory system.

Seizures and epilepsy

Unlike other ailments where the oils are used together with other conventional medicine, in the case of epilepsy, CBD can and is being used on its own. It’s used because it contains anticonvulsant properties.


CBDs are being infused in lotions and other beauty products. It’s effective in treating skin irritation and advanced skin conditions such as acne. It can also be used as a hair moisturizer.

Chronic pain

Works by reducing inflammation and by doing so, relieves the user of any pain.

Sleep disorders

One of the reasons the oils are used is because it promotes sleep. Not only that but it also promotes regular sleep patterns and reducing pain.

Reducing anxiety

CBD contains anti-anxiety chemicals that help put the body into a state of rest. It can be used to reduce social anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.


Depression can be attributed to abnormalities in the endocannabinoid system. The oil interacts with theendocannabinoid system and promotes the release of serotonin which regulates the mood.

The Bottom Line

While many proponents of cannabis claim marijuana, CBD oil, and associated products are a “miracle” or “magical” cure for just about anything, much more clinical study and trial is required before CBD is going to replace many traditional medicines in most households.

That being said, there is no denying the powerful healing properties of CBD oil, especially when used as an anti-inflammatory or anticonvulsant. There has been plenty of real world use that has proven CBD to be effective at reducing pain and lessening the occurrence of seizures. Many also report positive results treating a number of other issues.

If you’re looking for healthier alternatives to traditional medicines to treat a variety of ailments, it may honestly be time to give CBD a try. Consult with your doctor and take it from there. CBD is widely available in many countries; if it’s a potential opportunity for you, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Cannabinoids 101: The Medical Benefits of THC and CBD

One of the most popular herbs is cannabis, which contains dozens of cannabinoids including THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol.

For the longest time, THC has been known to cause the “high” effects of cannabis, and the further scientific research made way to the discovery of CBD.

Cannabis experienced a lot of controversies for many years, and there have been ongoing debates about the legalization and decriminalization, at least passing cannabis as a treatment for various medical conditions like epilepsy and other seizure disorders as well as degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Along with cannabis consumption, vaporizers are gaining popularity and there are many brands on the market such as YocanVapes, Puffco, Volcano and other. While many recreational users are proud and loud in their favorite hobby, we cannot discount the fact that there are also other users, most especially medical cannabis users, who prefer stealth marijuana consumption using portable vapes.

They prefer high-CBD cannabis strains than high-THC strains because they don’t have to impact psychoactive effects. Let’s find out the difference between THC and CBD and how they affect cannabis users.

Getting to Know THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol

THC is described as a water-clear and glassy solid compound when cold and becomes sticky and viscous if warmed.

THC is considered the main ingredient or compound found in marijuana plants. Every cannabis strain has a different percentage of THC giving varying “stoned” effects from low notes to peak cerebral “highs”.

In the human body, there are cannabinoid receptors or cells or tissues that bind or are compatible with cannabinoids, and these are found mostly in the brain. THC attaches to cannabinoid receptors, activating them and affects a user’s thinking, memory, pleasure, time perception, concentration, balance, and coordination. THC stimulates the production and release of dopamine, thus creating euphoria and when used correctly offers medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of THC

1. THC can improve memory when taken in small doses.

Based on a new study in 2016, THC can improve the memory, wherein researchers have found out that there was a dramatic improvement in the cognitive functions of animals (mice) after receiving small doses of THC. The mice were placed in a pool of water and escaped through a hidden platform. The result showed that the group of mice treated with THC were able to climb faster than the untreated group.

2. THC can help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting.

According to the National Cancer Institute, cannabis has been long used for therapeutic or medical purposes for thousands of years. As a result, more than 50% of the states in the United States have legalized the use of medical cannabis. There were also several states that legalized cannabis as a drug and for recreational use. For example, Dronabinol is an FDA-approved drug used in treating or preventing nausea and vomiting among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. You can order this remedy from online dispensary cbd oil in Canada today.

3. THC can help increase appetite.

This is very true among patients who are suffering from AIDS, based on the findings of the US National Library of Medicine.

Getting to Know CBD or Cannabidiol

CBD lacks psycho-activity, so it means that you’ll not get high taking CBD, unlike THC. To many medical cannabis users, this is the most important property of CBD, and also in terms of legal perspective.

Researchers say that the human body is wired to cannabis because it is composed of many cannabinoid receptors, making up the endocannabinoid system.

CBD can be found on marijuana plants and hemp, and it does not cause toxicity. CBD and other cannabinoids do many things for us such as regulating and altering moods, reducing pain, and stimulating appetites.

Medical Benefits of CBD

1. CBD can stop or prevent epileptic seizures.

This is what cannabis is well-known for. According to the British Epilepsy Association, CBD experts anticonvulsant or anti-seizure effects among animal models particularly the temporal lobes of their brains.

2. CBD can help patients with neurological diseases.

CBD has been shown to protect the nerve cells through its “neuroprotective effect” against degenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s. Thus, CBD can help reduce the signs and symptoms of these neurological diseases, slowing the progression of the disease.

3. CBD helps in relieving pain.

Medical cannabis is now becoming a better option than opioids and other painkillers that result in serious side effects and even death. In fact, CBD is even compared to morphine because of its analgesic effect without the risky side effects. It only means that cannabidiol helps in reducing pain, thus providing long-term benefits.

4. CBD helps fight cancer.

Studies show that CBD has an anti-carcinogenic or anti-tumor effect. It slows the progression of different types of cancer such as lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer. It makes the environment of cancer cells less conducive, also promoting shrinking of tumors and cancer cell death.

5. CBD can help reduce inflammation.

Marijuana is greatly valued as an effective treatment for inflammation. Both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids reduce inflammation of the nerves, thus making CBD an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological diseases.

Cannabis Consumption and Vaping

The latest trend when it comes to cannabis consumption is the use of vapes, like Evolve Plus Yocan vaporizer.

Medical cannabis users prefer to use vapes because they want to be discreet as much as possible, and taking a dose of THC or CBD is healthier using vapes.

Unlike smoking that creates combustion, portable weed vaporizers help maintain the potency of cannabis, less waste, and without the harmful chemicals and ash.


THC and CBD are just the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. They have tons of benefits both for medical users and recreational users alike. The choice of cannabis strain influences the percentage of THC and CBD levels. But one thing is for sure, the use of wax vaporizers like Evolve Plus Yocan vape can help users preserve the potency and effects, and fully benefit from cannabis.

CBD Hemp Oil For Beginners

hemp seed oilsHemp oil may still be one of the lesser known plant-based oils but it’s popularity has been on the rise since marijuana legalization began to sweep the nation in recent years.

In fact, hemp oil has been used since ancient times by medical practitioners to effectively treat many health ailments. Even so, it lost much of its significance as time passed because the oil comes from cannabis which has been “mostly” illegal for some time, and the rise of big pharma also swept hemp and many other amazing ancient medicinal plant medicines under the rug in favor of potent and PROFITABLE synthetic counterparts.

But even though hemp oil is extracted from cannabis which is a widely popular “drug” known mostly for its psychoactive properties that gets a user high, hemp oil is taken from the hemp plant versus the marijuana plant, the latter which contains THC – the psychoactive compound.

Research and study have actually successfully established that there are many different beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant with CBD and THC being the most popular and potent when it comes to medicinal value.

CBD being derived from hemp which lacks a Federal Schedule 1 drug classification is one of the main reasons why hemp based CBD oil is more popular than oil extracted from marijuana. However, THC does also offer medicinal value that cannot be overlooked. This is why CBD oil extracted from marijuana is also hugely popular. In fact, many studies show that oil containing sufficient quantities of both CBD and THC offer even more medicinal value thanks to the entourage effect.

At the end of the day, there is a plethora of firm evidence showing that both of these compounds (THC and CBD) offer real and effective medicinal value, so more people than ever are now open to gaining knowledge about hemp oil and its usefulness.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly hemp oil is and what its uses are.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a plant based oil mainly extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant – Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp). Hemp oil is used in a variety of ways but it is mostly known for its medicinal value, specifically from the CBD compound that it contains. Vitagenne cbd hemp oil and other brands are offering some quality oils. Gone are the days of low quality product.

The hemp plant is known to have only traces of THC which is why its legal in pretty much every state. This is also why when the question about where to buy hemp oil for pain comes up, you’ll usually hear about or be recommended products sourced from hemp because the oil that is extracted from industrial hemp does not contain more than 0.3% of THC – thus why it’s legal.

Hemp oil majorly contains high amounts of CBD- a compound (cannabinoid) found in cannabis or hemp. The seeds of the hemp plant are known to have the least amount of THC too. This is why hemp oil is almost entirely extracted from the seeds. Though, you can also buy CBD oil- the oil that contains CBD extracted from different parts of the hemp plant, like the leaves, stalk, flowers, and seeds.

When you look for information as to where to buy hemp oil for pain, make sure you first know whether you want to buy CBD oil or hemp oil. While both have CBD, hemp oil generally contains CBD in a higher concentration since the source is just the seeds of the hemp plant.

The Bottom Line

Hemp oil is an amazing medicinal product, derived from an equally amazing medicinal plant. The benefits of hemp oil are many. Besides all the uses and benefits of hemp oil we’ve covered here, it can also be used as a daily supplement to help you maintain a balance in overall health.

That said, it all depends on the dosage that you settle down for and the right kind of hemp oil. So, as you begin to use hemp oil in one of its many forms: capsules, topicals or edibles, make sure you customize the dose according to your personal need. One can only determine the right dose through a trial and error method and you should also speak with a specialist to learn more, preferably a medical marijuana doctor.

On a final note, make sure you buy a quality hemp oil product from a brand that provides authentic lab results. This will ensure that you are getting a quality product. There are many products on the market and reputable brands will almost always publish their lab results.

Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

cbd hemp flowerCBD hemp flower derived products can be easily and legally purchased in many countries including the USA and Canada.

The popularity of CBD has grown tremendously thanks to its many health benefits. Those who are unaware of these will learn all about them in this article.

Used to treat pain, general aches in body and inflammation, CBD hemp flower offers these benefits and more. The amount of appreciation CBD is gathering thanks to its medicinal value is growing steadily.

CBD also does not have any mind-altering chemicals which makes it more accepted by the medical community and users alike. So while hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp simply does not include the chemicals that get you ‘high.’

