How Marijuana Affects An Athlete’s Performance

marijuana and athletic performance

Marijuana: An Athlete’s Friend or Foe?

For a long time marijuana has been famous among athletes, celebrities, and fashion models. Athletes tend to be more concerned about their fitness and physique than anyone else, and they frequently buy marijuana for physical and mental satisfaction.

Medical marijuana or cannabis is now legal in over 25 states, and in nearly nine countries, and it is used not just for medical reasons but for recreational purposes as well.

Some athletes believe that marijuana is good for them as it promises an active body and relaxes their minds. Fitness enthusiasts also often depend on cannabis for their survival.

Marijuana: An Athlete’s Friend or Foe?

There is a lot of controversy associated with marijuana or cannabis. Many doctors still believe that it is harmful to human health, but some athletes and celebrities claim that it has never done anything wrong with their bodies but the opposite in fact.

Pro-pot athletes tend to use cannabis because they claim that it provides instant energy to their bodies and brains. Many of them love smoking while at home or prior to the game. A few have also stated that it helps them remain in place and keeps their focus maintained throughout the game.

Regardless of what athletes or celebrities say about cannabis or medical marijuana, we cannot neglect that it is potentially harmful to their health. Many health experts claim that marijuana or cannabis can disturb the blood flow in the body, weaken the blood vessels, damage the immune system, and create problems for the entire body.

While athletes might use cannabis for focus and coordination, they still cannot neglect that cannabis or marijuana is potentially harmful to their bodies. Eben Britton has talked much about NFL players who use cannabis for pain and stress management. According to him, marijuana is good for nothing and can cause serious mental and psychological problems. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Possible Pros of Cannabis Smoking for Athletes

San Francisco-based fitness expert Zach Scioli has been an advocate for cannabis therapy. According to him and many others, cannabis or marijuana is good for health as it alleviates pain and helps them manage stress and anxiety. Christopher Louie, the CEO of Made in Xiaolin also states that their cannabis or marijuana is not harmful to human health and can be used on a regular basis without any worries.

#1. Helps manage stress and anxiety

Most of the athletes suffer from stress and anxiety. Many of them get depressed when the game is about to he lost or the burden of practice is too high. In such circumstances, they begin using marijuana or cannabis considering it a perfect way to manage stress, depression and anxiety.

#2. Treats muscle spasms

Various athletes complain about muscle spasms and feel that cannabis can help them recover from the complication. Studies indicate that marijuana can help athletes strengthen their muscles and reduce muscle spasm to an extent thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties for making it possible.

#3. Improves sleep

Experts have revealed that marijuana or cannabis can help ease sleeping disorder. Anyone suffering from irregular sleeping habits, including athletes, can opt for marijuana after the recommendation of a doctor. Fitness experts often recommend marijuana to their clients as they say that it can help them improve their sleep duration and quality. A study published in 2015 suggested that the regular use of marijuana can help recover from all sleeping diseases in a short time.

#4. Improve mental activity

Contrary to different controversies, marijuana or cannabis has long been used to improve mental activities. Athletes who need to have lots of stamina and must be mentally prepared to face challenges opt for marijuana and enjoy a healthy life. A study published in the Nature Medicine journal reveals that various fitness experts rely on marijuana to maintain their brain power and mental capabilities.

Possible Cons of Cannabis Smoking for Athletes

Besides many claimed benefits of consuming cannabis, many believe marijuana or cannabis may damage our lungs, kidneys, heart, stomach and other body parts. Some potential cons of cannabis for athletes are mentioned below.

#1. Smoking cannabis may damage the lungs and kidneys

Health experts have revealed that marijuana or cannabis can hurt the performance of athletes as it directly impacts their lungs and kidneys and can lead to death too. All athletes are aware of the fact that healthy kidneys and lungs are must for their overall fitness; it is essential for them to wary of smoking weed or anything that could damage their lungs or kidneys.

#2. Cannabis can affect their memory

It is important for every athlete to remember the tactics and strategies of the game. What if he forgets everything and ends up losing in the field? This happens with athletes who depend much on cannabis for their survival. Studies have proved that weed or marijuana can weaken a person’s memory and lead him to forget almost everything. It directly impacts their brain cells and can kill neurons in a large number and at a rapid rate.

#3. Increased chances of chronic disease

One of the major risks of using cannabis is that it can cause chronic pain, depression or another disease. The long-term use of weed or marijuana can impact one’s chronic health and cause immediate or sudden death. Thus, athletes should stop using it in excess and must quit on cannabis if they have been using it for quite a long time. It can also increase the risk of schizophrenia and other psychiatric diseases and may cause the heart attack or brain stroke. So, cannabis is potentially dangerous to human health.

Three Famous Athletes Who Smoke Weed

For quite a long time, a large number of athletes have been using cannabis as fashion or to fight depression and stress. Weed is banned in different parts of the world, but many athletes still buy it from the Internet and use it per their requirements.

Some famous athletes who have used weed or marijuana are mentioned below, though there are many more famous athletes who use cannabis. Who are your favorite pro cannabis athletes? Let us know in the comments!

#1. Seantrel Henderson

Seantrel Henderson was in the limelight due to his habit of using cannabis unwisely and untimely. He was once suspended from the NFL, and his history with cannabis went back even further. Seantrel did not quit on the use of marijuana and accepted his defeat. While his time at the University of Miami, he was said to be using cannabis along with a number of friends.

#2. Ross Rebagliati

This pro athlete loved smoking weed, and it is believed that Ross Rebagliati has used the best and most expensive varieties of cannabis in his life. In 1998, after winning the gold medal, Ross was tested positive for a drug test (THC), and this damaged his reputation to an extent.

#3. Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is one of the legends of basketball. He won numerous championships and gained recognition in no time. Steve has a huge fan following all over the world, and only a few of them know that he used to be a weed smoker. During the peak days of his career, he used medical marijuana in excess and openly claimed that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of this addiction.

The Bottom Line

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about marijuana, how it impacts athletic performance and an athletes overall health, especially long-term health. An increase in funding and government-supported research in cannabis science is something we hope to see in the near term so we can finally lay to rest many unanswered questions.

Perhaps a potential future federal re-scheduling will be the catalyst to finally legitimize the claims of many that cannabis is not only beneficial to athletic performance but also our general health. Or perhaps this new science backed evidence will prove otherwise. That is the big question…

Until then, many current consumers will surely continue to consume cannabis to boost their athletic performance, whether perceived or otherwise. And as more states jump on the legalization bandwagon, marijuana job opportunities and dispensaries will further flourish, exposing even more consumers to cannabis and in turn opening up trial opportunities to athletes curious and ready to experiment with the plant.

Do you currently use marijuana to enhance your exercise performance? How does it help or not help you? Let us know in the comments!

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