The Importance of a Level 3 Personal Training Course

Level 3 Personal Training Course


If you are looking to start a career in personal training, you have probably realised by now that a level 3 qualification in personal training is a requirement of most reputable gyms. Whether working in health and fitness is a new interest, or you’ve already been involved in the industry in some way for some time, you might be wondering why this is so important. Here’s why!

What is a level 3 personal training qualification?

The first step towards becoming a personal trainer is completing your level 2 certificate in fitness instructing. The level 2 gives you foundational knowledge around anatomy and physiology, fitness principles and health and safety. This means that you can deliver gym inductions and may be able to lead some classes.

To work as a personal trainer, you then need to complete your Level 3 personal training course. As well as giving a deeper knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, Level 3 gives the training for those who qualify to be able to plan and deliver successful workouts to their clients. This is a must if you want to apply for work as a personal trainer.

What does this qualify me to do?

A level 3 personal training certification allows you to give 1-1 or group fitness training sessions, provide workout plans to clients and give advice on a healthy lifestyle and diet. Being a personal trainer is not the same as being a registered nutritionist or dietician, which usually requires at least a bachelors degree. This means that you cannot prescribe diet plans or give advice relating to medical conditions.

What do I need to get onto a course?

There are usually no education requirements at all to complete a personal training course! This is fantastic if you perhaps didn’t perform well at school. The courses are best suited for something with existing experience and knowledge around health and fitness, but you don’t need to have worked in or around a gym environment before!

The most important thing is a good attitude and willingness to learn!

Why do I need to do a personal training course?

It protects clients

As clued up as you may be and as good as your intentions might be, the same can’t be said for everyone. Without everyone getting into personal training on some sort of level playing field, we risk reckless trainers giving out dangerous guidance and information. A level 3 qualification shows that you are qualified to give advice on health, nutrition and lifestyles. As part of this, in addition to your course, being qualified in first aid and having insurance to work as a personal trainer are important parts of the process.

It teaches you about the job

Ever wanted to do or try something, and quickly realised it’s not for you? During the weeks that you are on the course, you have the opportunity to confirm that personal training is correct for you. While we hope that it only reinforces that you are making a good career decision, it would be better to find out that it’s not right sooner rather than later!

It proves dedication

Sean Murphy at Ultimate Performance has interviewed hundreds of PT’s for his highly successful company in London says that “If you can commit months to a course, this shows potential employers that you are passionate about learning and improving your service and that you can stick something out for a time.” Murphy continues, “After passing the course, we’d highly recommend seeking out continued professional development (CPD) to add to your skills and knowledge and to ensure that you are giving your clients the best possible service!”

It is an introduction to networking

Even if you are planning to work as a self-employed personal trainer, it is a job that requires lots of interaction with many people from different backgrounds. It is important as a personal trainer to be socially outgoing, able to sell yourself and confident approaching people. A personal training course gives you chance to develop those skills by introducing you to a group of people with similar aspirations to you, plus mentors who can answer your questions about the profession. Make the most of this opportunity while you have it!


In conclusion, there are many reasons, for yourself, employers and future clients, why you need to hold a level 3 personal training qualification to work as a PT in the UK. We hope that this not only explains the reasons why, but makes you excited to get onto a course yourself! The qualification opens many doors to increase your earning potential and work a job that you are genuinely passionate about.

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