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Why Free Motion Equipment, Dual Cable Cross is a Great Machine Free Motion Dual Cable Cross Commercial

Free Motion Equipment Dual Cable Cross is very Versatile

Free motion dual cable cross turns restrictive cable machines into very useful free weights. It is called free motion because of each adjustable arm which can be rotated 90 degrees in the transverse plane and 180 degrees in the frontal and saggital plane.

You may have seen many pieces of free motion equipment in your local gym. There is a huge variety of free motion equipment but none are more versatile and useful than the dual cable cross.

The free motion equipment dual cable cross is one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy!

 Regardless of where you plan to use it, the free motion equipment dual cable cross allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises including almost 100% of the exercises you can perform with barbells and dumbbells.

Who can Benefit from using Free Motion Equipment?

Everyone can Benefit from using Free Motion Equipment!

With proper instruction, the free motion dual cable cross can be used by people of all ages, size, strength and training levels. It can also be used by one or two people at the same time because of it’s dual weight stacks.

The only small drawback with the free motion dual cable cross is there is a learning curve for people who have not performed resistance training and/or used the cable cross over before. With proper instruction, the free motion equipment dual cable cross is a machine which can be used effectively for a lifetime!

Is Free Motion Equipment good for a Home Gym?

5 Star home gym rating
Home Gym Rating

If you can afford it, free motion dual cable cross is PERFECT for home gyms!

Unfortunately most people are not willing to spend a large sum of money ($1,000-4,000) at once for a piece of fitness equipment for their home.

It’s unfortunate but many instead spend (waste) money on gimmick products which offer little or no use. Don’t make that mistake. You should think of that statement before you make a decision on adding free motion equipment dual cable cross to your home gym.

Because of the huge cost of admission we had to knock things down a bit when considering it for the home gym setting. However, price aside these are great machines and they are ideal for the ultimate home gym experience.

The home gym verdict? If you have the cash and space in your home for this versatile piece of equipment, you can’t go wrong by making the investment.

Is the Free Motion Dual Cable Cross good for the Commercial Gym Setting?

commercial gym rating/review
Commercial Gym Rating

Whether you run a commercial gym or just work out in one, the free motion dual cable cross is perfect for the commercial gym. The commercial editions of the dual cable cross has a base made of very solid steel and consist solely of pulleys, cables, and the weight stack which needs very little maintenance.

The dual cable cross allows two people to exercise on it at the same time and allows for a wide variety of exercises which will help alleviate traffic on the other popular machines in the gym which the free motion can also mimic. There are so many positives about having the free motion dual cable cross in a commercial gym and very few negatives which make it easily one of the best pieces of commercial gym equipment.

How is Free Motion Equipment for Personal Trainers?

personal trainers rating
Personal Trainers Rating

The Free Motion Dual Cable Cross is a Personal Trainer’s Best Friend!

One of the most common reasons clients hire personal trainers is to learn new forms of exercise and the free motion’s small learning curve, similarities to free weights make it a valuable tool for a personal trainer’s service and their client’s results. Whether a personal trainer has the free motion dual cable cross at their own private gym, home gym fitness studio or they use it at the commercial gym, it can be used for hundreds of exercises to keep the clients happy and the trainer from getting bored by a repetitive exercise program.

A personal trainer can train 1 or 2 clients at the same time easily with the free motion as well as have 1 client perform single arm exercises. The free motion also allows trainers to get creative and helps build the exercise library with an almost unlimited library of exercises.

Where can I Buy Free Motion Dual Cable Cross Machines?

The free motion dual cable cross is not something you can go pick up at your local sporting good store. The machine will require a professional delivery team to deliver to you and set up as it weighs well over 500 pounds.

Vendor  Best Free Motion Light Commercial EXT DealRating Light Commercial FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable CrossA+

What Exercises Can You Perform with the Free Motion Dual Cable Cross?

Want a small sample of some exercises you can perform on the Free Motion dual cable cross?

Click the Image Below to See it In Action

free motion exercise videos

The Bottom Line

freemotion dual cable cross review
Overall Rating:

Free Motion Dual Cable Cross machines are an excellent piece of fitness equipment ideal for home gyms (if you can afford it) and commercial gyms alike.

They are both a high quality and versatile machine without a doubt and this is why you will find popular models like the FreeMotion Light Commercial EXT Dual Cable Cross in gyms everywhere.

On the other hand, the $1000 to $4000 dollar price tag obviously isn’t exactly practical for the average home gym buyer. But if price isn’t an issue and you simply want to build the ultimate home gym, you really can’t go wrong with the investment.

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  1. This is by far the best cable machine out there. I have worked with several of them. The newest black and red models are slick looking.
    The foot pedals for moving the arms has been replaced by a lever at waist level. I like the foot pedals a little better, but still the best product out there. If you can fit it in your home, it is a beast, you can quit your gym.

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