Here’s a look at some of the amazing effects and top benefits of CBD hemp flower and how CBD can be useful for those looking to improve their health and life. Let’s begin…

Difference Between CBD and Marijuana

CBD is a beneficial chemical compound present in both hemp and marijuana, however, CBD hemp flower lacks THC. THC is the primary chemical compound which generally differentiates the two. It’s the one that gets you ‘high.’

Further confusing things, is the fact that both belong to the cannabis sativa family. That said, just remember that you’re never going to get ‘high’ from CBD hemp flower because it does not include THC.

To sum things up, CBD is one of many beneficial chemical compounds found in hemp and marijuana but only the latter (marijuana) will get you high. This is true even though they both belong to the cannabis sativa family. Got it? Good!

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower and Strains

CBD offers many benefits and we are going to take a look at some of the more popular ones here. Those who are unaware of CBD and its benefits will find this information helpful, especially if looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.

Some of the major benefits of CBD hemp flower include:

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

The properties present in CBD are alkaloid in nature and this compound helps to treat inflammation in the body giving you calm and soothing effects. CBD hemp flowers have been studied scientifically and have been proven to help ease pain and to treat chronic pains and related inflammation in the body.

CBD Treats Anxiety and Depression

Those who have been fighting this ‘mental illness’ can use CBD hemp flower to treat their symptoms. CBD helps to calm down the emotions, relax the mind and lessen stress. The strength of the CBD hemp flower is set in a way that it is suitable to give you long lasting effects. Long lasting behavior changes have be seen in users who regularly and consistently use CBD hemp flower to treat their depression and anxiety symptoms.

CBD Can Help With Weight Loss

CBD can also be used to help you lose weight. One of the best ways is to consume CBD in the form of an oil. The oils are used by placing the set dosage under your tongue. CBD helps to suppress the appetite and stops your food cravings. Oily food, lack of exercise, unbalanced lifestyle, sleep deprivation and many more factors can lead to gain weight and CBD seems to help curb these in many. CBD hemp flower can help you get back on track and work towards your weight loss goals.

CBD Treats Other Health Problems and Provides More Benefits

Other health problems such as arthritis, multiple seclorosis, eating disorders, cancer, clitis, and many more problems can be treated using CBD hemp flower. Skin problems like acne, redness and inflammation to the skin can be treated using CBD hemp facial lotions and tonics. There are some case studies too that show how CBD hemp can even help athletes boost their performance.

The Future of CBD

On top of the benefits we’ve just discovered above, the list of CBD benefits is exponentially increasing. And thanks to the growing realization and acceptance of these benefits, getting quality CBD is also easier than ever for many. For example, IHF hemp flowers are among the best on the market and known for their exclusive services. All the information is placed online too and shipped right to your door. Other reputable vendors exist as well but be sure to order from one of them as there are many dodgy companies that claim to offer quality products but do not. CBD can also be purchased just as easily at a local dispensary if you live in a medical marijuana friendly state or country. At the end of the day, the future of CBD looks bright!

12 Quick Tips About CBD Hemp Oil Drops

12 Quick Tips About Hemp Oil DropsIf you’ve been thinking about taking hemp oil drops, there are a few things to consider. Hemp can provide a number of health benefits, and learning about these benefits can help you decide how to incorporate hemp oil into your lifestyle. However, you should also be aware of how your body may react to hemp oil so that you can adjust the dosage accordingly.

#1. Consider hemp drops to naturally treat seizures.

Hemp drops help to calm and balance the brain’s electrical activity. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, CBD helped to reduce the occurrence of seizures in young adults with Dravet syndrome by 38.9 percent.

#2. Take a few drops for anxiety.

Hemp oil has a calming effect on the brain, so you can use it as a natural treatment for stress relief. This will definitely come in handy when you’ve got a big event coming up, or when you just want to have a calmer disposition overall.

#3. Use hemp oil for healthy hair and skin.

Hemp has lots of nutrients that condition and nourishes the skin. If you have dry scalp or want to achieve even skin tone, hemp oil can be an effective natural treatment.

#4. Take hemp drops for brain nutrition.

Studies have shown that mothers who take hemp oil while pregnant can improve the eye and brain health of their babies. This is because hemp oil has essential fatty acids and DHA.

#5. Take hemp to protect your heart.

Because of the omega 3, 6 and 9 acids in the oil, you’ll be improving your cardiovascular health and protecting against degenerative diseases.

#6. Take hemp oil for multiple sclerosis.

If you suffer from MS, taking hemp oil drops regularly can help you manage pain and make it easier to move your body throughout the day.

#7. Take hemp oil before bed.

Since hemp has a relaxing effect on the body, you can take a little before bed to calm your system and increase your chances of getting restful sleep.

#8. Consider hemp oil if you have a family history of cancer.

Research shows the cannabis oil has anti-tumor properties that can protect from cancer and kill cancer cells. This is especially beneficial for people with leukemia and colon cancer.

#9. Take the drops as a way to naturally relieve pain.

Hemp interacts with the receptors in your brain that reduce pain and inflammation. The oil also helps to boost the immune system, which can reduce pain. You can take the drops as a way to get rid of a headache or sore muscles after working out.

#10. Take hemp drops before or after eating.

Hemp oil has the ability to balance your blood sugar levels. So, you can take it before or after a meal you could avoid feeling sluggish or moody.

#11. Use the oil sparingly.

If you’ve never used hemp oil drops before, start taking them gradually. If you ingest too much of the oil at one time, you may experience stomach cramps and diarrhea If this is the only side effect, try reducing the oil dosage and gradually working your way up.

#12. Pay attention to your digestive system.

Hemp oil can cause loose bowels, especially if you already have digestive issues. If you’ve been working with a doctor to treat issues with your intestines, check with your physician to make sure hemp drops are safe.

Check out the FunctionalRemedies website for more information on hemp oil and other natural remedies that help you look and feel your best.

3 Studies That Indicate Great Future of CBD-rich Cannabis in Medical Science

“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” – Bob Marley

While non-consumers of cannabis disregard this quote, the 420-community always fancies it — although, the majority of them have no clue how the Herb can heal a nation? Well, the legend actually made sense.

Over the course of last few decades, an extensive amount of research has been done on the clinic potential of the components of cannabis and as it turns out, the Herb can actually do a lot more than what people think it can. Although, the subject still requires more research and clinical studies to find conclusive results.

According to Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Rigorous clinical studies are still needed to evaluate the clinical potential of CBD for specific conditions. However, pre-clinical research (including both cell culture and animal models) has shown CBD to have a range of effects that may be therapeutically useful, including anti-seizure, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-tumour, anti-psychotic, and anti-anxiety properties.” 

While this article focuses on the ‘good component’ of Cannabis, let’s get our basics clear about the composition of Marijuana.

Understanding CBD: The ‘Good Component’ of Marijuana:

So, the first thing that you need to understand about cannabis is that it isn’t entirely bad. It has 400 components, out of which, we’ll put a contrast between the two popular ones – Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is psychoactive, CBD isn’t. In simple terms, THC makes you ‘high’ while CBD cures you.

In terms of medical use, some researches have shown significant effects of CBD-rich medicines on various clinical disorders. Let’s take a glance at some of the studies and their results.

Treatment of Non-Opioid Addictions

Relapse to the use of Cocaine and alcohol generally results in withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, magnified impulsive behavior, etc. So, some studies have shown that CBD-rich cannabis helps patients fighting opioid addictions. It helps in reducing the impulsive-decision making of the patient and the anxiety that follows the drug withdrawal. As it is devoid of addictive properties, CBD-rich cannabis could be used as a handy anti-addiction tool in the coming years.

Treatment of Various Types of Cancers

Yes, it is no longer a 420-club joke that cannabis treats cancer — it actually does and there are results that prove so!

The subjects of the study were the mice that were infected with pancreatic cancer and lung tumour. They were subjected to radiation treatment and varying delivery methods of cannabinoids to see their effects on the growth of a tumour. The most optimal method of the delivery was the slow-releasing of the cannabinoids into their body that increased the time they came in contact with the tumor cells. The health results of the radiotherapy or slow-released cannabinoids proved to be the more efficacious than the results of the untreated animals.

Long Lasting Anti-Depressant Effect

Depression is hitting us real hard. And with passing time, the cases of clinical depression are escalating. The sad part is, the conventional treatment hasn’t been a 100% savior of people and at times, the medicines take too long to kick in.

A study was conducted by Brazilian scientists was conducted on the mice and the rats that were prone to depression. The reports had surprising outcomes. It was observed that a single dose of CBD persisted for seven days after the treatment.

Evidently, CBD increases the level of the chemical called BDNF in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of the brain and results in the increase in the number of connections between brain cells. These factors help in reduction in the levels of depression and fighting anxiety.

Long story short, these researches along with plenty of other ones have given solid evidence that CBD-rich cannabis deserves more limelight and focus of researchers for the brighter future of medical science.

Written by: Jimmy Louise

Headshop headquarters is an online head shop located in Austin, Texas. They set themselves apart with customer service, quick shipping, and high quality glass products.

The Healthiest and Most Effective Methods to Take CBD Oil

Effective Methods to Take CBD OilIf you are a health buff, surely you have spent time researching and trying just about every medical wonder available. If so, you’ve likely come across cannabidiol (CBD) oil and are aware of its many health benefits. But what are the healthiest and most effective methods to take CBD oil to maximize results? Let’s take a look…

Five Healthy CBD Oil Consumption Methods to Maximize Results

#1. Sublingual Drops

CBD oil contains terpene oils that provide flavorful taste and aroma. Therefore, if you want to take it sublingually or under the tongue, you will find hemp oil more palatable.

Do you know that you can also find terpene oils in lavender, citrus, and black pepper? You may have ingested them unknowingly.

A board-certified pharmacist formulates the CBD sublingual oil, blending the broad-spectrum oils to become the same and effective CBD oil that we know today. Most preparations have between 100mg to 1500mg of CBD and around 100mg of terpene oils per bottle.

Majority of CBD oil users prefer to take it under the tongue because the oil goes straight into your bloodstream. The oil does not pass through the liver and the digestive system. So, it interacts faster with the endocannabinoid system. If you want the CBD oil to take effect more quickly, you need to put it under your tongue.

You may ask how to administer it to yourself. Well, you put the desired amount of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it for about 1 ½ minutes. You need to leave it under your tongue so that the mucous membranes can absorb the active ingredients of the oil. Serving size may vary per brand, so you need to check the dosage instruction on the bottle.

