Should You Start Investing In Home Fitness Equipment?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably memorized all excuses in the book just to skip your afternoon workouts. I’m always like, “Gosh, I can’t work out because my finger hurts” or “Got to skip today, I’m too busy (watching Netflix).” If you feel my pain, then consider this article a gift from me to you. In a sense, we’re kind of like soulmates for being very prickly when it comes to exercising. And mind you, it’s not just the two of us. It’s a global phenomenon. Check this out:

To be honest, I really can’t understand people who “have fun working out.” The whole thing’s a pain, really. You have to gussy up to go to the gym only to look like wreck after. You have to talk yourself into waking up early in the morning so that you can go for 30-minute jog because everybody says it’s good for your heart. You can’t eat sweets, drink soda, or eat any junk before you exercise because “it’ll make you feel heavy” and “you got to watch the calories.” Like seriously, if anyone thinks this whole body discipline thing is fun to do, then they’re definitely the minority here.

Working out can be a real pain the neck – literally and metaphorically speaking. You have to keep up with so many things and you also have to dedicate a good chunk of your time. Nevertheless, it is something we all need if we want to live a long and healthy life. And if I, the least fan of working out, have actually managed to change my opinion of it, then you too will eventually find exercising “groovy.”

In order to do that, you first need to identify what is it about working out that turns you off.

3 Factors That May Be Dissuading You From Working Out

#1. Your Workout Load Is Too Much

Working out doesn’t mean “torture yourself” you know. Excessive exercise may even potentially do you more harm than good. Muscle fatigue and stress can last for days and pushing yourself to the limit is hardly anyway to better your health (read more). In the end, you’ll only suffer more health problems. Maybe the reason why you hate the idea of working out is because you’re not doing it right. You think it’s painful and tiresome so you’d rather not do it but maybe it’s just because you’re doing way more than what your body is capable of. Take it easy; you won’t achieve your body goals overnight. Proportion your workouts and let your body get ample rest. This should boost your workout appetite.

#2. You’re Exercising The Wrong Way

Some people may prefer hitting the gym for workouts but that doesn’t mean you should too. There are many ways you can break a sweat. You can go for a jog, go dancing, or even play sports that you find enjoyable. The gym isn’t the only place where you can lose weight and maintain a healthy physique. You can try Pilates or yoga, maybe even Muai Thai if you’re into mix martial arts.

#3. The Commute To The Gym May Be Giving You A Lot Of Hassle

Yes, sometimes commuting to the gym feels more exhausting than working out itself – especially if you’re attending one that’s relatively far from your place of rest. Instead of lying down on your bed after a good sweat, you have to think about your commute home. For many of us, this can be a real hassle and we’d rather not go if it means having to sit on the bus for 20 minutes each way.

Overcoming These Factors

As for the first two factors, you can always do something to make you feel better about them. Jive things up or explore new options. You really don’t have to overexert yourself or push yourself to continue doing a routine that you dislike. If you think that you’re doing too much or you’re not having too much fun following a certain exercise regimen, then you can just change it. Change it to something you’ll actually have fun doing while losing the extra pounds. As for number three, that’s not something you can instantly improve by shaking things up.

What you probably need to do is relocate your workout activities. In fact, why not just set up home gym equipment and exercise in the comforts of your own home? After all, what better place to move it to than somewhere you’re already very familiar with?

Should You Invest In Home Fitness Equipment?

Yes, you should!

If you really think about it, you get a number of perks for creating your own mini gym at home. First off, you spend less. No commute; no gym fees. Everything you need is at home and you don’t even have to worry about grabbing a bite after working out. Also, all the equipment you invest in is yours. Instead of paying monthly fees at the gym, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that money on equipment that is actually yours?

Just think about it. An indoor gym is definitely the solution to your problems.

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