Trending Fitness Tips and Self-Defense Exercises for Women


Keeping active and healthy could almost qualify as a full-time job. Keeping up with all the latest trips, tricks, and trends about being active and healthy only makes it seem even more daunting.

The best fitness tips for women seem to change every week. Some of this revolves around fads and misinformation, but much of it comes from changing science and better studies.

We’ve cut the work down to size and brought you nine new and potent fitness tips to keep you happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Want to achieve a strong body and mind? We’re also going to show you some self defense exercises for women that will keep you in shape and help you feel safe and secure where ever you go!

Top 10 Self-Defense Exercises for Women

71% of people who own pepper spray have it as a self-defense option. But instead of carrying pepper spray, learn self-defense so you can better protect yourself against an attacker.

Don’t know any self-defense exercises for women? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 10.


This is a useful exercise for self-defense as it boosts core power.

Stand with your feet wider than your hips and keep your knees bent. Inhale, and brace your core. Exhale as you rotate to your right, extend both legs and pivot your left foot as you raise your arms over your right shoulder.

Inhale as you reverse the motion.

Bear Hug

These are one of the best self-defense exercises for your body and mind.

Drop your weight and hit your opponent’s head with your elbows or stomp on his feet. Or pull their fingers back so they release you.

Front and Back Choke Holds

Front and back chokeholds are popular in martial arts videos. Bend your elbow inwards to get out of the wrist hold and push upwards to break free.

To get out of a front or back chokehold, swing an arm across to break the attacker’s hold and use your other arm’s elbow to strike.

Heel Palm Strike

This is the perfect self-defense exercise for strong women as it damages the attacker’s nose or throat.

Flex your wrist on your dominant hand and aim for the attacker’s nose or chin by jabbing upwards. Recoil your strike by pulling your arm back so it thrusts the attacker’s head up and back.

The attacker will stagger so you can escape.

Mount Position

There are many self-defense exercises if you’re pinned on the floor.

Pivot so you’re on top and hook the attacker’s wrist with one hand. Use your other hand to grab behind his elbow, trapping his arm to your chest.

Use your foot to trap his, lift your hips, and use your knees to get on top.

Hammer Strike

Hold your car keyring in a tight fist so it extends from the side of your hand. Now, thrust downward towards your target.

Groin Kick

Lift your dominant leg and drive your knee upward. Extend your dominant leg and kick, so your lower shin or the ball of your foot hits the attacker’s groin area.


Push from the ball of your foot and thrust first forward to maximize your strength. Aim for a vulnerable area like your attacker’s eyes, nose, or throat.

Turn In

If there’s someone behind you, turn in behind your elbow. Rotate to turn towards the attacker and raise your left arm to cover your face.

Breakaway and Run

Use the above women’s exercises to break away and then run. Head for a public place and make enough noise so people know you’re in danger.

Learn self-defense exercises for women so you stay safe. Aim for the attacker’s vulnerable areas like their groin, eyes, nose, or throat so you can break away and run. Good luck!

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Top Trending Fitness Tips for Women

Exercise is a key factor in everyone’s life, whether we like it or not. How positive fitness is in our life depends on all the little details we can change to support it.

From diet to the types of exercises we do to even how often we exercise, it all matters. These 9 tips cover all the bases and will provide little boosts to your fitness routines. Ready to begin?

Connecting Carbs to Lean Muscles

Carbs have long been the bane of diets for years. Cutting carbs has been mantra of proper dieting so long than many assume it is absolute.

Carbs aren’t the best food for you, but it is also far from the worst.

Carbs are a solid addition to your diet if you are looking to build muscle. Muscle takes more energy to sustain, which helps burn fat. Lean muscles in the arms and other limbs can even push the efficiency of your exercise.

You still should limit heavy starch such as potatoes and pasta, but keeping a steady supply of carbs can change your workout routine.

Too Much Exercise Can Make Your Period Worse

Exercise can help to reduce muscle swelling and bloating, as well as other symptoms of your period. The problem comes with too much exercise, which can not only remove your hard work toward relief but make your period even worse.

Heavy exercise can shift hormones, which can lead to irregular bleeding and excessive spotting. Finding that balance to alleviate your period without enhancing it is key.

Just 30 minutes a day of moderate workout is a strong start.

Dangers of Sore Calves

Sore muscles are a solid sign that your workout was a success. This pushes muscles to expand and heal stronger. During all this exercise, though, you might mistake a bigger problem for simple sore muscles.

When your sore calves persist, it may be a sign of deep-vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot. Keeping an eye on persistent pain is always good. Contact a doctor when things get bad.

Your Weight Isn’t an Absolute Indicator of Health

Watching the scales has been the prime indicator of whether exercise works. While losing weight can be good for the body, not losing weight isn’t a sign of unhealthiness.

If you are having trouble losing weight, don’t fret. Instead, talk with a physical trainer about what is a healthy weight for you. You might be already there, fat does have its purpose to insulate and protect.

If you still worry about fat, instead look into enhancing muscle mass and turning that weight into strength.

Milk Beats out Sports Drink for After Workout

There are dozens of sports drinks meant to hydrate you after a good workout session. What if the best after-workout drink was milk?

The combination of proteins, sodium, and extra energy that milk can provide is a much larger boost than most energy drinks on the market. It covers all the bases of what your body craves. Consider that when you go to the fridge after a workout.

Physical Therapy for Your Pelvic Floor

Now on to types of workouts. Your pelvis, and everything else down there, is a big center for your body’s health. To help with this, there has been a growing number of physical therapists that focus on pelvic exercise.

This can remove major cramps, add to abdominal and glute strength, and helps to make walking and running easier. It’s a great addition to your workout routine.

Blending Fitness Routines With Doctor Checkups

A solid workout routine is a great way to keep up on your health, but so much of your health is invisible to the naked eye. While the signs are there, make sure you have a professional help point them out.

Weaving in extra doctor visits can be a great way to keep your workout on track. Catching items like irregular swelling, persistent sores, and blood pressure levels can keep your workout from becoming a medical disaster.

Your doctor is also a great source of breast cancer facts. No amount of exercise can prevent your risk of breast cancer, so keep up on your overall health.

Sleep and Rest Days are Vital

A great workout can be revitalizing, but to allow the work to set into your body and improve your health, you need rest as well.

A solid sleep schedule and full days of relaxation helps the body recover and take in the changes your workout routine has given.

This time off can also help out other parts of this list.

Targeted Food and Drink

The last item on this list is breaking down further ideas of your diet. Fitness is more than the crunches you do and the miles you take on your treadmill.

Staying hydrated is the absolute key. Before and during your workout, drink plenty of water. Take in that cold glass of milk afterward.

Don’t forget frequent drinks during the day. This keeps your skin supple, your breasts from sagging, and your energy up!

Be mindful of what other foods you have in your diet. Yogurts can include a lot of excess sugars that can ruin their healthiness.

Protein takes more work to break down, so it can help lower your calorie intake without lower the amount of food you eat.

Every little detail matters, so pay attention to what you put into your body.


These fitness tips for women are far from a comprehensive list to stick to. What it does show, though, is that with the right research and expert advice, you can find great and simple changes to your routine!

To stay up on all the trends, from social life to beauty products, we have what you need. We keep things light-hearted but factual, giving you the right balance for a happy source of insight. Try one of our other articles today!

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