The best advice also given by CBD Fable blog is to take hemp oil in small dosages then increase the dosage gradually until you achieve the desired result. You can expand the dosage by 25mg every month until you experience relief. However, if you feel that your symptoms have worsened, you need to decrease the dosage.

#2. Vaping

If you do not want to take CBD oil sublingually, you have other options like vaping. You use a vaporizer, vape pen, or e-cigarette to heat and inhale the oil vapors. If you have a vaporizer, you can buy vape oil in a bottle. However, if you prefer the vape pen, you can purchase a one-time use cartridge.

Do you know that you can vape CBD oil to ease the side effects of some ailments, illnesses, and diseases? For instance, vaping CBD oil can relieve the symptoms of high blood pressure, sleep apnea, inflammation, seizures, joint pain, anxiety, and stress caused by ailments like cancer and leukemia.

Because research is still ongoing, vaping CBD oil is not a cure, but a preventive tool. In essence, if you are healthy and in need of preventative care, you can vape CBD oil in lower doses. Then, you can increase the dosage if you need to fight a particular disease.

If you want to try vaping CBD oil, you need to consult your physician to determine the right dosage for you. However, if you will base it on customer testimonials, they say that dosage varies, depending on how much you can handle. Because CBD oil is not addictive, you can vape CBD oil to take advantage of its medicinal benefits.

However, I have to warn you. CBD vape oil has propylene glycol, which is a thinning compound present in nicotine-infused e-cigarette formulations. Propylene glycol can transform into toxic nanoparticles when heated at high temperatures. It can damage your respiratory organs and can even cause illnesses like asthma and cancer.

The US FDA permits the use of propylene glycol for topical and ingestion applications. It also allows its use as a food additive. However, its recommendations do not include heating and inhaling it.

#3. Gummies

If you have a sweet tooth, do you know that you can take CBD gummies? Aside from indulging your desire for sweets, popping CBD oil gummies have healing benefits too. These gummies are becoming popular because they come in great flavors.

CBD gummies come in different fun shapes and delicious flavors. If you are nostalgic about your childhood, you can try these gummies. When you buy CBD oil gummies, you need to check the label to ensure that you are buying organic and all-natural ingredients.

Of course, you need to be aware that there are THC gummies and CBD gummies. THC gummies have psychoactive properties. You can get high when you consume them. However, you cannot get “high” with CBD gummies.

#4. Soft Gels or Capsules

Another popular method of consuming CBD oil is to take it in soft gel or capsule form. This method is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways of consuming hemp oil.

If you feel it is convenient for you to take the oil capsule daily, then, by all means do so. The beauty of ingesting it in capsule form is that you can bring it anywhere. If you are someone who moves from one place to another every day, be sure to bring your CBD capsule with you.

Furthermore, you can find CBD oil soft gels or capsules in at most 45 countries around the world. In addition, you can buy them in 50 US states. So, even if you are on the move and forget to bring you CBD pills with you, you can buy it conveniently anywhere.

You may wonder why CBD oil soft gels are the favorite of many individuals. Well, it is because they are easy to swallow. Taking the capsules does not require any heating equipment. You pop it in your mouth with a glass of water.

Each capsule has a specific dosage. You do not need to measure every time you need a serving. It has no taste, and you can swallow it quickly. Furthermore, your body can absorb the nutrients as soon as you consume it.

#5. Creams and Lotions

If you are not into vaping or ingesting CBD oil, you can try using CBD creams and lotions. Today may be your first time to learn about CBD topicals. So, read on to learn more about them.

If you are experiencing pain due to sore muscles or joint aches, you will find soothing relief in CBD creams and lotions. You can use them as a topical pain reliever. If you have uncomfortable sensations, these topicals can help ease them.

You may have tried those analgesic creams like Bengay in the past. They often have a strong smell, yet effective. If you try the CBD cream for pain, you know that you are allowing CBD oil to work on you. Aside from alleviating pain, you can use it to sooth fibromyalgia and neuropathy.

You already know that CBD is not addictive and non-psychoactive. Even if you use the CBD cream, you will not get that high feeling. Moreover, because it is topical, CBD does not get into your bloodstream. In effect, you get the therapeutic effects of CBD without ingesting it.

CBD creams and lotions contain organic and all-natural ingredients. They have no preservatives and chemicals. Their base is often olive or coconut oil so you will feel the enhanced effects as soon as you use any of the topical creams and lotions.

In Conclusion

Each one of us has our own health issues. If you care for your body, you can consider the healing properties of CBD oil. You can use it for your anxiety attacks, skin problems, chronic pains, and migraines. CBD oil is available in various forms, like gummy bears, creams and lotions, vape oil, soft gels or capsules, and sublingual.

However, just like anything that you put on your skin or ingest, it is still best to seek medical advice before you decide to take CBD oil.

Top 5 Benefits of Vaping CBD Vape Oil

CBD oil has become the talking point of self-health care products in the last couple of years. Since the potential health benefits of hemp have hit the headlines lots of ordinary people have used it to bring relief for everything from anxiety to epilepsy, without any of the horrible side effects common in prescription drugs or mind-altering effects which the THC in marijuana brings.

There are lots of ways you can take CBD oil to benefit your health and well-being, including adding it to food and drinks, applying it to the skin in a lotion or cream, or placing a few drops under the tongue; but each method used will produce a slightly different result.

Recently, more and more people are choosing to vape CBD oil – so here we are going to look in more detail at five of the benefits gained by using this particular method.

Vaping CBD Vape Oil: Top 5 Benefits

Vaping CBD oil is fast becoming one of the most popular methods to consume CBD for a number of reasons including the fact vaping offers many benefits and conveniences. Let’s take a look…

#1 – Fast Absorption

If you want a faster response, vaping CBD oil is the fastest way to do it. The CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs, bypassing the digestive system so vaping is a popular choice for those with conditions such as intermittent/sudden pain flares, or anxiety attacks who really benefit from getting immediate relief. CBD Vape Oil is a great alternative to other types of CBD Oils, these absorption factor is something that you should play about with.

#2 – It’s an Easy and Convenient Method

Vaping doesn’t require any special skills, and of all the possible methods to administer CBD oil it is probably the most relaxing. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of vaping CBD oil is that nobody else will know your vape gadget contains anything other than regular e-juice. This makes it much easier to get your CBD oil relief as and when you can vape, with no need to carry and use bottles of liquid or special creams.

#3 – You Can Easily Control the Amount You Take

Although other ways to take CBD, such as gummies, also offer a measured dose vaping is even easier to control as you can simply stop inhaling it and the effect is immediate. You can also decide what strength of CBD oil to buy, as it ranged from under 30mg a bottle to over a thousand. This flexibility is great as those needing just a little relief can go low, and those needing a more powerful effect can go for a higher level. You can even mix and match how much you administer through the day if your needs are changeable.

#4 – It’s a Fast Acting Method

Inhaling CBD is thought to allow a higher level of CBD to be absorbed into the body, making it possibly the most cost effective and reliable method.

#5 – CDB Oil for Vaping is a Pure Product

“There are no extras like nicotine or chemicals added,” says Premium level CBD oil for vaping only uses natural ingredients essential to provide something for the oil to bind too and to create the vapor. This also reduces the risk of potential side effects, and allows users who prefer to avoid any kind of chemical consumption to indulge freely.

The Bottom Line

With the popularity of CBD quickly growing as an alternative treatment option for a number of ailments, CBD products and consumption methods are growing at an equally fast pace. One of the most popular and convenient methods to consume CBD is to vape CBD vape oil. Vaping CBD oil offers fast absorption, convenience, and easy control over intake, among other great benefits. Have you tried vaping CBD vape oil? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Why CBD Oil Didn’t Work for You: Is It Really Effective?

cbd oil

Studies and research, as well as countless testimonies from CBD users, say a lot about the positive benefits of CBD oil.

And while it has worked wonderfully for hundreds and thousands of people, CBD is not a one size fits all natural remedy and definitely not a miracle cure.

However, we have the reasons to believe that CBD oil is effective for a lot of conditions and illness. So, why hasn’t it worked for you when you tried using CBD oil?

7 Possible Reasons Why CBD Oil Didn’t Work For You

Like any other medicine or supplement, there are certain factors that may affect their efficacy. While one drug can benefit some, it might not be as effective to others because of various possible reasons that can affect its use.

Here are some possible causes why CBD oil wasn’t very effective when you tried it.

#1. Genetics and Other Medical Condition at Play

There are various possible reasons why CBD oil didn’t do its best job when you consumed it, like another medical condition you have at play that has reduced the efficacy of CBD oil in your system. In short, there might be something going on inside your body that you haven’t realized or discovered.

Your genetic makeup might also be something to blame why CBD oil is not effective for you. To put it short, the effects of CBD oil will depend on how your body or your system interacts with it, and since every person has a unique genetic makeup, the efficacy of CBD oil or the lack of it will be different from one person to another.

Plus, your gender or biology might also play a significant role in how effective the CBD oil will be. Females tend to be more sensitive when it comes to cannabinoids than males. Men, on the other hand, tend to be bigger and bulkier than women, so they are most likely to require a high dosage of CBD oil for it to have a significant effect on their bodies.

#2. You Didn’t Take the Right Dose for You

CBD oil is not a miracle cure, and so, different people have different reactions to it. The same goes for the CBD oil dosage. One person might require a different dose from another person depending on several other factors such as size, medical condition, lifestyle, etc.

To get the right dosage of CBD oil for you, you most likely to do it by trial and error, starting from the smallest dose which you can find out by using this calculator and try adding a few more until you get the desired effect you are looking for.

#3. You Haven’t Been Using It Long Enough for CBD to Work on Your System

Like any drug or supplement, it takes time before it affects your system. Again, CBD oil is not a miracle cure and therefore, it won’t alleviate your back pain the moment you take it. Plus, if you are taking CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties, it usually requires you to take it daily and for a long period before it can take effect in reducing inflammation in your system.

#4. Not 100 Percent CBD Oil

The quality of your CBD oil might also be another reason why it’s not as effective as you wish it to be. If it’s not 100 percent CBD oil, that means you are taking less CBD for every dosage that you think you are taking. Plus, it might cause you more risks than benefits if you are using CBD oil diluted in whatever it is you don’t know of. That’s why you should always read the brand reviews before buying the CBD oil.

