8 Awesome Wearable Tech Gadgets to Revamp Your Quality of Health

wearable techMotivation in a cluttered environment can become procrastination. How many times have you thought, “eh, I’ll start tomorrow,” instead of starting small today? With the Marie Kondo Movement sweeping into our homes once again, everyone is reevaluating their surroundings & their stuff. Here are 8 cool tech gadgets to revamp your quality of life.

#1. One Ring to Outmatch them All / My Preciousss

Rings are powerful circlets that can be made of anything. And yet they are always linked to power or magic. At least there’s no need for any dangerous adventures to mordor for this one!

A discreet wellness tracker so comfortable you’ll actually wear it all day & night, Motiv Ring offers a 360-degree comprehensive view of your health through:

  • Stylish, minimalist design for 24/7 wearability
  • 3-day battery life; quick 90-minute charge
  • Tracks fitness, sleep + heart rate
  • New online security features
  • Conveniently compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, & more.
  • Waterproof to 165 feet; lightweight titanium
  • 1-year warranty, 45-day guarantee

Available in 7 sizes you can try on at home & 3 colors to fit any taste, it really shall become your preciousss…

#2. Not Just Sci Fi Anymore

Star Trek popularized the idea of wearable tech, but thanks to Power Rangers, cartoons, and modern science – the two-way wrist communicator watch became a reality.

The Vivoactive® 3 surpasses the basics by featuring:

  • Cutting edge design, plus colorized touch screen
  • 7 Automatic Sensors, along with standard GPS & Heart Rate Monitor
  • 16 Daily Smart Applications, including Garmin pay & Music storage
  • Over 75 aspects of Personal Safety, Fitness Training, & Data Analysis Tracking to ensure physical development or maintenance without strain.

I will say that while equipped for personal EEG sleep monitoring for home use, this stunner of a watch is not a wearable I would recommend for sleep quality improvement. If you demand a more detailed sleep tracker that will enhance your slumber, I propose The Dreem headband. It not only tracks the heart rate and nocturnal movements but also measures brain waves for a more precise record of your sleep stages.

#3. Train Like a Hero

We’ve witnessed the transformations of everyday actors once filming a Superhero movie. Cultivating that comic book body means hard work, sacrifice, and a dedicated team of professionals diligently calculating a ton of stats.

The Polar Vantage M combines the latest sports technology with a lightweight design that won’t compromise your individual flair. Easily customize your respective settings to evaluate progression or share the data with your PT to strategize collaboratively. Challenge your limits with over 130 sports to choose from and keep motivated with the support of the Polar Flow community.

Basically this watch distills all that math and tracking for you, leaving you free to train like a record-breaking Olympian on your own terms.

#4. The Perfect PA

Joan Holloway – the quintessential secretary, regulating the daily lives of those Mad Men. Not just anyone can stay on top of your personal schedule, celebrate your (fitness) achievements & listen to your body’s needs all while polished to perfection.

Voted the 2018 Fitness Tracker of the Year by Wearable, the Fitbit Charger 3 is the abettor for the modern age. With over 20 features – which include Goal Based Exercises, Fit Bit Pay, & Guided Breathing Sessions, nothing will ever fall through the cracks again.

Anyone’s life will only get better once a Joan of your very own is wrapped around your wrist.

#5. The New Classic

Spies in the 1940’s had this uncanny ability to make ordinary objects into extraordinary tech without anyone being able to notice it. You’d never guess that this is wearable tech, would you?

When you want an upgrade without sacrificing the traditional form, the Steel HR Sport has you covered. This hybrid smartwatch is designed to seamlessly:

  • Sync anywhere with the Health App
  • Assess fitness levels, training, & Sleep score guidance
  • Identifies over 30 sports for automatic exercise recognition
  • Monitors heart rate & GPS location
  • Stays connected for longer (25 day battery life)

Upgrade your standard of healthy living, before anyone puts out a burn notice.

#6. Feed your Inner Fan

With programs like Westworld and Humans, our entertainments have stepped into a new realm of advanced technology worries. Will our ever expanding smart home gear become self-aware or will we become dependent on it?

Meet the preeminent example of Misfit’s latest wearable – The thinner, stronger, smarter Misfit Shine 2. Flawlessly track both activity & sleep to convey elaborate statistics with ease. It can log sessions of running, walking, cycling, and swimming up to 50 meters deep.

Unlike other smart watches, this minimalist’s dream can interact with your other smart home devices and even take a selfie.

This watch is straight out of black mirror. Hurry before it evolves beyond you!

#7. Listen to that Inner Oracle

Dangerous situations, like infiltrating a garage filled with 30 henchmen or making a tactical retreat, call for a … team effort. Sadly, there’s only one Bruce Wayne and only he gets THE Barbara Gordon in his ear.

The Moov Now watch is a 3D fitness monitor which provides:

  • Real-time audio coaching for over 5 types of cardio activities
  • The most progressive swim tracker (able to id stroke type, count, lap analysis,& improvement recommendations)
  • Active Minutes and Sleep Trackers
  • A wearable fitness coach that speaks to you – actively monitors your progress, and motivates you to achieve your goals
  • Up to 6 months battery life
  • A versatile, lightweight band that can be worn on the wrist or ankle.
  • An Omni Motion sensor affording real-time accuracy with 3x the power
  • Insightful Data via the Moov App

We all want someone to give us encouragement but not all of us have a Pennyworth in service.

#8. Keep Calm, Carry On

The media always focuses on losing body fat or gaining muscles, but maintaining a healthy body is just as important. There’s more to life than food journaling & vain attempts to appear swole.

The Suunto 3 Fitness is designed for those who value an active health-life balance. Another sleek option that looks like a regular, stylish watch, this device devises a bespoke training plan that adapts to your fitness needs. By implementing a holistic view of your day & night, you’ll get the right kind of recovery monitoring & real time guidance.

Surpass your past & keep up that commitment to be your best self!

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