Siberian Chaga Mushroom: Benefits and Possible Side Effects

siberian chaga mushroom


Siberian Chaga is a unique natural medicine that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Fungi belonging to the porous family are parasites. It is often called birch. It grows on various trees, including maple, elm and rowan, alwood and aspen. The species that infect birch trees contain the greatest amount of useful elements.

The mass of fungal fruit bodies can reach nearly 3 kg. It can grow on trees for decades and affect areas of bark that lack integrity. Spores form disproportionate protrusions. They have deep dark shadows and have a lot of cracks and light lines on the surface. Every year, the fungus gets closer and closer to the trunk, and as a result the tree gradually dies.

The growth of fungi can be found in forest grasslands, forests and birch forests. In addition, chaga also grows in the United States, South Korea, mountainous countries and other countries. They collect it in different seasons, the most important thing is to remove it from a living tree instead of a wet tree.

When collected from dead plants, the fungus will not have a proper positive effect on the body due to negligible activity on the valuable ingredients in the composition. The best storage method is crushed and dried.

White birch mushrooms are very healthy. His ancestors believed that he helped cope with hundreds of diseases. So far, “wood sponge” (commonly known) has been widely used in folk medicine.

What Does Birch Chaga Look Like?

Chaga are composed of three layers:

Layer 1:

Mycelium-the layer that grows on the tree and absorbs nutrients.

Layer 2:

The central layer that accumulates nutrients has a higher density and is called the fruiting body.

Layer 3:

The third outer layer is black and is called sclerotia. Sclerotium is the most useful layer of chaga mushrooms. It gather the maximum amount of nutrients.

How is Chaga Useful?

Studies have shown that Chaga is an irreplaceable adjuvant as a medicinal raw material. All its medicinal properties are designed to normalize the body:

  • lower cholesterol levels
  • inhibit the growth of malignant cells
  • vitaminize the body
  • protect the mucous membrane from inflammation
  • restore nerve function
  • serve as an antispasmodic agent
  • accelerate the healing process of soft tissues
  • are actively involved in hematopoiesis
  • improve the function of the heart and blood vessels
  • relieve exacerbations in the chronic stage.
  • remove toxins and toxins
  • cure acne and skin diseases

There is more than one advantage of using medicinal mushrooms. For example, many people use the mushroom for weight loss, due to its accelerated metabolic process in the body and the elimination of toxins is enhanced, many people use mushrooms to lose weight. But for this, you need to know how to brew chaga correctly and in what proportion to drink it.

How Do You Use Chaga Mushroom?

The cut mushrooms are not used for food, but for folklore purposes, this is a worthy place. The raw materials extracted from fruit trees are excellent raw materials for making home remedies:

  • tinctures
  • ointments
  • broth
  • oils
  • extract

However, if you want to make the benefits tangible, you need to remember that deviation from the recipe can cause irreparable harm to the body. Therefore, the proportion of the human body must be used to justify the use of chaga mushrooms for medical purposes. You can buy sayan chaga for your benefits.

What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Chaga Mushroom?

According to the ecological map, the biological activity of plants depends on the growing area, and only Siberian chaga has the most favorable characteristics. Repeated studies have confirmed this, and the study has shown the relationship between the growth area and the nutrient content of each group.

Potential Benefits Of Chaga

It is safe to say that chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s system for evaluating the antioxidant activity of ORAC products in the United States says that this number exceeds 146,000. This is much more than the popular Acai berry, which is considered the benchmark for antioxidant activity and is many times higher than Ganoderma mushroom and blueberry.

There is no need to talk about how important it is to eat foods with properties that regulate the body’s oxidation process, because it directly depends on how many years we live. Research conducted has shown that the amount of superoxide dismutase SOD in organisms is directly proportional to life expectancy.

Melanin is the most important substance, the pigment that makes our skin, nails and hair beautiful. Melanin protects our body from harmful ultraviolet radiation by scattering. Chaga has the greatest amount of melanin, which can be seen by boiling chaga-water will turn black.

Yes, unlike herbs, chaga is still a mushroom, you need to boil it to get all the benefits, and from the boiling point, the most useful substance of chaga is not destroyed, and its decay temperature exceeds 100°C. During solar activity, sunbathing or taking solarium, it is recommended to use more doses of chaga.

What Kind Of Chaga Is Taken?

    • chaga water broth
    • chaga alcohol tincture
    • chaga water tincture
    • chaga powder
    • chaga extract
    • chaga capsules
    • chaga tea
    • chaga with coffee

Possible Side Effects of Chaga

Little is known about the long-term safety of Chaga. Most of the people think it is safe and well-tolerated, it is known to cause side effects in some ways.

Oxalic acid is of particular concern because it affects the kidneys. Its contemplate an anti-nutrient as it inhibit with the nutrients absorption and quickly merge with calcium to cause kidney stones. People who overuse Chaga powder even have kidney failure.

Because Chaga affects blood sugar levels, it must be used with wariness in people who use anti-diabetic medicine (including insulin). Doing so may cause hypoglycemia (abnormal drop in blood sugar).


Siberian Chaga is a unique natural medicine that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries due to a myriad of benefits this antioxidant potent mushroom provides.

In fact, recent studies have shown that compounds in chaga can even kill cancer cells selectively and stimulate the immune system. Chaga has also been shown to reduce fatigue and inflammation, and increase mental clarity among other things.

That all being said, clinical trials are still needed to fully confirm safety and effectiveness. Generally though, there are minimal risks with chaga. Of course, always consult with your doctor before introducing a new supplement into your nutritional regimen.

Have you tried Siberian chaga mushroom before? How was your experience? Did it help? Let us know in the comments below…

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