#5. Not the Best Cannabis Strain

CBD oil is derived from cannabis, and while you might not know it, there are various cannabis strains, and they are not created equal. One strain might have higher CBD content than the other, and that can affect how effective the finished oil product will be.

The best cannabis strains for CBD include Canna-Tsu, Cannatonic, Charlotte’s Web, and Harlequin so be sure to check what strain was used to derive the CBD oil you are using.

#6. Tolerance

Tolerance may take effect if you have been using CBD oil for quite an extended period. Say, you have been using it for five years and compared to how effective it is when you first used the oil, it might not be as effective as it is now. One reason for that is you might have developed a tolerance to it, and while you can increase your CBD oil dosage, it’s never good to develop tolerance. The best way for you to do is take a clean CBD break and after a couple of weeks, taking CBD oil should now be effective.

#7. Extreme Expectations

Another reason why you think taking CBD oil hasn’t been beneficial to you is that you might have extreme expectations over its effects.

Yes, studies have been made about the benefits of taking CBD oil. Thousands of testimonies from a variety of users have been made, claiming of its countless benefits. However, it’s again not a miracle worker, and you shouldn’t treat it like one.

Final Thoughts: The Efficacy of CBD Oil

It’s not a secret that CBD oil offers a lot of health benefits, including pain relief, stress relief, boosted mood, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, blood sugar management, relief from insomnia, sleeping pattern improvements, and many others.

If taking CBD oil hasn’t been as effective for you as it has for thousands of other CBD oil users, it can be a terrible shame. But you should not lose hope just yet with CBD oil. There might just be a single or few reasons why CBD oil didn’t work when you tried it, and these can typically be remedied.

At the end of the day, hopefully there are only a few reasons on this list that you can retouch upon so you can start experiencing the benefits and advantages that taking CBD oil can bring to your overall health.

CBD’s Role in Fitness

CBD’s Role in FitnessWith new records being set and broken every day, today’s athletes continuously strive for a competitive advantage to help set them ahead of their pack.

Even the average Joe is always looking to push it to a new personal best.  Some opt for non-traditional methods of conditioning like acupuncture, hypobaric chambers and even leech therapy, where others keep it a little more traditional with a solid diet, regular massages and plenty of rest.

No matter the routine, almost all athletes take some sort of supplement, and in most cases many supplements. After all, they’re accomplishing super human things almost daily. Add to this the financial influence on performance and it only makes sense that every athlete would want to maximize their edge in almost any way possible.

We’ve seen the extremes that some pros will go to but thankfully we have newer supplements now and extreme results can still be accomplished without having to push it so far.

The Fitness Athlete’s Needs

When you think of an athlete, even your typical gym or running buddy athlete, you think of someone who’s working hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, depletion or even discomfort. Not everyone takes it to maximum intensity every single day like that but it’s still a fact the more active an individual is the higher their nutritional and wellness needs are too.

Whole food sources are always your best bet for replenishment, but again, we’re talking about taking it a step above and beyond for wellness and longevity.  Our everyday athlete is typically interested in the supplements that can be used to recover faster, heal stronger, optimize nutrient intake, feel better and even rest better.

We’re talking about longevity here and giving our body what it needs to be better tomorrow based on what it went through today.  Even light physical activity can start to take a toll on the body so it’s always important to condition wisely and recover properly

A Trending Option

An interesting play recently trending in fitness has been CBD, a non-psycho element of the cannabis plant.  Let’s take a quick break from fitness and supplements and briefly discuss marijuana.  No, we’re not talking about getting high here but regarding cannabis, there are many elements, or cannabinoids, that make up the plant.  Each packs a potent array of properties and you may have heard of the most infamous one: THC.

THC is most famous for producing a high and while it can be abused recreationally it still carries its own benefits with regards to health and wellness. The second most popular cannabinoid within cannabis is CBD, or cannabidiol. There are over 100 cannabinoids that make up cannabis and each cannabis strain contains different ratios of each cannabinoid creating a limitless amount of cannabinoid profiles.

For example, you can have low THC high CBD, vice versa or even THC free.  This is important because through basic genetics we’re able to breed plants rich in specific cannabinoids based on our bodies’ needs.  That’s right, our bodies’ NEEDS.  It’s been argued our bodies need cannabinoids.  It’s a known fact they’re found naturally in breast milk meant for crucial infant development and all healthy humans have what’s called an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a system of receptors specifically designed to interact with cannabinoids.  Why would humans have systems of receptors designed to interact with cannabinoids if there wasn’t a human need to interact with them in the first place?

Now back to fitness – remember we’re looking for something that packs an array of benefits and revitalizes the body before, during and especially after putting it through strenuous activity.  CBD fits that description and while its benefits are proven, there’s still occasional reluctance to fully integrate it into normalcy, mainly due to its association with the cannabis plant.


At the time of writing, marijuana remains federally illegal.  However, the 2018 Farm Bill is scheduled to be enacted in less than a week making it legal for US farmers to begin producing agricultural hemp, the starting material needed to make CBD.

At the state level over half of the US has supported legalization of some form of marijuana, so the road to acceptance seems to be getting a lot faster with each voting term.

We’ve even seen monster athlete endorsements in the CBD industry, even bigger business plays and also a viral amount of personal consumption just for balance and wellness.

In fact, top professional athletes like UFC champion Rose Namajunes have been partnering with brands like CW Hemp to help with their inflammation and recovery after training sessions.

At the professional level we’re also starting to see tolerance in the NBA and most notably CBD has been removed from the banned substances list in the International Olympics.

Why So Much Buzz?

CBD has a reputation has for being beneficial but what exactly can it aid with and how?  Well, let’s start with recovery.

A large part of an athlete’s ability to recover will depend on how much they need to recover from.  When the body has a strenuous day it becomes stimulated and in most cases inflamed. Inflammation is the cause of pain and sometimes even injury or restriction. CBD can aide in workout recovery.

You would think that one concerned with wellness and longevity would be keeping any eye on things like inflammation and the wise already are.  A recent study found that both CBD and THC act as natural anti-inflammatory aids to assist with pain, swelling and ultimately recovery time.

Another crucial aspect to recovery is rest, or sleep.  CBD shines here in more applications than just fitness.  A study published in 2017 showed signs that it was used to aid in sleep on patients with insomnia and sleep apnea and it also provided relief from nightmares associated with PTSD.  Naturally, if it can improve sleep quality in people with existing conditions just imagine what it could do for a healthy individual just looking to induce a deeper state of rest.

In my opinion rest is most important because it can lead to a higher quality of life in so many other areas of our day.  An example of this would be with appetite.  Just being well rested creates a routine or cycle for the body including its metabolism and this makes adhering to a regiment easier, thus more effective.

Pain relief, anti-inflammation and deeper recovery are powerful punches to pack into an all-natural herbal remedy but there are even more benefits experienced from CBD.  The studies are out there to support this and quite frankly they’re starting to pile up.

Ways to Consume

You don’t HAVE TO smoke cannabis in order to experience relief from CBD.  Nowadays you can find all kinds of CBD relief treats like gummies, mints, teas, energy drinks… You name it.

There are also therapeutic ways to enjoy CBD as a topical, vapor or tincture.  And CBD is 100% safe for animals as well so it’s not uncommon to find entire pet lines available when shopping around.

The Rundown

We’ve only discussed CBD from a fitness and wellness prospective but there’s still a whole medical side of CBD that has revealed very promising findings in the fields of cancer, epilepsy, eczema, eating disorders and more.

Also, CBD is just one of over one hundred cannabinoids that comprise the cannabis plant.  Perhaps the most beneficial one along with its ideal extraction method, consumption method and application have yet to be discovered.

Now that regulation is loosening up, society is becoming more vocal and supportive and the studies keep showing both positive benefits and minimal negative side effects from CBD, so we could see additional progress in cannabis and CBD research.

For most people, giving CBD a try may not be a bad idea but as always, you’ll want to consult with a physician to determine your candidacy.

Why CBD is a Promising Tool for Athletes

cbd for athletesCannabis and exercise don’t seem like an ideal combination. Getting high has been shown to have a sedative effect. It can also result in “the munchies” AKA an increase in appetite, which may be counterproductive if you are trying to stick to a healthy or low-calorie diet.

When it comes to smoking Cannabis, laying on the couch and watching a movie is a more likely scenario than hitting the gym.

However, we are all individuals and any substance will affect us differently.

Cannabis is no different.

Our buddies at blaze4days have reported anecdotal evidence from users that report using marijuana prior to exercise makes it more enjoyable or that they find they can push through the pain — squeezing out a few extra reps for example.

As a fun-fact, high-profile athletes including Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have admitted to using marijuana.

But there is a special part of cannabis that promises to help in a very different way.

That special part is CBD.

While there is no scientific evidence of the benefits of Marijuana for athletic performance, there is significant scientific evidence of the health benefits of CBD.

For a more in-depth look at CBD and CBD products, head over to

In this article we will explore:

  • What Is CBD?
  • 2 ways CBD can complement your active lifestyle
  • Tips for athletes looking to consume CBD

The Intricacies of CBD

Cannabis contains two main ingredients, CBD and THC. CBD provides gentle health and body benefits while THC provides laughs and psychological benefits.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the non psychoactive compound in cannabis. This means CBD does NOT get you high! It does however have a variety of health benefits.

CBD is also much harder to come by than THC.A typical cannabis flower will have 90% THC and only 10% CBD.

Because of this, there are expensive extraction procedures required to make CBD concentrates.

There is only negligible levels of THC (<0.3%) found in CBD oil extracted from hemp plants.

Because of this, consuming CBD products won’t cause a positive result on a drug test.

Most marijuana drug tests use urine samples for identifying THC and other metabolites.

These tests don’t react to cannabinoids that are not psychoactive (like CBD).

2 Ways CBD Can Complement Your Active Lifestyle

There is still no scientific consensus on whether CBD can help your workout recovery. However, we have researched two proven ways in which CBD can complement your active lifestyle.

1. Sleep

Lack of sleep is a leading cause of poor mental health and can be extremely frustrating for the victim. Sleep is the bodies repair mechanism, it’s the time where fat cells are flushed, and muscle building repair and growth occurs. Getting a good night’s rest can be the difference between performing at your best and falling short. Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation hinders crucial physical performance measures such as reaction time, explosive strength and endurance.

Research shows that individuals tend to have deeper more refreshing sleeps after consuming cannabis.

CBD products are often prescribed by health professionals and are very successful at eliminating insomnia.

