Post-Workout Protein Meals and Snacks That Actually Taste Good

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After spending a grueling hour or two sweating your butt off in the gym, what you choose to consume as your protein snack afterward could be just as important as your workout routine.

If you choose something that doesn’t taste good, you might end up leaving it behind and missing out on some of the essential nutrients you need to grow and recover properly.

Top 5 Best Post-Workout Protein Meals and Snacks

Here are some great post-workout protein snack and quick meal options for you to try out the next time you get done with your workout.

1. Beef Jerky

Sometimes nothing will hit the spot better than classic beef jerky. Nothing beats some of that salty, chewy goodness with meat that actually tastes like meat and not mystery chemicals. If you’re unsure what brand to go for, we recommend buying Savage Jerky and sampling them to see which flavor profile you enjoy the most. For optimal post-workout recovery, it is important to consider the right amount of protein intake. If you’re wondering how much protein should an athlete eat a day, this informative article can provide valuable insights.

2. Yogurt

Yogurts are often a go-to option for post-workout protein. After all, it’s pretty easy to find a better-tasting yogurt that contains as much protein in such a convenient package. This protein also has probiotics and omega 3s to help support your immune system, not to mention at least 20 different flavors to choose from. One of the best after the workout is Greek yogurt with granola — Loads of protein, filling, and satisfying.

Bonus points: You can make your own granola at home.

3. Cereal With Dairy

Cereal with milk is one of the best post-workout snacks because it has carbs to give you a burst of energy, protein to help rebuild your muscles, and fat to make sure you don’t go into ketosis. The key to a great-tasting cereal is putting all the ingredients in at once so they can soak. Make sure you get a little bit of every ingredient on top — dark chocolate, peanut butter, strawberries, or nuts. You could also try adding cocoa powder for an extra hit of chocolate!

4. Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Bread

One of the best post-workout protein snacks is peanut butter on whole grain bread. Simply smear some peanut butter over a slice of whole grain bread, and if you’re in a rush, cut it in half and wrap it up to eat later. Peanut butter provides fat, protein, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins B3 and E. According to experts, eating nuts like peanuts has been shown to lower blood pressure levels over time and reduce heart disease risk. When choosing peanut butter for your sandwich, opt for natural brands that contain just one ingredient: peanuts.

5. Protein Shake With Cinnamon and Ice

This protein shake is healthy and a great choice for post-workout breakfast. The protein shake helps you rehydrate, refresh and feed your body with protein and slow-release carbs. And having cinnamon flavor in your protein shakes makes it a delicious dessert like breakfast.

You can make your protein shake taste better when blended and added other flavorsome ingredients. The ingredients add texture and will mask the powder flavor.

The Takeaway

After a strenuous workout, you need to eat something that will help you recover from lost energy. One of the best options is to consume some quality protein.

While this sounds simple enough, it isn’t always so cut-and-dried. Usually a light and healthy snack or meal is your best bet. But finding one convenient and tasty is another story!

If you’re looking for a fantastic and tasty protein source after you’ve finishing you daily workout grind, give the list above a go, they will give you what you need.

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