Top 5 Books Written by Bodybuilders

best bodybuilding booksYou are a product of what you consume. However, the phrase is not only limited to what you eat per se, instead, even the intellectual content you consume. For instance, reading novels not only helps you boost your skills in a specific topic but also enhances your communication skills.

Owing to the plethora of bodybuilding books available on the market, choosing the right book for bodybuilding may seem impossible. To ensure that you invest in the best bodybuilding book, going for one that is written by a bodybuilder makes the most sense, right? Not only do they offer expert advice but also provide information that they personally tested and found to work.

As you savor the intellectual prowess and gym advice from the gurus, ensure that you consult custom writing services to get a constant supply of content at an affordable price.

Five of the Best Books Written by Bodybuilders

Here are some of the best books written by bodybuilders. These five are our personal favorites. If you haven’t read them yet, we highly recommend you do.

#1. The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

If you are fond of action movies and muscle toning pros, you must be familiar with the name “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Apart from his successful movie career, Arnold is also a recognized bodybuilder that has engaged in producing bodybuilding books for quite a while. Due to his contributions to the bodybuilding field, he even got named as the “father of modern bodybuilding.”

A testament to his prowess in the field, this bodybuilding encyclopedia not only ranks among the best books for bodybuilders but also possesses tested workout tips. Due to its richness in content, the book has earned its spurs in the bodybuilding world thus even getting tagged the bodybuilding bible.

Having engaged in bodybuilding for a long time, Arnold knows the do’s and don’ts, therefore, making this an ideal book for learning the ropes of working out.  What makes this the best book for bodybuilding however is the fact that it discusses, diet, psychology, recovery and training routines.

#2. Dave Draper: Brother Iron Sister Steel

A common factor with books is bearing a catchy title and containing little info. With Dave Draper’s book, however, the great name is backed up with content that only a few bodybuilding books can rival. Unlike some ‘bodybuilding experts’ who may serve you gym jargon the once Mr. universe winner uses simple language and tested bodybuilding tips.

This book is available in various formats thus allowing you to enjoy in the form that suits you best.

#3. Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength

Another great book written by a bodybuilder is Jim Stoppani’s encyclopedia. Unlike typical bodybuilding guides that shallowly cover various aspects, this contains comprehensive content on all matters partaking bodybuilding from beginner to expert. Also, this book not only leaves it at defining exercises but also how the activities benefit your overall health.

Owing to this fact, you should have this by your side as it helps you realize what exercises work best for you.

#4. Serious Strength Training

Like the former, this book by Tudor Bompa features scientific research on the direct impacts of exercise on your body. Also, this book lays down activities that offer most benefits to your muscles thus aids you in creating a bodybuilding workout that is best suited for your body tone. Also, this book is available in many formats, therefore, ensuring that you access it from a method you can easily access.

#5. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall: Education of a Bodybuilder

To learn a skill, the best person to consult is one who has gone through the process successfully. With the bodybuilding book from Arnold and Douglas, it even gets better. With both of the authors having undergone the process successfully, the bodybuilding guide contains content that only a few sources can rival.

Unlike its counterparts, this engages you in personal life stories, therefore, keeping you engaged as you learn the bodybuilding tricks from pros. Like the former, this is available in multiple formats and does not limit you to a specific method of access.

The Bottom Line

Building your body is one thing. Excelling in your academic and work life, on the other hand, may limit multiple elements of your life. To ensure that you get time for self-betterment and also put forth continuous well-written content, seek professional help from ThesisRush and save sufficient cash to buy one of these great books!

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