Cannabis also puts you in a state of deep sleep, it prolongs your deep sleep state and reduces REM sleep. Deep sleep is when the body does the healing and repair, which is essential for maximizing your gains in the gym.

2. Inflammation

Inflammation causes grief among all fitness enthusiasts. For example iliotibial band syndrome (IT band) is experienced by runners due to overuse of the connective tissues located on the lateral or outer part of the thigh and knee. Tendinitis in the shoulder is also insanely common among those who partake in racket sports or weight lifting. This is inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder, which is a complex ball and socket joint. These conditions cause pain and can hinder the athletes progress, and although there are several anti-inflammatory drugs available, they come with side-effects.

CBD is an all-natural anti-inflammatory with zero side-effects. The immune system is responsible for the inflammatory response of the body, both CB1 and CB2 receptors have been found on immune cells which suggests that cannabinoids play an important role in the regulation of the immune system.

A paper published in the journal of Future Medical Chemistry by Prakash et. Al. states that:

“Manipulation of endocannabinoids and/or use of exogenous cannabinoids in vivo can constitute a potent treatment modality against inflammatory disorders.”

Tips for Athletes Looking to Consume CBD

There are a host of CBD products available online, from CBD drinks to vape pens and oil tinctures, there is no shortage of CBD products available on the market.

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting with a low dose disposable vape pen. These are flavored one time use vaporizers that deliver a controlled dose of CBD via your lungs. They are inexpensive and a fun way to introduce yourself to CBD.

For continued use, we recommend refillable and rechargeable vaporizers. These will provide cost savings in the long run when compared to disposable vape pens, and reduce the amount of waste generated.

If you’re not a fan of vaporizers, there are a ton of edibles available. For those looking for zero calorie edibles, we recommend looking into CBD tinctures (concentrated oils) or if those are yucky you can try CBD waters.

With edibles, remember to start low on your dosage and increase as needed. While CBD is completely harmless, there is no need to take in more than what your body needs. Plus, higher dosage CBD is significantly more expensive.

We hope you enjoyed this article, good luck on your training!

CBD for Athletes: What YOU Need to Know

cbd for athletes

Okay. So your initial reaction may be “Whoa.” What am I even suggesting, right? Aren’t athletes totally banned from using Cannabis – like, forever?

Well, yes. Athletes are banned from using Cannabis. In fact, it’s not just athletes. People from countries that have not (yet) legalized Marijuana are all banned from using it. CBD, however, is a completely different story.

Just because CBD or Cannabidiol sounds a lot like Cannabis doesn’t mean it’s illegal too. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Researchers all around the world would tell you that there is much merit in using Cannabidiol products. It has a number of health benefits that are too good to pass up.

CBD Products for Athletes

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The current CBD products like oils and creams that we have in the market, like the products have, are completely safe and THC-free. This is why many countries have started to reconsider the legalization of such products. The medicinal wonders of CBD are simply too good to pass up on which is why a lot of effort was invested in its completion.

As an athlete, you should really consider herbal medication when it comes to treating common sores and muscle spasms. You are bound to feel some type of body pain on a daily basis. It’s a given since you are pushing your body to its limits during training and practice. Instead of soothing your pains using OTC (Over-the-Counter) drugs, herbal meds definitely offer you a healthier choice.

CBD products come from a natural source – the marijuana plant. Compared to laboratory-synthesized chemicals, they should have fewer side effects. Also, there are many kinds so you can choose which one suits your situation best. If you don’t like capsules or tablets, you can opt for creams and oils. The effects will be the same, more or less.

CBD for Weight Loss: What Does Science Say?

cbd for weight lossThe use of CBD as a medicinal aid is in its infancy and as such the research around it is uncovering new and exciting uses all of the time. Most of us already know about its medicinal uses for Parkinson’s Disease, mental health issues, general pain relief and in some cases, cancer treatments, but what if CBD oil could be utilized in weight loss?

Some research is suggesting it could have an important role to play in weight loss, as we’ll find out soon.

Up until this point, the use of CBD in the fitness world has been around the benefits to recovery – looking at decreasing inflammation of muscles, joints and connective tissues and also helping to improve the quality of sleep. Little has been done to see if there were body composition benefits to CBD until recently, so let’s discuss how CBD oil could be used to help speed up weight loss.

If you’re considering trying CBD for weight loss, we’d recommend checking out: . They take a high dose of pure CBD Isolate, and two other natural fat burners to deliver some seriously amazing effects.

CBD Oil and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a process during which your stored fat reserves are used to plug a shortfall in required energy. Put simply, when you feed your body fewer calories than it requires to function, it’ll make up the shortfall by using its stored fat. The longer this process continues, the more fat we burn and the more lean we become.

Following a calorie-controlled diet is imperative to weight loss. If you don’t maintain a calorie deficit, you will not lose weight regardless of how much exercise you do or what supplements you take. It’s important for you to understand this from the start!

So if weight loss is a largely nutritional and energy-balance process, where does CBD come into play?

CBD and Fat Metabolism

In this study the effects of CBD oil on fat metabolism were investigated. Researchers concluded that CBD is an effective agent in ‘browning’ certain types of fat cells, speeding up the rate at which they are used by the body as a fuel.

What the study effectively showed is that CBD plays an important and significant role in releasing the fat molecules to be used as a fuel, which increases the rate at which the body burns fat. This is a key development in CBD as a supplement, because most of the legal ‘fat burning’ supplements are supported by weak evidence and are generally accepted in the fitness community as not being very effective.

Furthermore, the study highlights that CBD also helps to reduce the rate of lipogenesis, which is the rate at which the body stores more energy as fat. This double-whammy of increasing the rate at which fat is burned and slowing down the rate at which new fat is stored could lead to incredibly significant developments of CBD as a thermogenic agent.

CBD and Appetite

We’ve learned so far that CBD can play a significant role in fat burning and storage at a biochemical level, but how else can CBD be used in the battle against obesity? The next key area could be in appetite regulation.

Put simply, appetite is largely controlled by two hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Leptin tells us we are full and to stop eating. Ghrelin does the opposite – it stimulates appetite by telling the brain we are hungry. A dis-regulation in these hormones will lead to severe weight loss or gain.

In their 2014 study, researchers from the Medical University of Lodz, Poland discovered that rats who were supplemented with a CBD and Leptin combination drug had their appetite reduced and as such reduced weight gain, which could potentially lead to obesity treatments in the future using CBD as a key ingredient to control hunger and stimulate leptin levels.

CBD and Weight Loss Intangibles

Weight loss is a multi-faceted thing. Beyond diet and exercise, you have to think of other aspects such as mental health, motivation, injury recovery, sleep and self-esteem. This is another area that CBD can help with weight loss.

In weight loss circles, it’s well known that sleep is a huge asset to weight loss. Good quality sleep helps to regulate appetite, improves mental health and physical recovery from exercise. There is very strong evidence that CBD helps to improve sleep quality, which dramatically improves the ability to make good decisions around food and reduces cravings for high fat, high sugar and high salt foods.

Often people who are overweight are also suffering with mental health conditions – the links between depression, comfort eating and weight gain are well known. If this describes your situation, a cross-sectional study carried out by San Diego State University showed that CBD has been effectively used to treat people with a wide variety of mental health conditions including anxiety and depression. By using CBD to help address mental health issues, you may find you’re more able to focus on your weight loss more effectively.

As I said at the top of the section, CBD can be used to help weight loss in a wide variety of ways and not all of them will be immediately clear, but they will certainly be effective.

CBD and Weight Loss: Conclusion

What we’re beginning to see in the research is that CBD has a number of potential uses as a weight loss aid.

With key findings supporting the use of cannabidiols as a thermogenic agent, a hormone regulating agent and then helping to support overall health and wellbeing by improving mental health, physical health and sleep quality, the true potential of CBD in the weight loss industry is only beginning to be understood.

What we do know for sure is this – CBD has a strongly-supported positive link to a wide number of areas of human health. Making sure you’re informed on the latest and best research and products is easy because the guys at Supplement Devil do it all for you. They independently research and review supplements to give you honest and expert opinions on all the fitness supplements you need.

#1 – CBD Weight Loss Product – ShredCBD

Our current favourite CBD product for weight loss is ShredCBD. A completely natural CBD Isolate based supplement. In just 30 days your life and waistline can completely change thanks to their easy to use 2 capsule dose.

ShredCBD packs a 1200mg dose of CBD in every bottle. Making it the perfect supplement for anyone looking to shred back unwanted fat with CBD.

Can CBD Oil Cure Depression?

cbd for depressionThe US is plagued by depression, and the stats show that perfectly. From 2009 until 2012, about 7.6% of Americans were said to be depressed. In 2015, approximately 16.1 million adults aged 18 and over experienced a depressive episode.

It’s safe to say that depression is a modern-day disease that’s destroying our families and children every single day. But, when it comes to its treatment, can CBD oil help alleviate some of its symptoms and cure us? We’ve decided to find out.

About Depression

A mental health disorder by nature, depression is a risk factor that can easily lead to all sorts of medical conditions, or worse, substance abuse and suicide. It is a condition during which a person feels sad in general, but on a much greater scale than usual. This sadness isn’t the regular kind we may feel when we watch a romantic movie. It’s actually far worse than that because it can affect our daily life, our thoughts, and our interests.

As such, symptoms of depression are usually:

  • Emotional flatness (lack of expression)
  • Depressed mood and overall sadness
  • Loss of interest
  • Lack of sleep, sleep disturbance and insomnia
  • Lack of energy, as well as focus
  • Slowed down movements and thoughts

There are various classes of depression, but they all usually entail an irritable or sad mood combined with a lack of focus and strength, as well as difficulties in leading a normal life:

  • persistent depressive disorder
  • major depressive disorder
  • disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
  • premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • medical condition-induced depressive disorder.

How We Usually Treat Depression

The traditional way of treating depression involves a combination of psychotherapy and medications. However, that isn’t to say there are no other treatments available. In fact, an advanced treatment technique called electroconvulsive therapy can also be used. There’s even bright-light therapy, which requires an hour of daily morning use of bright light with an intensity of 10,000 lux.

Types of therapies usually applied in treating depression are:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • problem-solving therapy
  • interpersonal therapy

Medications often prescribed for depression include Citalopram, Imipramine, Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Nortriptyline, just to name a few. All of them have different benefits and side effects, and they don’t work the same way. Still, in most cases, they boost the concentration of stimulant substances found in the brain. In turn, these improve one’s condition and alleviate symptoms of depression.

