Top 50 Renowned American Fitness Trainers on Instagram

Fitness and nutrition have been one of the most sought-after niches in the social media sphere, and with the advent of the photo-focused platform, Instagram, fitness channels have only been on the rising trend.

In this article, we will be taking a deeper look into the top 50 renowned American gym trainers on Instagram.

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But, without further ado, let’s begin. And by the way, this is not a countdown list. :)

  1. Adam Von Rothfield (41.7k Instagram followers): From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Adam is a professional TRX suspension and rip trainer and also a conditioning and strength specialist.
  2. Kern Alexander (14.4k Instagram followers): Kern is a certified personal trainer based in Brooklyn, New York.
  3. Jillian Michaels (1.3 M Instagram followers): Best known for her appearances on many TV channels such as NBC and other talk shows, Jillian is a personal trainer based in Los Angeles, California.
  4. Brahim Junior (BJ) Gaddour (330k Instagram followers): Former Men’s health fitness coach, Gaddour was a fat kid when he was young. He is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  5. Jackie Warner (37.9k Instagram followers): Based in California, she is known for her participation in a TV reality show, “Work Out”. Jackie also owns a gym and spa in Beverly Hills.
  6. Jeanette Jenkins (701k Instagram followers): American fitness trainer, Jeanette moved to the States from Canada. She is also the founder of the “Hollywood Trainer Fitness Company”.
  7. Mike Simone (9.9k Instagram followers): Based in Oceanport, New Jersey, Mike are a fitness/lifestyle producer and editor featuring high-intensity yoga, powerlifting and CrossFit.
  8. Brad Gouthro (8.9k Instagram followers): Born in Canada and later moved to the US, Brad has made his name as a wellness and nutrition specialist and also as a certified personal trainer.
  9. Bob Harper (364k Instagram followers): American personal trainer, Harper was born in Nashville, Tennessee and is best known for his appearance on the television series, “The Biggest Loser”.
  10. Tim McComsey (61.6k Instagram followers): Registered Dietician and fitness expert Tim is based in Dallas, Texas. With deep focuses on natural and effective training and nutrition, Tim is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry.
  11. Donna Richardson (20.9k Instagram followers): Best known for her series of fitness videos, Donna is a fitness and aerobics instructor. In 2006, she was chosen by US president, George W Bush to be on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
  12. Joe Vennare (800 Instagram followers): A new name in the industry, Joe is a trainer and co-founder of Hybrid Athlete LLC in Pennsylvania.
  13. Jeremy Scott (337k Instagram followers): Jeremy is a certified personal trainer from Scottsdale, Arizona.
  14. Scott Chain (6k Instagram followers): From Indiana, Scott is a personal trainer and fitness motivator.
  15. Rob Sulaver (31k Instagram followers): Co-Founder of the Bandana Training Club, Rob is a trainer, writer and sports nutritionist from New York.
  16. Scott Herman (136k Instagram followers): Scott is a New York-based celebrity trainer emphasizing on cardiovascular and strength training.
  17. Kim Lyons (16.7k Instagram followers): American athlete and personal trainer, Kim Lyons is best known for appearing on several health and fitness magazine covers.
  18. Gunnar Peterson (365k Instagram followers): Best known for working with athletes and celebrities, Peterson is an American personal trainer born in Houston, Texas. He is in top 10 highest paid gym trainer in USA. He is a personal trainer for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and many more. All of his workouts are very engaging and fun for the clients.
  19. Tony Horton (242k Instagram followers): Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr is a personal trainer, writer and a former actor from Westerly, Rhode Island.
  20. Cathe Friedrich (15k Instagram followers): Cathe is an American fitness instructor certified by ACE from Glassboro, New Jersey.
  21. Jay Cardiello (32.3k Instagram followers): Strength and conditioning specialist, Jay Cardiello is best known for his motivational speeches and on TEDx.
  22. Justin Woltering (1.5k Instagram followers): Certified personal trainer, Justin is best known for his YouTube channel “Mind Muscle Academy”.
  23. Ben Hwa (1k Instagram followers): Ben is a California based personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.
  24. Joey Gonzalez (64.2k Instagram followers): Joey is a New York-based celebrity trainer with special emphasis on strength and cardiovascular training.
