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I started to run 5 years ago, out of pure curiosity. At the beginning, I found it hard and exhausting. Luckily, I had good friends to guide me and help me overcome my difficulties. Now I run for the pleasure of the sport and for its benefits. My body is healthy and I have more energy than ever. I mostly run on treadmills because it is convenient. In time, I've discovered that treadmills can be a trustworthy companion for efficient cardio workouts. That's why I joined the team a few years ago.

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Knee Pain Causes and Prevention Tips for Runners

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Knee Pain Causes and Prevention Tips for Runners

Knee Pain Causes & Prevention Tips For Runners Throughout my running career, I’ve endured anyone’s fair share of injuries. Knee pain is the most annoying of them all, and it has kept me on the bench for more than once. That’s how I learned that I should never take running for granted and I should […]

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