Yet, there are even natural home remedies we can combine with medication and therapy to help those who are struggling. Some of the most popular choices are Omega-3 fatty acids, which can ease depression symptoms, St. John’s Wort (increases serotonin), folate (boosts the effects of medication) and SAM-e (a supplement that boosts our mood).

How CBD May Help Treat Depression

About CBD

Thought by many to be a miracle non-psychoactive drug, CBD is found in the hemp plant. It is a type of cannabinoid, a phytocannabinoid to be exact, which is extracted from hemp in order to treat various conditions.

Most notably, CBD has a positive, stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It regulates it and works as a supplement for cannabinoids found in the human body — endocannabinoids. Thus, it may regulate our mood and appetite, improve the functioning of our immune system, and ensure that our bodies are in good condition.

Still, it’s important to underline that it is not a psychoactive drug. Both THC and CBD are found in hemp, but they have different effects on us when we ingest them. THC is the compound that will generate that “high” feeling, as well as euphoria. In contrast, CBD doesn’t follow the same route, which is why we can buy it legally in the US — we cannot get high from it. In addition, it doesn’t have addictive substances in it.

The CBD market is full of products, so we can choose from a variety of options. There are CBD tinctures, capsules and concentrates, as well as sprays, vapes, topicals and even gummy bears. But what’s even better is that we can safely ingest CBD. This compound is relatively low-toxic, so much so that it wouldn’t even affect fetal development or the way our body functions. However, that isn’t to say that we won’t react badly to it if we combine it with other drugs.

Most Common Effects and Properties of CBD Oil

Although still not FDA approved, a few studies have shown that CBD oil can indeed have a positive effect on our health.

It has antioxidant properties, so it’s capable of eliminating toxic substances, which are almost always to blame for conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Furthermore, by getting rid of the toxins, CBD oil helps us avoid dreaded diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, as these too can be blamed not just on age but on toxins as well.

Apart from those conditions, CBD oil has shown positive results in treating autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus. It can also help treat epilepsy and allow patients to control their seizures.

However, we are interested in whether or not it can treat depression. According to the information we have so far, CBD oil can act therapeutically and regulate disorders like multiple sclerosis, depression, and psychosis, as well as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Depression and How CBD Oil Can Help

As mentioned before, our body produces endocannabinoids. These are cannabinoids that play an important role in the functioning of our whole system. Namely, they are the ones that regulate our mood, sleep, appetite and pain sensation. They do so by binding to brain receptors in order to enhance the effects of serotonin, which lowers our stress levels and improves our mood.

The real magic happens once serotonin binds to its receptors as well. Once that’s done, each brain cell gets stimulated, which leads to less stress and a better mood.

However, changes in the chemical function of the brain, its structure, and communication between nerve cells can lead to a depressive state of mind. Yet, CBD oil can help, as it has the power to change the actions of endocannabinoids. In addition, it can make the effects of serotonin more potent by boosting receptor activity.

How Much CBD Oil Do We Need?

Before taking CBD oil, we should consult our physician so as to prevent any side effects and potential issues. In addition, we should never stop the treatment or start using another drug while taking CBD oil.

One thing we should note here is that no matter the dosage, CBD oil will only be effective if we take it on a regular basis. However, the good news is that we can choose the form in which we will ingest it.

As far as depression goes, we can take CBD oil capsules or tinctures. A good starter dosage would be 5–10mg every day. After a while, we should feel better, provided that we haven’t combined CBD oil with other, more serious drugs. There are also gel capsules that are entirely safe to use even though they have 25mg of CBD per each pill. The safety profile of CBD is what matters here, and since it’s good, the dosage will probably suit us.

Once we take CBD oil or any other CBD product, we can expect the effects to last for a few hours. After about 90 minutes, we will notice the first major changes, and after 24 hours, we will feel better overall. Still, if we are looking for fast relief, the best course of action would be to vaporize CBD isolate, especially if acute flare-ups are our main concern.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Oil?

As said, the safety profile of CBD oil shows that there is little to no risk at all as far as side effects go. However, if we go over our prescribed dosage, we may easily weaken our immune system, as a few studies have shown. Still, the most important thing we should pay attention to is drug interactions. Those can lead to serious adverse effects we may not know how to deal with. Thus, consulting with a physician is a priority, even in the case of using a miracle drug such as CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, due to the non-psychoactive nature of CBD, many people are starting to recognize its health benefits and looking for a way to incorporate it into their treatment. This wonderful “cure” has the power to treat not just physical but mental health disorders as well. As such, it can provide us with a better quality of life, as long as we remember that it will never fully cure — just alleviate the symptoms and make medical conditions more bearable.

CBD Oil: An Evolution in Anxiety Treatment?

cbd oil treating for anxiety

With the emergence of more and more perilous physical disorders like cancer, kidney failure, heart disease and much more to be named in a long list, mental disorders have also taken deep roots in this treacherous list of disorders.

One such mental disorder is the problem of anxiety. Yes, anxiety! Sounds a little weird right? Where we all know that anxiety is just a state of mind when we are anxious or nervous or in anticipation about something, anxiety is in fact classified as a mental disorder, and for those who suffer from the debilitating effects on the daily, a big one at that.

If described in general medical terms anxiety is just a state when your body responds by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. But there are some people for whom this is not just an instantaneous reaction but an appalling disorder.

Treatment of Anxiety With CBD Oil

An anxiety disorder, however, presents sufferers with much more severe and persistent feelings of worry, fear and stress. These feelings are so dreadful that they not only interfere at the level of relationships and daily life activities but also manifest with physical symptoms.

Anxiety disorder is the most common psychiatric illness among both children and adults. More than 3 million people are treated in various ways for a wide array of anxiety disorders. One such recently evolving way is the use of CBD oil. The best cbd oils for anxiety and depression are expected to treat such disorders.

What Exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD is a Kind of cannabinoid which is a chemical found naturally in marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike the general perception, it is not meant to cause any feelings of intoxication or the “high” one may associate with cannabis. Basically it is thought to work with the brain receptors, particularly the serotonin receptors that are responsible for our mood and stress level.

CBD is found to be helpful in working to fight against anxiety by boosting up one’s own endocannabinoid levels, which are actually meant to put us in a good mood.

Research has found that the people suffering from disorders like depression and anxiety are with depleted levels of anandamide. It is only produced by body when it needs it. And whenever it is produced its gets broken down by an enzyme called Faah enzyme.

Now what’s interesting is that the use of CBD oil actually blocks the production of the Faah enzymes. This therefore in return will result the anandamides to hang around in our body for a longer time and produce all sort of positive effects that it is supposed to do. Although it’s exact way of working is still not known but it is thought that it alters serotonin signals.

Studies Have Shown CBD Helps With Anxiety Issues

Several studies have proposed the benefits of use of CBD in dealing with anxiety issues. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that CBD has been seen to reduce stress level in animal studies.

It has also been stated that it also helps to reduce hyperactivity by its action on the limbic system. It has also shown its effects in the activation of the adenosine receptors which ultimately results in calming the patient.  It actually activates the adenosine the 5-HT1 receptors which again help with serotonin and they are sort of the happy modulating neurotransmitter.

There are various set of anxiety disorders like the social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and CBD has shown to provide benefits in all its kinds.  It has also shown its effects in the treatment of anxiety –induced insomania.  A study showed that not only cannabidoil not only made its users feel better but also managed to have changed the way their brains responded to anxiety.

The Bottom Line

CBD is now being prescribed over antipsychotic drugs in many cases, which are known to cause significant debilitating side effects. The low side effect profile in CBD is making it a more popular option for good reason. Have you tried CBD to treat your anxiety? Perhaps it’s time to consult a medical marijuana specialized doctor to see if it might just be for you.

How CBD May Help With Menopause Symptoms

menopause symptons cbd
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Menopause is something that all women go through as part of the aging process, typically between the ages of 45 and 55. The process causes a decline in oestrogen levels, marking the end of a woman’s childbearing years. Unfortunately, menopause can also be very painful, both physically and emotionally.

Many women choose hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to relieve symptoms of the menopause, but it’s not a recommended treatment for all and some opt to avoid it altogether. Encouragingly, cannabinoid research suggests there may be a new route for menopausal women to go down, taking cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

CBD oil is a unique type of cannabis product, which has none of the psychoactive properties that the famous and notorious plant is renowned for. CBD is strictly therapeutic, interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is known to regulate the reproductive cycle. Cannabinoid receptors, which CBD works with, are found in abundance in the body’s reproductive organs, hence why the compound can have a beneficial effect.

Five Ways CBD Makes Menopause More Manageable

Here are five ways that taking wholesale CBD products can help to make the menopause more manageable.

#1. Aches and Pains

Inflammation often increases when levels of oestrogen are reduced – this can make a number of conditions, including arthritis, much worse. However, CBD can help to ease the inflammation and pain that comes with arthritis. This is apparent from studies which show the connection between the immune system and the ECS, with CB2 receptors linking the two. Taking CBD serves to relieve inflammation through anandamide-mediated activation of these receptors. Anandamide does not simply suppress inflammation, but regulate the immune system with immunomodulatory signals.

The benefits of CBD were also demonstrated by a 2018 survey. The results found that more people were taking CBD for arthritis than any other condition except chronic pain.

#2. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis leads to reduced bone density, and heightens the risk of bone fractures. When a woman enters the initial stages of the menopause, she often experiences bone resorption, where more calcium and minerals are taken away from the bones than is brought back in, hence the increased chance of bone breakages.

CBD treatment has already been shown to help with healing times after a fracture, thanks to the role of the ECS in forming and strengthening the bones. Therefore, consuming CBD may combat the threat of osteoporosis during the menopause.

#3. Disrupted Sleep

Sleep deprivation is very common among menopausal women, and the inability to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep can have devastating effect on all-round health. Fatigue can cause mental weariness and stress, and make depression and anxiety more likely. While eliminating distractions such as smartphones and tablets in the bedroom and incorporating meditation and other calming techniques can promote a better night’s sleep, CBD can also be beneficial.

CBD is thought to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, which controls when we feel awake and raring to go, and tired and ready for bed by releasing and suppressing various hormones. CBD consumption also promotes more rejuvenating sleep by maximizing the time the body spends in deep sleep, a phase which also helps to heal the brain and remove neurotoxins.