  25. Jonathan Angelilli (1k Instagram Followers): Former American Ninja Warrior, Jonathan Angelilli is a holistic fitness coach from New York.
  26. Glenroy Watson (<1000 Instagram followers): One of the newest names in the fitness industry in Glenroy Watson who is a personal trainer at Reebok Sports Club in New York. He also ranks in top 50 hottest trainer in america.
  27. Nate Miyaki (1.2k Instagram followers): Thirty-four-year-old Nate is a weight loss expert and fitness author from California.
  28. Bret Contreras (996k Instagram followers): Bret Contreras is a certified fitness trainer and fitness author from Phoenix, Arizona.
  29. Adam Bornstein (17.9k followers): Adam Bornstein is a health and fitness expert based in California.
  30. Marvin Foster Jr. (6.2k Instagram followers): Marvin Foster Jr. is a New York-based SoulCycle instructor and fitness presenter.
  1. Ben Bruno (186k Instagram followers): Ben Bruno is a strength and conditioning coach from Woburn, Massachusetts.
  2. Kiana Tom (55.6k Instagram followers): Best known for hosting Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Kiana Tom is an American fitness expert and a television host.
  3. Matty Whitmore (<1000 Instagram followers): A relatively new face on Instagram, Matty is an American personal trainer.
  4. Harley Pasternak (209k Instagram followers): Harley is a well-known name in the industry after working with several big names such as Orlando Bloom, Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga and many more. He has written one of the best publication book on a diet he created — 5-Factor. Sometimes, he also plays spokesman for Coca-Cola’s Fuze drinks.
  5. Lou Ferrigno (189k Instagram followers): Lou is a celebrity trainer and has himself won the titles of Mr America and Mr Universe. He has also been a TV actor for a very famous series The Incredible Hulkfrom 1977-1982.  His wife Carla, also a personal trainer and noted philanthropist is also very famous.
  1. David Buer (25.5k Instagram followers): After working with big names such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Cedric Boswell, David Buyer is an Atlanta based fitness trainer.
  2. Mark Jenkins (45.2k Instagram followers): Co-Founder of International Fitness, Mark has been the personal trainer for Beyonce, P.Diddy, Busta Rhymes and many more.
  3. Tracy Anderson (564k Instagram followers):  Creator of the Tracy Anderson Method, she has been the personal trainer for both Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. She famously invented an exercise machine called the hybrid body reformer.
  1. Danny Musico (<1000 Instagram followers): Best known for shaping Stallone’s body in Rocky, Danny has trained with his fair share of celebrities. There are many celebs who trusts this middleweight boxing champion to keep them shredded.
  2. Chris Weible (<1000 Instagram followers): Chris Weible is the US Olympic weightlifting coach and a personal trainer from New York.
  3. Steve Pfiester (4.9k Instagram followers): Forty-two-year-old Steve Pfiester is a certified CrossFit trainer and the creator of BCx Boot Camp.
  4. Rog Law (2.2k Instagram followers): Based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Rog Law is a strength coach and fitness writer.
  5. Kyle Bealert (<1000 Instagram followers): Owner of Evolution Fitness, Kyle is an ACE certified personal trainer.
  6. John Romaniello (23.3k Instagram followers): John is a fitness expert and a fitness author from New York.
  7. Nate Green (1.3k Instagram followers): Based in Portland, Nate is a personal trainer and the coaching program director at Precision Nutrition.
  8. Keith Thompson (122k Instagram followers): Certified fitness expert, Keith is the founder of KTX Fitness.
  9. Benjamin Wharry (8.6k Instagram followers): Benjamin is a fitness trainer as well as an athlete with a focus on physical conditioning.
  10. Tyler Guzzo (<1000 Instagram followers): Tyler is a personal trainer and is also the founder of the Guzzo Fitness Systems.
  11. Marvin Wilson (13.9k Instagram followers): Owner of 007 Fitness, LLC, Marvin is an ACE personal trainer based in Anchorage, Alaska.
  12. Devon Shurden (3.5k Instagram followers): Based in Huston, Texas, Devon is a personal trainer and the founder of Fit Life Choices.

Finally, we can say that all these top trainers are experts in their field, and they have very deep knowledge and know what they’re talking about. Many of them have a degree or various and accredited certifications in the fields related to physical fitness or physiology. All give their paid and free versions of tutorials on YouTube and some of them have their own fitness app.

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