Best Keto-Diet Friendly Protein Bars

What is a Keto Diet?

A ketogenic diet is an exceptional food that is prepared with a high content of healthy fat, adequate proteins, and low-carbohydrate content. This type of diet is commonly recommended in medical institutions for its ability to heal several refractory problems in children such as epilepsy. Typically, the diet helps the body to burn excess fats rather than carbohydrates.

However, a ketogenic diet is widely used in weight loss programs. Being in a ketogenic diet means scrapping out carbs and concentrating on healthy high-fat foods. Proteins diet should also be incorporated within a Keto-diet as they play vital roles in the growth of the body.

Is Keto-Diet Safe for Consumption?

With the growing popularity of Keto-diet intake, there are increasing concerns about its impact. According to some studies conducted, suggested that a ketogenic diet was significantly safe for overweight and obese persons. However, other clinical reviews pointed out that the majority of the people under low carb diet regained the lost weight within 12 months.

1. Where it is helpful

Keto-diet has been found useful to people with problem losing weight. According to anonymous sports nutritionist, there are several benefits associated with Keto-diet program. These include:

  • Results are quick. People who observe and stick to a Keto-diet plan can lose initial weight rapidly.
  • It is simple in concept. The diet becomes more comfortable for people to follow as it entails removing a particular food group.
  • Results to early satiety. The diet makes people feel full despite having few calories as well as provide the body with the required energy.

However, for optimum results, close adherence to the program is recommended, or else it will not work.

2. Where it is Unhealthy

Critics say Keto-diet works for a short term and it can as well be unhealthy. For the beginners, most of the initial weight lost is water weight. Also, once your body enters ketosis, it starts to lose muscles, becomes fatigued, and eventually enters into starvation mode, which is hard for losing weight.

Six Best Keto-Diet Friendly Protein Bars

With the above pros and cons of a ketogenic diet, there are available low carb proteins that provide a good dose of protein without the unhealthy sugars that would throw you of ketosis. They include:

The Bottom Line

Not all protein bars are necessary for a ketogenic diet as most of them have high carbohydrate content despite being labeled as high in protein. What you need is the right protein bar that does not provide unnecessary sugar.

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