What To Do When You Get Too ‘Recreational’

Now that cannabis is being decriminalized and legalized nationwide, a new breed of newbies has begun experimenting at a time when cannabis potency has never been higher. The ultimate result of this is a lot of paranoid, freaked out, and disoriented stoners who literally bit off more than they can chew. This expression is profoundly accurate when you consider that most people have a hard time tolerating edible marijuana products. This is because your body can absorb massive doses of the psychoactive ingredient THC and carry you on that long hard trip for hours of insanity.

Let’s consider how to combat this, in greater detail, below…

What to do when you overdose on edibles?

Although the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana cannot injure you beyond fleeting episodes of paranoia, dry mouth, and anxiety, too much THC can make these sensations very intense. The problem with edibles is that the high can last hours and exhaust you if you were not prepared to take such a trip. The easiest way to deal with an edibles overdose is to sleep it off. You can also try taking a few drops of CBD oil to calm down those overactive nerves, thereby, reducing the weird sensations that too much THC can cause.

What to do when you overdose on smokables?

There are many strains of marijuana out on the market, these days, that are marketed as one-hit wonders. Although the symptoms of a THC overdose can become exhausting when you take edibles, an overdose when you are smoking can come about suddenly with greater intensity. In order to avoid discomfort, you should be wary of potent strains like Afghani, AK-47, and especially hashish. If you do experience a psychological panic attack or anxiety, you have options other than CBD oil available. You can consume sugar or eat any kind of food to speed up the metabolism of the THC. Food, especially sugar, will activate your kidneys and liver to break down the THC floating in your system.

What else can you do to come down off THC?

If you want to completely avoid the risks of a THC overdose, you have to learn how to quit smoking weed. Otherwise, you will always run the risk of experiencing some discomfort. Some users are prone to psych symptoms because they have an underlying psychological or anxiety disorder. But you can also exercise, drink lots of water, or even smell some freshly ground peppercorns. The peppercorn trick works because peppercorns appear to affect the same neurological receptors as cannabis.

What you shouldn’t do when you overdose on THC?

You should never search the internet for answers because you may come up with anecdotal horror stories. Also, be sure to avoid calling the police on yourself. In addition, you may want to avoid discussing your perceptions with your friends because they may start teasing you with endless inquiries such as “Are you feeling boxed in, spaced out?” Avoiding public places where panic may be intensified and finding ways to relax your mental anxiety are the easiest ways to deal with too much THC.

Because you can’t injure your body by overdosing on THC, you need only overcome your panic. Chocolate, CBD oil, plain water, sugar, and even a pepper mill may help calm your nerves. If all else fails, close your eyes, sleep it off, and tell yourself that it is all just a dream.

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