#4. Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most well-known symptoms of the menopause, as they are the most visible to others. However, what appears as a temporary and short-lived issue can have a seriously negative impact on quality of life, due to the disruptive effect they can have during the day and when trying to sleep at night. Hot flashes occur during the menopause because the body’s cooling system becomes more sensitive, and is triggered by much smaller changes in body temperature.

There are few treatments available for hot flashes, however the effectiveness of SSRI drugs at relieving them suggests that the neurotransmitter serotonin and the serotonin system are implicated in them. CBD is a serotonin 1A receptor agonist, which could explain why so many are finding that the cannabinoid can help with hot flashes.

#5. Memory Loss

One of the most concerning symptoms of the menopause is memory loss, as this can be debilitating in the long-term, increasing the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our memories are formed in the hippocampus, a small but critical region of the brain located in its centre. Oestrogen plays an important role in the hippocampus, as it stimulates neurogenesis.

Without oestrogen, the hippocampus needs something else to promote new connections in the brain. CBD wholesale has repeatedly been shown to encourage hippocampal neurogenesis, as has another non-psychoactive cannabinoid called cannabichromene (CBC).

The Bottom Line

While more study and trial may be in order to fully understand why CBD helps women with their menopause symptoms, there’s no denying CBD’s amazing anti-inflammatory and other healing effects that have been demonstrated time and time again to be effective at treating a number of ailments. In fact, many women have already reported astounding results when using CBD to treat their burdensome menopause symptoms.

How CBD Oil Relieves Pain

How CBD Oil Relieves Pain CBD oil is not new to most individuals, especially marijuana users. CBD is one of the primary ingredients among over 60 compounds found in cannabis. The compounds tend to vary in different plants. CBD oil is the short form of cannabidiol oil, which is a natural compound in hemp and marijuana. CBD can be extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stalks. In this CBD blog, we will see the significant benefits of CBD oil, especially when it comes to pain relief.

Five Benefits of Using CBD Oil

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in both hemp and marijuana. Because of this, CBD is generally considered safe for just about everyone, including children.

Being that CBD is non-psychoactive, it has gained more popularity among users globally. And since CBD lacks the “high” effect produced by THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis, CBD offers pain relief without any mind-altering impact.

But the benefits of CBD oil don’t stop here, so let’s take a look at five of the primary health benefits of using CBD oil.

#1. Reduced Negative Effects of THC

A great benefit of CBD is how it can lessen some of the adverse effects of THC. With the use of CBD oil, it provides natural protection against the impact of powerful marijuana high. Numerous studies and blogs have shown that CBD oil reduces the intoxicating effects of THC. Some of these effects include memory impairment and paranoia. Moreover, it counteracts sleep-inducing elements of THC, which is a good explanation why some cannabis strains are known to improve alertness.

#2. Reduces Vomiting And Nausea

According to a 2013 CBD review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, found CBD to possess antiemetic compound which reduces vomiting and nausea; anticonvulsant that reduces or suppresses seizure activity; antipsychotic for fighting psychosis disorders; anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant which helps to mitigate neurodegenerative disorders; antitumoral and anti-cancer compounds.

#3. Reduces Stress To The Brain

Another review in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology gives a concise description of how the CBD works on the section of your brain responsible for different functionalities such as memory, learning, navigation, especially in stress-induced situations. Furthermore, frequent use of CBD oil can aid in the prevention of the destruction of brain cells commonly caused by schizophrenia.

#4. Non-Addictive

The other reason and benefit why CBD oil keeps getting popular among the aged and the young are its non-addictive elements. You can use it to relieve pain without worrying about addiction creeping up.

#5. Treats Epilepsy & Other Health Conditions

There was a study done by the FDA which has approved a CBD-based drug to treat two types of epilepsy: Dravet and the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome ( Epidiolex). This realization can help to alleviate seizure problems for both the adults and kids over two years old.

Medical researchers are also working to see if it will help deal with arthritis. Some HIV patients admit that the frequent use of CBD oil even helps to relieve mild and intense nerve pain.

As you can see, the potential medical benefits of CBD are numerous and more will likely be discovered by the scientific community as marijuana continues to go mainstream.


Even though CBD oil has shown great promises as a medicine, some extracts of CBD are still illegal in many sections of the globe. These CBD extracts with high percentages of THC are still considered a schedule one drug in the USA and a schedule two drug in Canada.

That being said, CBD oil extracts with lower levels of THC are widely accessible. You can order these extracts online or purchase them in your nearest medical dispensary.

Some people prefer to mix the oil extract in their favorite drink or food for more flavor, while some take it without any additives. For affordable and straightforward pain relief, CBD oil works best though.

CBD Oil: Does it Work for Back Pain?

While CBD Oil offers several different health benefits, did you know that there are a lot of people out there using it to help manage their back pain? In fact, there have been several studies which show just how effective CBD Oil is at dealing with this.

If you don’t already know the scoop, CBD Oil is oil extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is actually one of about eighty compounds found in Cannabis, and dependent on the plant, it can be the most prevalent of these compounds.

The other major cannabis plant compound you will most certainly hear or have heard about is THC. This one provides the “high” that cannabis users experience when consuming cannabis, CBD on the other hand does not.

You will still need to look into the laws of your local area to find out whether you can just purchase CBD or if you need to have a prescription for it, et cetera. Thankfully, it is actually quite rare for CBD Oil to require a prescription nowadays and hemp based CBD oils can even be purchased online.

Will CBD Oil Get You High?

It is the THC in marijuana which will get you high. While there may be some THC left in the CBD oil, since it is going to be nigh on impossible to separate it all out, it is unlikely that there will be enough left over to cause any psychoactive effects.

How Does CBD Oil Work On Back Pain?

CBD Oil works on back pain in several different ways.Perhaps the ‘main’ way is down to the fact that CBD Oil has been proven to reduce inflammation in the human body, the popular blog CBDTrust advices.

Since pain is often nothing more than inflammation, the CBD Oil is able to tackle this with ease. This is why CBD Oil is often used for all sorts of joint pain, including use on sufferers of arthritis and the like.

In addition to this, the CBD Oil will have an impact on the part of the brain that deals with pain. It can help to slow the amount of pain signals being sent there, much in the same way that a painkiller would, albeit with far fewer side effects.

How Do You Use CBD Oil For Back Pain?

There are numerous ways to use CBD oil to treat your back pain and some chronic back pain sufferers even utilize multiple methods for pain management. Here’s a look at the three most common ways to use CBD oil for back pain…

#1. Apply CBD Oil Directly to Your Skin

The most common method will be to apply the CBD Oil directly to the part of your back that is hurting. You don’t actually need to use a lot of the oil to give you relief. Most people will find that a small teaspoon full should be more than enough. You can apply this oil to your skin multiple times per day without any issue. Although, if you find that the area is becoming a little bit sensitive, then you may wish to reduce the amount of CBD Oil that you are using, or stop using it for a short while.

#2. Put CBD Oil Under the Tongue

The other method is to put a couple of drops of the CBD Oil under the tongue. You can also do this a couple of times per day. It is going to be a little bit slower to reduce the inflammation in your body, but it is going to be faster at blocking those pain receptors.

#3. Vape the CBD Oil

The final method is to simply vape the CBD Oil. You will need to purchase a vaporizer for this. A lot of people actually like this method, because often you are able to purchase CBD Oil which has been flavored with all sorts of different things and it is an all-round pleasurable experience. However, once again, it must be reiterated that you can’t get high from smoking CBD Oil!

Any Downsides To Using CBD Oil?

Some people are going to be sensitive to using CBD Oil, so if you apply it to your back directly and you experience allergy-like symptoms, then you may want to look for a different way to deal with your back pain.

Other than this, it is very rare that people are going to be sensitive to the CBD Oil. In fact, since it is a natural product, your body is going to readily accept it. It is also fine for use with children.

The Bottom Line

CBD offers many health benefits, especially for pain management, notably body inflammation reduction. This is what makes CBD oil a great pain reliever for chronic back pain sufferers.

If you’re currently popping prescription pain killers or even Ibuprofen on the daily, perhaps it’s time to give CBD a try. Many back pain sufferers before you have successfully transitioned to CBD for pain management, which has been great for their overall health and well-being.

Considering CBD oil does not have the drawbacks of common pain killers, you can’t go wrong giving it a try. Contact your local dispensary or ask your doctor for some advice. It’s worth a try.

How to Buy CBD Online

This year has seen skyrocketing demands for CBD products, with many retailers struggling to keep up.

So, where can you pick up some fantastic supplements and what are our top tips to make sure you get the most CBD for your buck?

Where are some reliable sources?

Amazon: Arguably cornering the market on CBD wares, Amazon offers a range of CBD infused items and products . This comes with the ability to choose expedited delivery, apply vouchers and discount codes, and scour user reviews. These can be particularly useful when it comes to confirming how effective an item is and how cheaper products stack up against named brands. Reliable, and affordable, this is a solid choice for many buyers.

Holland and Barrett: H&B offers a wide range of own-brand CBD products including oils, capsules and more . These can be a little on the pricier side as there is minimal difference between their bricks-and-mortar and online prices – removing your incentive to ‘shop around’ for a quality deal. Despite this, the company does regularly engage in penny sales on the High Street and online, making them a great business to regularly keep an eye on.

Bionativia: Another online standout, Bionativia has recently cornered the market on affordable CBD products. Alongside earning an ‘excellent’ 9.5/10 rating on Trustpilot, the business carries a wide range of products to suit all needs and regularly updates their stock with new content. Definitely worth keeping on your radar as they continue to grow.

What are some top tips?

Cover yourself: If you are buying items from an independent retailer, always ensure that the merchant has an SSL certificate and has taken steps to assure your personal data is safe. Try to use a payment system such as PayPal and check out their reviews on Trustpilot to validate that they are reliable and exactly who they say they are.

Try before you buy: Many CBD products can be expensive and – without the ability to ‘check out’ an item – it can be difficult to see how they match your specific needs if you are buying online. Visiting bricks and mortar stores can help you try creams, drops, and products in person and see if they are right for you. Another option is to look at the ultimate guide to buying cbd online, which will teach you the do’s and don’ts of CBD.

Check the content and regulation: No matter where you are buying from, it is important to check the certification on each item and the THC content within. CBD oils have recently been in the news in the US and UK and while the MRHA has recognised CBD products as legal issues such as Brexit could easily affect you if you are travelling with it or having it shipped overseas.

