Tips to Strengthen Your Joints

tips to strengthen your joints


Keeping your joints healthy is very important for you overall physical health, especially if you live an active lifestyle. If your joints are constantly sore and achy, this post is for you.

I have gathered together a few simple but effective tips for you to utilize in your daily routine if you are looking to strengthen your joints. These tips can help you alleviate joint pain in many cases.

The thing is, not all exercises or activities will help to strengthen your joints, and there are weight loss, urinary incontinence exercises, and other things to consider.

My advice is to utilize simple but effective multi-joint exercises. Multi-joint exercises are simply exercises that directly involve more than one of your joints.

I love multi-joint exercises because they strengthen more than one joint at a time. ‘Motion is lotion!’ By working out all your joints at once, you’re going to get more bang for your exercise buck!

Five Simple Tips to Strengthen Your Body’s Joints

It is important that you understand what will and what won’t. Let’s take a look at my top 5 tips…

Joint Strengthening: Tip 1 – Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that utilize multiple joints and muscles at the same time, as opposed to single joint movements which only involve one muscle group. Compound exercises will strengthen your entire body at once, so they are great for improving your stability and balance.

 The best compound exercises for joint strengthening are squats, lunges, deadlifts, chin ups and push-ups.

Joint Strengthening: Tip 2 – Yoga and Pilates

Both yoga and Pilates will help you to improve strength in almost every area of your body, which includes your joints. Both yoga and Pilates are great for improving your balance which is incredibly important when it comes to joint health, especially hips where hip replacement surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Yoga and Pilates are also fantastic for building muscle strength in your shoulders, upper back, chest and arms, all of which are crucial for joint health. Yoga and Pilates are also great for improving your flexibility, which is something that you will need to be concerned about if you have severe joint pain or stiffness, so it may even be beneficial to do some stretching on top of the yoga and Pilates movements.

Just make sure that you do them safely. Yoga and Pilates are also fantastic for increasing flexibility in your spine, which is one of the most important factors if you want to avoid having to get surgery or even just improve your arthritis symptoms.

Joint Strengthening: Tip 3 – Body Weight Exercises

The great thing about body weight exercises is that they will strengthen your entire body, and the majority only utilizes one joint at a time. The best thing about body weight exercises is that you can do them anywhere with no equipment required, although having some dumbbells to hand will be beneficial.

The most common body weight exercise for improving joints is the push up, and for good reason too. Push-ups will strengthen your chest muscles as well as most of your shoulder muscles and triceps. If you don’t think that you can do a traditional push up then there are several other body weight alternatives that you can try:

    • Wall press up
    • Clap press up
    • Hindu push up

Hindu push-ups will help to strengthen your core muscles and triceps while also improving grip strength. Another great body weight exercise is the crunch, which you can do while laying down if you really doesn’t want to be sat up.

A crunch will help to strengthen your abs, which are responsible for protecting your spine and improving stability in your body.

Joint Strengthening: Tip 4 – Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are fantastic for building strength in your joints. They are also great if you do not have a training partner to work out with, which is a common problem for many people. Resistance bands are also extremely versatile and last for a long time, so they can be used in almost any location with almost any exercise.

If you don’t have a set of resistance bands then buying one will be well worth it, as they are incredibly useful for not just improving your joints, but also rehabbing injuries. Resistance bands will work your muscles using the same principles that you would use when lifting weights except without actually having any weight on your body.

Joint Strengthening: Tip 5 – Stretching and Yoga

Stretching and yoga is great for improving your flexibility, which can be incredibly important if you have arthritis or any other joint pain. Stretching and yoga will also help to improve your balance and your muscle strength, both of which will play a crucial role in preventing injury when lifting weights.

If you are looking to improve the strength of your joints and get the most out of your workouts then make sure that you try to get in some body weight exercises, resistance bands and yoga.

Closing Thoughts

While it is possible to get strong joints without exercising, you will be putting your joints at increased risk of injury which could result in invasive surgery. So get started today and get yourself some exercise equipment or head to the local gym so that you can do some resistance bands and body weight exercises.

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