How Yoga is Helpful for a Better Sleep

Being a part of the present day world is in itself a big stress. You have to work, you have to do your household chores, you have to keep track of your bills, you have to invest, you have to take care of your family, and the list goes on and on.

Even after taking care of all these things, there’s hardly any time left for you to focus on yourself. This daily schedule leads to stress and anxiety which affects the health in an adverse way. You start to lose your appetite, feel irritated at times and most importantly, don’t get a sound sleep. As a result, your body becomes weak and you don’t feel the urge to take life in a positive way. That’s where yoga can help.

The ancient practice of yoga takes on a path of self-recovery and brings news hope and vigor in your life. With daily practice not only do you get a get a good night’s sleep but also feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Let’s now discuss a few aspects of Yoga and its roles in the promotion of a better sleeping habit in the life of a person.

Yoga is Mindfulness

Yoga is one of the most tranquil practices on the planet. Every element associated with the theory of Yoga is about peace and mindfulness. While talking about being mindful, it would be unfair not to include the beauty of Meditation in the discussion. Meditation is the root of every yogic practice that is linked with the mind and peace. The mental exercise is a sitting practice during which a yogi sits in the cross-legged position to engage in dhyana. When the peepers get closed, everything around is of no importance, since Meditation is about letting the mind into the zone of complete silence. The practice of meditation prepares the tired mind to remain active all the time without getting anxious. Activeness boosts the ability of the mind to remain on the dynamic track. The more a mind is active, the better sleep one can enjoy. Awareness is the key here. Whether you are conscious enough to realize the amount of sleeping time you need or not is the matter. Yoga removes all those harmful facets from the mind and body of a person that disturb inner peace.

Getting De-Stressed with Yoga

In order to enjoy sleeping, the foremost thing you should have is a mind that is completely relaxed and happy. One’s sleeping pattern shows how mentally prepared he/she is for taking up the various challenges of life. In order to lead your life with fascination, it is very important that you have a blissful night with your pillow. When you spend some time with the amazing beauty of Yoga, not only the mind but also the body gets de-stressed in an awesome way. Yoga is like water to a nearly dying plant. When the circulation of blood enhances with asanas and Pranayama, the body feels the flow of energy. The breathing beauty of the yogic science takes one into a zone of extreme sentience. All these factors contribute to a deep sleep. Ultimate relaxation with flowing tenderness is what one experiences while the body slips into the warmth of the bed.

Yoga Asanas for a Better Sleep

It has been proved in a number of studies globally that Yoga asanas contribute to the betterment of sleeping routine of an individual. There are a number of Yoga poses that are directly linked with the mind and emotion of a person affecting the sleeping habit. These exercises have been practiced by Indian people for a long time for enjoying their sleep.


Probably the best relaxation exercise, Savasana is practiced by reclining on the floor. A practitioner needs to close the eyes in order to make the practice successful. All the body parts are in a relaxed mode while the mind contains nothing, completely still. Give this asana at least 10 minutes in the morning and evening each in order to live a happy life with a still mind and better sleep. The pose is great for unwinding the mind and letting out one’s emotion in a fantastic way.


The importance of Balasana in one’s life is really astonishing. The Yoga asana has a number of health benefits including the installation of a peaceful brain in the body. The pose is practiced by kneeling down on the Yoga mat. Bend forward to place your chest on the thighs and the forehead on the mat, in front of the knees. Experience the tranquility for a couple of minutes in the position before coming back to the normal pose. In addition to offering the mind the much-needed relaxation, Balasana aids in the elongation of the spine. Every time you feel exhausted, just relish the delight of Balasana. This way the mind and body remains fresh and you can enjoy a night of better sleep.

Viparita Karani

Also known as the Legs up the wall pose, Viparita Karani happens to be a beautiful asana for a sound sleep, mental clarity, and body health. To practice this asana, lie down on the back comfortably. Lift your legs with the help of a wall or by yourself in such a way that a right angle is formed at the pelvis. Now continue breathing in the normal position while feeling the beauty of the moment. This asana is helpful in encouraging the flow of blood in the body. This is extremely beneficial in relaxing the soul and heart to give the body a better sleep. See your life getting enchanted and the mind feeling the calmness of sleeping in the night with this amazing exercise.

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