Best CBD Oil and Top Rated CBD Products to Try

cbd oilCBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid (after THC) in cannabis plants. The good news is that it can be isolated to create a 100% pure CBD product. This means that you can enjoy all its benefits without getting the “high” normally experienced when consuming cannabis. CBD can be used to make a wide range of products like gummies, tinctures, oils, creams and so on.

Specialists on the matter say that a 100% pure and natural CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties among many other improved benefits. This gives it a privilege position among these type of medicines. Today’s world goes so fast that using CBD derivatives to calm down our nervous system is a great benefit on its own.

In this article we’re going to check out some of the top CBD products on the market. After that, you will be in a better position to decide if you want to give them a try or not, and if you’d like to learn more about CBD Oil, check out the following site:

What Are Some of the Best CBD Products?

CBD products come in a variety of forms, including; gummie candies, tinctures, oils, skin creams, face masks, and even CBD infused beverages. But the number of products infused with CBD doesn’t stop here, a seemingly endless variety of products exist. That said, here are five of our own personal favorite CBD products that you’ll want to try out.

#1. Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies

Hemp Extract-Infused gummies are a simple way to consume CBD. They only carry small CBD doses. They are the most suitable option for beginners. Likewise, they are gluten-free and THC-free, which make them healthier. Gummies are said to have soothing properties, so imagine what a CBD gummy can do for you.

#2. Apothecanna Extra Strength Reviving Cream

When talking about creams, Apothecanna Extra Strength Reviving Cream is the best. It is very useful if you are planning to get a massage. It is great because on top of the massage, you get an instant relief! Moreover, it is made using juniper and arnica to enhance its relaxing and pain reliever effects.

#3. Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask is a new way to unite skincare and CBD benefits. With one of the best moisturizing rates on the market, this product still resembles a gel. There is no need to use thick creams anymore. After using it, you skin will remain fresh and scented with light lavender oils. At the same time, you will enjoy an anti-oxidant property of hemp-seed extract.

#4. Hemp Oil Infused Coffee

As a proof that CBD can be used as we want it to, Strava has made a hemp oil infused coffee. That’s something you can drink every time you want.  Strava had the kindness to make them labeled according to mood states. Then, you can find options like “focus”, “restore”, or “escape”. It is a great choice to try.

#5. CBD Focus Revive lemon CBD Vape Pen

Finally, we want to show you a CBD Focus Revive lemon CBD Vape Pen made by Select. This is your chance to quit cigarettes. This vape pen will not harm your health like cigarettes do. Instead of that, you will be getting better health benefits while having fun with this stylish pen.

Where to Find the Best CBD Products?

CBD products are just about everywhere these days, and you can even order CBD products off Amazon! That said, many of the products you’ll find online aren’t always the most potent, therefore, it is best to look for full-spectrum products if you order off the Internet. There are many great products available so give different ones a try for yourself to find which work best for you.

On the other hand, if you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, your local dispensary will be one of the best places to buy and try the various CBD products available. CBD found in dispensaries also tend to have some THC which compliment CBD thanks to what’s called the entourage effect – the synergy that occurs between CBD, THC, and the other beneficial cannabinoids in the plant.

These products containing both CBD and THC tend to be the most potent for sure. And don’t worry, the small quantities of THC in these products won’t get you “high” for CBD has a counter effect on the psychoactive effects of THC.

The Bottom Line

You can use CBD products to treat a variety of ailments including chronic pain, and there are a huge number of products to meet the consumption needs of just about everyone. If you think that CBD may be worth it, don’t be afraid to give it a try, including some of the items we’ve looked at today.

Many swear by CBD’s amazing healing capabilities, but the only way to know if it will benefit you is to try it out for yourself. Simply search online, go to a drug store, or visit your local dispensary today to purchase a CBD product and step into the future of healing!

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing CBD Food Supplements

cbd food supplement powder

When it comes to CBD supplements, CBD oil products are one of the most popular options today, yet CBD in edible forms such as capsules are growing in popularity because of the flexibility they offer. These capsules are typically used as food supplements and are easy to consume and digest.

Like any supplement though, the cost of admission can add up pretty quickly, so if you want to improve your health with CBD yet not break the bank, consider getting CBD oil wholesale products which will save you substantial money in the long run.

However, choosing the best products as a supplement may not be that simple, but with the following things in mind, it will be easy to select one.

7 Things To Consider When Purchasing Food Supplements

Here are seven things to consider when selecting a food supplement, including CBD varieties. Choosing a high quality product is not only the key to improved health but it will also ensure you’ve spent your money wisely and get the best bang for your buck.

#1. Tried and Tested

Before you get any supplement product, it may be important to ask yourself whether it has been researched on or not. It may also be important to know about the kind of clinical tests that the provider has employed to show its efficiency. If possible, request the provider to give you all the copies and information that can prove the product has been tested.

#2. Efficiency and Quality

These supplements come in different brands. For example, magnesium comes in many forms. It can be magnesium sulfate, citrate, taurate, and chloride. Magnesium sulfate regarded as the Epsom salts may be a perfect constipation compound. However, when taking the compound, you need to be careful, because it has a laxative effect.

#3. Genetically Modified Products

Try as much as possible to avoid products, which are genetically modified. Such products are potentially dangerous to your health, community at large, and surroundings. It is possible that they contain toxic substances such as herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, always ensure that the food supplements are not genetically modified.

#4. Test on Animals

Animals can also be used to test supplements for human consumption, something that most people do not know. Therefore, if you want to avoid buying a wrong product, make sure the tests are conducted on humans only.

#5. Formulas and Dosage

These are essential aspects that you need to put into much consideration when buying your food supplement. It may at times be a bad idea to depend on these supplements. However, it makes sense when you consider lower doses. Such doses are taken on several occasions in a day; hence, there is a high chance they will be absorbed right away.

#6. The Cost

These food supplements have to be affordable. However, being too cheap can be questionable. This is because, most cheap brands are not researched well; hence, their ingredients may not be that effective as compared to those that have been researched on. Therefore, it is important to do your homework properly to have the details you need.When the product is very expensive, many people will not afford, but if you have a lot of money, go for it.

#7. Artificial Flavorings, Colorings, and Additives

Always search for pure and clean products. They should not have colorings or sugar additives. If you are allergic, then it may be important to be keen on allergens such as soy, dairy, and gluten. These allergens can be found in your food supplements; hence, always be careful.


Selecting food supplements might not be a difficult task as long as you put the above guidelines into consideration. Choose a reliable firm which employs high-quality supplies and possesses exemplary ethical values is one of the most important things to consider. With that, your body can be sure of reaping numerous benefits from food supplements, including the CBD variety.

A Dispensary Owners Guide to Selecting the Right CBD Products

CBD has busted onto the market and many retailers are hastening to fill their shelves with various cannabidiol products.

Cannabidiol has become a versatile and popular product within the health and wellness space having applications from the treatment of serious medical conditions such as epilepsy to common ones like anxiety from public speaking.

The market for CBD is expected to grow with cannabidiol oils taking their spot in the wide spectrum of CBD products available to customers.

If you want to remain competitive in the cannabis retail industry, you need to ensure that you give customers what they want – a safe, reasonably priced, clean, pure, and quality CBD oil product.

While you can obtain CBD oils legally in many places whether, in retail stores or online, it can be challenging to get the right cannabidiol products.

Cannabidiol oils come in different concentrations and vary widely depending on how they are made.

In addition, the purity and quality of CBD oils or their effectiveness varies greatly from a supplier to another.

Four Things to Look Out For When Purchasing CBD Oils

If you are purchasing CBD oils, you need to look out for these things:

#1. A Suitable CBD Concentration

There are different concentrations for CBD oil products like the ones in capsule or dropper bottles. The amount of cannabidiol contained in a bottle or capsule can be found on the packaging or labeling. Some suppliers list the concentrations of CBD amounts in mg for example; you can have a 250 mg CBD oil bottle or a 500 mg CBD bottle. Other suppliers can have the concentrations presented in percentages for example; you can see something like 4% or 20% cannabidiol (CBD). You should get CBD oil products that have moderate to high concentrations because they tend to sell more and are reasonably priced than those that have very high concentrations.

#2. Capsules or Sublingual

In addition to the concentrations of cannabidiol oils, you also want to know the delivery method.  People use different methods to deliver CBD into their body.  For example, some people inhale CBD using vaporizers and others use sublingual delivery putting droplets directly under their tongue.  Dropping CBD oil under an individual’s tongue makes for an effectual route of delivery.  Ingesting capsules offers a discreet and controlled dose of cannabidiol to be delivered into the body with ease. Again, based on what your customers like – whether vaporizers, dropper bottles, or capsules, you can get the right CBD products for sale. Conduct proper research from your market and see the methods of CBD delivery preferred by customers.

#3. Cannabidiol Oil of Low -THC

When buying CBD oil products, ensure you get the ones with as little THC levels as possible.  THC is the chief psychoactive compound found in marijuana, higher levels could contribute to increased chances of substance abuse and addiction. THC metabolites are the primary compounds that drug tests test for. The legal limit for CBD products is a THC content of not more than 0.3 percent. An FDA survey conducted in 2015 found out that a majority of cannabidiol products were mislabeled. Selling wholesale CBD oil products containing THC content that is more than the legal limit could put retailers and their customers at stake or even the suppliers themselves.

#4. Cost of Wholesale CBD oil

The cost is another thing you need to look at when buying wholesale CBD oil. Examine the cost of purchasing the cannabidiol oils depending on your clients’ buying behavior. During the time you sell the products, you have learned what your customers want. Do they want very high concentrated CBD oils or do they want moderate to high concentrations of CBD oils?  Workaround the demographic features of the customers and determine what concentrations to purchase. Compare the prices from different suppliers while also looking at other factors like the method of extracting the oils and testing.

The Bottom Line

Until recently, it was considered that pure CBD isolates offer the standard for cannabis therapy that uses non-psychoactive CBD products. However, recent studies are showing that full-spectrum oils offer a host of other benefits that aren’t found in isolates.

With full-spectrum oils, they often comprise other cannabinoids like CBL, CBN, and aromatic compounds including limonene and pinene, also known as terpenes. They also contain other substances such as flavonoids. All these compounds tend to function in synergy with cannabidiol through a process known as the entourage effect.

Again, your customers should guide you on which CBD oils you should stock, many are beginning to realize the potential benefits of full-spectrum CBD oils over CBD isolates.

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