How University Students Can Continue Boxing While achieving Academic Success

How University Students Can Continue Boxing While achieving Academic Success

While a lot of people see boxing as one of the world’s most barbaric activities, those involved in boxing know that this sport is about much more than simple violence. Just like most sporting pursuits, boxing requires technique, stamina, and relentless determination, especially if you plan on achieving wins in the ring.

Some students enter university with a passion for boxing, while others might grow an enthusiasm for the sport through a student club. Once you get the boxing bug, it can be very hard to drop. Can it get in the way of your studies? Perhaps, if you decide to take it very seriously and end up spending more time in the ring than in classroom. That doesn’t always mean you should quit. Studies have shown how increased sporting activity can actually aid academic achievement. Just like other sports, boxing will serve most as an excellent way to practice staying focused, healthy, and motivated to take on new challenges.

Some students will feel the bug bite harder than others. If you’re serious about boxing but also want to achieve the most you can out of your time at university, balancing the two commitments can seem quite can become quite overwhelming. In these situations you might find yourself having to make a tough decision. Do you keep trying to do both knowing that you could burn yourself out or do you reign back your commitment to either pursuit? If cutting back on boxing isn’t an option, you could always consider trying an essay writing service like These services allow students to continue staying active while relieving a lot of the academic workload that comes with life at university.

When it comes to students and boxing, there hasn’t exactly been a wealth of cutting edge research conducted on the subject. But one study by Dr. Stephen Hills titled ‘The role of Boxing in Development’ identified boxing as one of the best sports in helping students stay focused and disciplined in their academic commitments. Other studies into the benefits of sports have highlighted the extra drive, determination, energy levels and cognitive advantages people tend to build from increased levels of exercise.

Most people would assume that the more time you spend chasing other activities, the less time you’re spending hitting the books. When it comes to boxing, a lot of people relate the sport to conditions such as concussion and brain damage. Where many would place boxing as the polar opposite to academics, the truth is that the fundamentals of the sport are actually built on solid principle including discipline, concentration, determination, and building towards a goal. Boxing and academics actually have a lot more in common than many would think.

Five Benefits of Boxing That Help Individuals Excel at Pursuits Outside the Sport

Within Dr. Hills study, he describes five benefits of boxing that help individuals excel at pursuits outside the sport.

These key benefits include:

  1.     An accessible alternative to cognitive activity
  2.     Evokes value and skills
  3.     Helps manage aggression
  4.     Provides people a sense of community (joining a club)
  5.     Has famous role models that youthful people can look up to (Anthony Joshua)

Now that we know these five key benefits for students that choose to take up boxing during their university studies, let’s take a look at each in a little more detail.

1. A Great Alternative

Since boxing is very physical, demanding, and requires that you have some fighting skills, it gives those going through a tough time a means to let off steam. It is this ‘grittiness’ that enables students to stay focused and get through their academic pressures, even when things get extremely hard-going. Boxing gives you a sense of loss like no other sport. This mentality can be used in academics to drive students to face up to challenges they would otherwise back down from. While other sports such as football, baseball, etc., have much more appeal to larger mainstream audiences, boxing’s tough and gritty nature makes it more appealing to those who want to “fight” their way out of social or occupational difficulty. This is one of the main reasons that so many university students who take up boxing are then able to clamp down and show greater devotion to their studies.

2. Evokes Value and Skills

If you want to be successful in boxing, you need mental strength, focus, control, discipline and the ability to take personal responsibility for your own actions.  A lot of the time, these are the core values that those outside of sport tend to lack. However, when you’re taking part in boxing, you learn very quickly that these are the key values that separate winners from losers.

Boxing is an individual sport meaning you have to really take control of your own training if you want to see best results. Anyone that takes boxing seriously will tell you that there’s nobody else to blame but yourself when things go wrong. Boxing is one of the most effective sports helping participants learn these very important philosophies.

3. Helps to Manage Aggression

While many people see boxing as way for overly aggressive people to get their rage out, the truth is, boxing is really a means to divert aggression. It doesn’t exactly stop people from getting angry, but it does help people to re-channel their anger with control. When you’re involved in boxing, you’re required to keep a clear mind and focus on obstacles objectively. This can help you develop an ability to stay calm and collective where others would lose their minds to stress and pressure. Many students will see boxing as a means to de-stress.

Most people panic when they come face to face with a challenge that they perceive as incredibly daunting, Boxers who have been practicing the sport for many years have continuously trained themselves to face challenges above their current ability. This ritual of chasing achievement beyond your limits effectively re-builds your mind into believing that any obstacle can be overcome if you “fight” it the right way.

4. Gives a Sense of Community

Everyone likes being part of a group, it’s just how humans are built. Weather you train at a gym or a club, if you’re involved in boxing, the chances are that you’ll be joining a strong community of others that are in very similar situations to yourself. This act of joining a family gives people strength and a feeling of belonging. A lot of students have a tough time integrating at university and making their first friends. Joining a boxing club can be an effective way to create new ties and meet others in your direct vicinity.

There are certainly other environments and sports that can give this sense of community, but boxing gyms tend to have their own distinct feel. Boxing is more like combat than any other sport, and a lot of people recognize that it’s within combat that people create the strongest bonds. The social skills you learn from integrating into a boxing club can give your the confidence you need to carry over these principles to your classmates and wider social circles.

5. You Will Have Role Models

Just like many other sports, the coaches and trainers in your boxing club that work closest to you will likely become strong role models. This dynamic is easily transferable to your university classes. You’ll grow a sense of respect for your boxing teachers and it can prove just as beneficial to form similar relationships with your university teachers as well. The best boxing coaches help people to build strong relationships and trust higher authorities. This can help those who practice boxing to construct sturdy bonds with their university teachers.

The Bottom Line

While boxing may seem like one of the roughest sports available today, there’s also an unseen process that helps boxing students tackle the challenges of university life. Most people that has tried boxing will agree that the training and drills help you build extra confidence. This can then carry over into every other aspect of student living, including their studies, relationships with others, deadlines, and domestic responsibilities to name a few.

No matter what your opinion of boxing, the ideals and values that make up the fundamentals of the sport align perfectly with academics. Whether you’re just starting your journey at university or you’ve been studying for years, boxing can be means to relieve stress, get in shape, unleash your competitive edge and develop your self-discipline.

Remember, boxing doesn’t need to be about winning fights. Most people that join boxing clubs or train in boxing facilities at gyms don’t ever intend to enter the ring. It’s perfectly acceptable to join a club purely to train and devote yourself to the disciplines surrounding the sport. Not a fan of violence? You don’t have to be! Boxing is about hard work and chasing targets. You’re targets might be to get fitter, tougher or more resilient. You can have objectives that have nothing to do with fighting someone else and still reap all the benefits that boxing has to offer.

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