Why Nutrition is so Important

The Importance of Nutrition

Learn Why Nutrition is so important

Just in case you haven’t heard this phrase enough here it is one more time.

‘You Are What You Eat’

It is worth being mentioned over and over again because it is so true. Please don’t take it literally. If you eat a lot of broccoli you are not going to turn green. The phrase would be more accurate if it said…

If You Eat Healthy, You Will be Healthy!

Healthy, natural foods should be the base of your diet and nutrition program. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates probably said it best when was quoted,

“Let Food be Your Medicine and Medicine be Your Food”

You probably feel you’ve been bombarded with enough motivational quotes, phrases and acronyms by now so let’s get to business. Diet and nutrition are synonymous. Everything you eat and drink to nourish your body is part of your nutrition.

Unfortunately, when people usually refer to diet, they refer to a short term change in their eating & drinking habits to obtain a specific goal. Nutrition is usually referred to as your eating and drinking lifestyle habits.

In Order to Live a Healthy and Fit, Disease Free Lifestyle, Nutrition is Very Important

Why is Nutrition so Important … Results from your Hard Fitness Training

The reasons to follow good nutrition throughout your entire life could take a giant non-fiction novel to list. If just to be healthy in general is not important enough to you, you should some of the many reasons why nutrition is so important.

It is common for personal trainers to tell their clients that nutrition is only x % of their fitness goals. This is meant to show the importance of nutrition in regards to accomplishing the goal but it is not the best way.

To See Why Nutrition is Important, Just Look at the Relationship of Recovery to Training

Even if you work out 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week, in the gym which is which is a lot, the time seems insignificant compared to the time in which you recovered from training. This is 8% of your time during the week which is a significant accomplishment in itself. If you compare it to the time you recover which is the other 168 hours for that week, you can see just how important nutrition is.

Your nutrition is largely going to determine whether you lose the 5 pounds you aim to lose or gain the 5 pounds of muscle. You should look at nutrition as synergistic with your training and quality rest.

Is Athletic Performance Important to You?

Even if You are not Trying to be a Better Athlete it Should be

Why? Improving your athletic performance is the most telltale sign that your exercise program is working.

How does this all play into nutrition? Proper nutrition gives your body the fuel it needs to perform at its highest level. Even if you aren’t athletic or into sports, your average day to day life will be much improved.

If your body performs at its highest level, you create the stimulus for your body to adapt the way you want it. Whether that means gaining muscle, burning fat, or toning up, nutrition is the key to maximizing your body’s potential.

Without Proper Nutrition Even the Best Training Program May Get You Nowhere

It is not the actual weight training which burns fat or builds muscle. The training is only the stimulus you give your body. You have to feed your body the correct foods which will allow it to change the way you desire.

More Top Reasons Why Nutrition is so Important

Top Benefits of a Healthy Diet & Nutrition Program

  • Anti Aging
    • Your body will produce less toxins and be able to eliminate wastes more efficiently.
  • Disease Prevention
    • Your diet will be low in cholesterol and bad fats which will all but eliminate any chance of developing any chronic diseases.
  • Strong Bones
    • Your calcium intake in your balanced nutrition program will keep your bones, and nails strong and healthy.
  • Reduced Stress
    • Your body will be more efficient at dealing with distress as well as the positive stress associated with exercise.
  • Stronger Immune System
    • Proper nutrition allows your body to produce the correct amount of white blood cells. It also can lessen the degree of sickness you when you get sick. When you get sick, your body will be able to cope with it most efficiently.
  • Better Sleep
    • You will be able to sleep properly because your digestive system will be in harmony with your other bodily systems.

With Proper Nutrition You Will Simply have a Higher Quality of Life

More Information about Successful Nutrition Regimen for your Goals

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