Weight Loss Supplements

WARNING: 99% of Weight Loss Supplements are Pure GARBAGE!

Weight Loss Supplements


Regardless of FDA approvals or the recommendations of friends, make sure you consult with your primary care physician before you take any supplements designed for weight loss.

With a little knowledge of how weight loss supplements work and avoiding all the unhealthy ways to lose weight, you may benefit from taking them when paired with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The ONLY FDA Approved Weight Loss Supplement

Out of all the weight loss supplements on the market, only 1 is approved by the FDA! If you are significantly over weight (over 20 lbs.) and it seems like you have tried everything, Alli is a good bet for you. Consuming excess calories is the undisputed scientific reason why people are overweight.

Consuming too many calories can happen for numerous reasons, the most common is excess fat consumption. Fat has 9 calories per gram as opposed to carbs and protein with 4.

If you cannot lose weight you may think your diet is low fat but it may be higher than you think. Fats are often hidden on food labels and you would be surprised if not scared by the fat content of restaurant food.

Alli works by blocking the absorption of some fat calories which lowers your overall caloric intake causing you to lose weight in a clinically proven way.allli weight loss supplement BUY FROM AMAZON NOW!

Who Should Take Supplements for Weight Loss?

If you are Overweight or Obese, Supplements can Help you Lose Weight

The key word here is help. Weight loss supplements are not the magic pill. There never is and never was a magic pill that will do all the work for you.

Supplements marketed for weight loss, easily make up the #1 seller and money maker in the dietary supplement industry for this reason. People are always looking for the quick fix or magic pill.

The fact is weight loss is simply a matter of consuming less calories than you expend.  Even clinical strength weight loss supplements give you only a small advantage.

If you have the self discipline to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program then you may benefit from weight loss supplements.


Only Consider Weight Loss Supplements if you have a Healthy Diet & Exercise Program

If you plan to use the supplement as as supplement to your exercise and diet program you have a great chance for success.

If you expect to lose weight just by taking a supplement while you remain sedentary, overeat and eat junk food, supplements for weight loss will most likely equal a negative experience.

What is a Good Reason to Take Supplements for Weight Loss?weight loss supplements lose fat

It is Best to Use Weight Loss Supplements to Kickstart your Weight Loss or if You have a Specific Time Frame to Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goal

If you have a goal with a time frame such as a wedding in 6 weeks or a competition in 2 months, a weight loss supplement may be useful. If you have been procrastinating and need a reason to exercise, weight loss supplements may be a good way to psychologically kickstart your exercise program.

Since all weight loss supplements are designed for temporary use they should never be used for long periods of time under any circumstances. Your goal is to lose weight. If you take a supplement for months at a time, you are not losing weight there for you have no reason to continue taking the supplement.

How do  Weight Loss Supplements work?

There are 3 Primary Categories of Weight Loss Supplements

Fat burners

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Fat burners or thermogenic fat burners are products which raise your body temperature. The goal of a fat burner is to increase your calories burned throughout the day, artificially increasing your metabolism while you take the fat burner.

If you take fat burners as directed, you will burn a small number of calories more than you would have burned without them. The number is most likely something less than 100 extra calories a day. Therefore just by taking the fat burner, it would take you about 35 days to burn an extra pound of fat.

Most fat burners contain caffeine as the primary ingredient. The caffeine in fat burners is usually in its herbal form of guarana. Other addictive stimulants may be added to the blend of fat burners as well.

Fat burners are supplements you can “feel” mostly because they contain stimulants. They can be the most effective fat burners for short duration “cutting” cycles.

Fat burners usually have some appetite suppressing qualities. The caffeine can help increase intensity of workouts. Basic thermogenic fat burners are generally cheaply priced.

Cause side effects such as irritability and restlessness in some people. Your heart rate may elevate excessively during exercise.

Your body rapidly adapts to fat burners therefore you will not “feel” the effects anymore if you take them for a prolonged period of time.

They are addicting so when you stop you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache and lethargy.

Appetite Suppressants

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Since excess weight is often associated with overeating some weight loss supplements aim to suppress the appetite. If you are not hungry or as hungry you are far less likely to overeat. The problem with appetite suppressants is there there is not much evidence that they work.

There is not much research involved with appetite suppressants therefore many of them are really based on folklore. Since people are easily fooled, you will often hear of some exotic herbal appetite suppressant from a distant foreign country.

If they actually work, and you have less propensity to overeat, then they are very positive. Most herbal appetite suppressants have very few if any side effects.

There is very little research if any to support the claims of most appetite suppressants. Appetite suppressants have no effect on increasing your metabolism which is the most efficient way to lose weight.

The “hot new” appetite suppressants will generally be the most expensive supplements on the market, that is until they are proven to not be effective or the next “hot new” supplement enters the market.

Macronutrient Blockers

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Macronutrient blockers are a generic name for supplements which are supposed to block the absorption of a specific nutrient.

The primary macronutrients we ingest in our diet are carbohydrate, protein and fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram while protein and carbohydrate have 4 calories per gram.

If a supplement can block the calories from any nutrient from getting stored in the body, then calories consumed would be reduced drastically.

Macronutrient blockers have been extensively researched due to the obesity epidemic in the United States.

Alli™ is one such product which was actually approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which is very unusual for dietary supplements.

The active ingredient in alli™ attaches to some of the natural enzymes in the digestive system, preventing them from breaking down about a quarter of the fat you eat. If your diet is high in fat, your caloric intake will be reduced significantly improving the chances of weight loss.

Alli™s effects have been proven to be effective in scientific studies. Other products have not achieved enough success to be mentioned in the same breathe. If your diet is high in fat, like most overweight people, alli™ may very help you lose weight.

Straight from the alli™swebsite, “alli™ works by preventing the absorption of some of the fat you eat. The fat passes out of your body, so you may have bowel changes, known as treatment effects. You may get, gas with oily spotting, loose stools and more frequent stools that may be hard to control”

If that did not discourage you from taking alli™ it also gives this advice, “You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it’s probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work.”

Do Most Supplements for weight loss have Many Side Effects?

Like certain foods, some supplements can cause undesirable side-effects. Overall it depends on the individual. Make sure you do some research on any products you decide to take and most importantly read the label before you pop a few pills.

When Should You take each Weight Loss Supplement?

This varies from supplement to supplement. As with all supplements, timing is important. Your digestive tract is actually outside your body. If a supplement is taken at the right time, it may never get inside your body (bloodstream) and be either damaged or passed through the system.

Each supplement should have detailed instructions about when and how often you should take your supplement, as well as with out without food. If your weight loss supplement does not have specific instructions about when to take them, you are better off finding a supplement that does.

Yes if you Don’t Take Your Weight Loss Supplements at the Correct Time you May be Flushing Your Money down the Toilet

What are the very best Weight Loss Supplements are there any Alternatives?

Do you Still Want to Take Dietary Supplements to Help you Accomplish your Weight Loss Goals ?

The goal of this page was really to talk you out of taking supplements for weight loss. Creating a healthy diet and exercise regimen is at least 100 times better than using weight loss supplements alone. Often times, the best solution is to avoid supplements all together and use the natural properties of foods to achieve a “supplement-like” affect. The best part about not using supplements and doing certain nutrition plans such as the slow carb diet is you will not spend as much money.

If you take weight loss supplements and succeed you will then have to deal with trying to maintain your weight without them. If you take a weight loss supplement and fail, you will get discouraged and possibly even gain weight.

If you would rather lose weight without supplements and do it 100% natural, don’t forget that a healthy and well balanced diet is one way to fast track results.

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