4 Important Factors for Fitness Buffs

Every fitness buff has a calling within that motivates them to accomplish their mission of peak health without interference.

That said, many aspiring fitness buffs will need drivers to drive them to the gym every day, and some will even need a “watchdog” so that they do not feed on the wrong diet or slumber on their progress.

If you have already set the goals that you want or need to achieve but something is pulling you backwards, it may be essential to get a fitness partner or hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated.

Even then, you won’t be able to make progress if you do not follow some of the following factors. Let’s take a look at them now…

Four Important Factors for Fitness Success

Whether you’re an aspiring fitness enthusiast or a bonafide fitness buff, staying motivated and accomplishing your fitness goals will take dedication. Here are four factors to ensure you succeed.

#1. Your Game Plan

As a fitness buff, you should have a definite game plan. What are my goals? What do I want to achieve? How important is my health and fitness? How am I going to proceed? These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself.

You should never wait for a fitness partner to help you accomplish your mission. Having a partner to motivate you will certainly help on your journey but decision and action time is ultimately all on you.

Also, the comfort zone is dangerous. Do not allow your body and mind to get too used to a specific routine. You can turn out the best results if you have a good plan, mix up your intensity, volume and duration of the workouts by adapting something new like changing the number of repetitions, sets, and distance.

You should also vary your work intervals and exercise frequency for your sessions and you should try to learn something new daily. Set a game plan and work hard on following that plan and success will be right around the corner.

#2. Your Goals

Three important pillars of fitness include training, nutrition, and sleep. You should focus on how to optimize each of these pillars when setting your goals.

The more you train, the more energy you’ll use so you need to properly fuel your body and get proper sleep to recover each day. Exercise alone will not help you succeed. Plan accordingly when creating your game plan and setting goals.

Biologically, we obtain our energy from the food we eat, especially carbohydrates and proteins. Protein is essential for muscle grown and protein supplements are the perfect tool to help you get in your daily protein intake.

No matter how hard it becomes for you to feed on some food, there exist some other alternatives on www.brutalforce.com which can be very helpful for body fitness. Don’t be afraid to utilize supplements. With such supplements, you will be able to achieve your goals of either weightlifting or weight loss.

An adult should sleep for a minimum of 6 hours; it is essential for body development. Don’t forget to get your zzz’s. When we rest the magic of muscle building really begins. Rest & recovery is crucial.

All in all, keep these pillars in mind when setting your goals. Proper body development requires proper fuel for the body, a consistent but diverse training program, and the necessary rest to heal your body and prepare it for the next session.

#3. Your Reward/Consequence Plan

Although everybody has their ways of feeling appreciated, it is ideal to reward yourself if you do not have a reward plan. Your consequences could be short term, but it has to be what fits you.

Some of the rewards you can get for yourself can include a workout top, a sports massage, or even a new protein supplement you’ve been wanting to try but didn’t want to fork out the extra cash for.  Treat yourself to something if you’ve accomplished one of your milestone goals, you deserve it!

Since you have your goals, focus on how to achieve them and move ahead with your game plan. The only resulting consequence can be if you miss your goals, but even then you can try again. Just don’t quit! What are you working to achieve?!

#4. Your Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is a great way to help you achieve your goals. If you find yourself slacking and not adhering to your goals, it’s honestly time to find an accountability partner to keep you on track. This can be a close friend, significant other, or better yet, a qualified personal trainer.

While many of us can be our own accountability partner, many of us simply fall back into old patterns, especially when just starting the journey. The stresses of the day-to-day grind can pull us back and forth and away from our goals. If the latter is you, don’t fret, there are ways to become more accountable.

If you’re not able to afford a personal trainer or find a workout partner to help you stay accountable, your only option then is to up your own internal motivational mechanisms so you become a better accountability partner for yourself.

Try meditation, cognitive therapy, positive thinking, and mantras to help you build up your own internal accountability partner. There are many books online to help you become more accountable to yourself.

The Bottom Line

While everyone is on their own path and will set and work towards their goals in their own unique way, the four factors we’ve taken a look at here apply and can help each and everyone of us reach our goals.

And whether you’re an aspiring fitness enthusiast or a bonafide fitness buff, it’s critical to have your game plan dialed-in and well-defined goals in place – training, nutrition, and recovery.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments along the way too, and if you feel you need help to keep you on track, don’t be afraid to seek out an external accountability partner such as a friend or personal trainer, or if needed, improve your own internal motivational mechanisms.

YOU can and YOU will achieve all YOUR health & fitness goals if you work your butt off and don’t quit, it’s only a mater of time!

About Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer has a tremendous enthusiasm for all facets of health, fitness and physical performance that stems from an athletic lifestyle from childhood. Jason was fortunate enough to compete in collegiate football and learned to love the challenges that physical activity placed on the body. As Jason progressed through his higher education and became increasingly aware of how science is applied to physical activity and how it reveals the benefits of exercise, he realized very quickly that he wanted to pursue a career that gives him the opportunity to teach others to compete, challenge, and push themselves towards something more valuable to them than anything else; health, fitness and self worth. Being a fitness professional allows Jason to do this for them and he is always incredibly grateful for that. Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. Neuroscience and his acquired knowledge of the nervous system and muscle stimulation techniques has been extremely instrumental towards building a unique ability and feel for training the body for optimal form and function. As a personal trainer he is certified with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). He's also a strength & conditioning specialist with NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association). He has additional certifications in both kettlebell principles & techniques (Equinox), and Flexibility & Corrective Exercise (Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in NY). Jason has worked as a trainer and conditioning specialist in a variety of fitness facilities over the years such as: LA Fitness in Piscataway, NJ, the YMCA in Metuchen, NJ, and Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York, NY. He also does private in-home sessions all over the Manhattan area.

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