4 Common Questions that People Ask About Virtual Medical Visits

Virtual Medical Visits

You keep hearing about this thing called telemedicine and it raises a lot of questions in your mind. Don’t feel alone. Many people are skeptical about the idea until they give it a try. If you are thinking about setting up an account and exploring this approach to medical care further, here are answers to four of the most commonly asked questions about this form of medical treatment.

4 Common Questions that People Ask About Virtual Medical Visits

#1. Is It Hard to Set Up an Account?

Many providers make it easy to set up an account and to manage it as well. The best provide an app that you can download to your phone and use any time you need to get help from Mississauga family doctors. Providing some basic information is enough to do the trick. Once your account is established, access to a doctor is never more than a few clicks away.

#2. Will My Insurance Pay For It?

Some people hesitate to use this type of health solution because they wonder if health insurance plans cover virtual visits. While it’s true there are some providers who are not doing so yet, many have already included terms and conditions in their plans. The best way to answer this question is to contact your insurance provider and ask the question. You are likely to find that the range of benefits is equal to the coverage enjoyed when you choose to see any medical professional who has a working relationship with the insurance provider.

#3. Do I See Real Doctors?

What’s the background of these doctors? Are they on a par with the physicians I would see using a more conventional approach? The answer is yes.

The doctors who will treat you by means of the virtual medical app are fully licensed to practice medicine. In many cases, they will be local physicians who have dedicated a part of their practice time specifically for this approach to treatment. They will draw on the same resources to develop a diagnosis, prepare your treatment, and even refer you to a specialist if your condition merits additional scrutiny.

#4. Can I Really Get Help From Anywhere?

Have you ever needed to see a doctor but could not get away? How about incidents in which you really needed a doctor but you felt too ill to leave the house. When you use the app to connect with one of the eqvirtual family physicians in Vancouver, your location is no longer of any consequence. Whether you are assigned to a work project some distance away or feeling too weak to leave your bed, all you need to see your doctor is an Internet connection and your phone.

The Bottom Line

Why not try a virtual doctor visit the next time you are feeling a little under the weather? In many cases, you’ll find that the visit takes a fraction of the time associated with getting to and from the doctor’s office, and that any medication you need can be ordered and scheduled for delivery right to your door. After that first round, you will never consider using the traditional approach to getting medical care again.

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