5 Keys to a Successful Fitness Blog

5 Keys to a Successful Fitness Blog
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Nowadays, blogging is a popular hobby, and even an awesome way to earn money. People write about everything: traveling, cooking, music, films, etc. One of the most demandable topics is a healthy lifestyle, which includes information about aliments, personal care, nutrition, exercise, sports, and more. This trend is constantly gaining momentum and at the same time the number of fitness bloggers.

It takes more than just being an expert in your field to start a fitness blog. You should also know how to communicate with the audience, how to engage it and what content is the most appropriate. Don’t forget about a blog’s promotion – it is a whole other kind of work. But no reasons to be scared! Starting a fitness blog is an exciting and inspiring experience, which brings profit not only for readers or viewers but also for its author. So let’s find out how creating a fitness blog can be successful.

#1. Core market

A big mistake many fitness bloggers do – is that they try to be everywhere at once. Today they post articles about expensive fitness devices and tomorrow materials about how you can save on a meal plan. If you want the fitness blog to generate target leads the content should also be targeted. You need to define your ideal reader. It is enough to ask yourself a few simple questions: – what is the age bracket of your ideal clients? – where do they live? – where do they work? – what is their income? – are they married or have children? – what are their hobbies? (only which are appropriate for you) – what makes them happy? – what are their aims/expectations? – what are their health issues? – etc. If you accurately describe your ideal reader, you can understand what is interesting for him and what content should be given first. It is merely all comes down to finding the answer to the question “will it be interesting for my client to read this?».

#2. Content

You have defined your core audience,and now you should determine a theme of content. As much as you want, not everyone will read your blog or get involved in it. Your blog should be focused on a very specific group of people. This may seem like a limiting action, but the Internet really makes even the smallest niches extremely profitable. Plus, the smaller your niche in the beginning, the easier it will be for you to gain credibility. Which will increase as you expand into other areas of fitness? For example, you create fitness programs for women who only gave birth to the first child? Or, maybe you specialize in body weight for sick or weak people? Or, it is just health and fitness blogs for beginners. Fitness blogging has so many topics to discuss, so you will definitely find the one.

#3. Be consistent

Write down any interesting idea to post. Create a folder with tabs, where you will save all necessary things that you might need for a page. Subscribe to the Instagram accounts of popular coaches – there you will find some ideas for your posts.

Take your notepad and try to arrange everything for each day of the week. But if you still don’t know what to write, use some of these:

1.) Tip of the day

Write down 10 problems that can concern your customers and transform them into 10 mini-posts, in which you will share tips on how to solve them.

2.) Start a weekly fitness challenge

Invite subscribers to join you and participate. Record every day on video or take photos with a short description in a post. Do not forget to use hashtags.

3.) Links to useful articles from top blogs

The most effective Facebook pages do not try to sell their product constantly. Instead, they position themselves as an authoritative source of information

4.) Answers to the most frequently asked questions

You could attach screenshots if these questions were asked in the network.

5.) Memories.

Photos of you or your followers, when they were at the very beginning of the coaching path.

#4. Choose a domain name

When choosing your domain name, it’s good to think about something branded. EssayOnTime is a good one because it speaks for itself. By the way, if you are a student who is writing a blog about fitness, you can pay someone to do your assignment and you will have more time for writing a fitness blog. However, you should make sure that your name is not very popular, or cannot get old pretty quickly. Some fitness professionals use their own names and come up with a brand name associated with it. While others choose a name that contains information about the target specialization. You can use one of those platforms for the name creation.

#5. Promote your blog

A successful fitness blog – is a recognizable one. And to achieve this aim, you should promote your blog in a sensible way. For instance, use a mail-out. It will help you not only to attract new readers but also to keep old followers. In addition, you can repost a link with your article to Facebook, your Instagram accounts, Pinterest or other social network connected to your blog. It will rise chances your blog to be distinctive. But the most effective way is to use keywords. You can find them with the help of apps or websites, or use your own ideas, but still remember those things: – a keyword should be definitely in a headline – a keyword should be in a subhead – a keyword can have additional keywords – each article should be optimized for one keyword – the keyword shouldn’t stand out (add them organically)


So, if you want to have an awesome blog, make a content plan and start posting articles on time. In that way, you draw readers, and they will become your permanent followers. After all, quality content is the most reliable. This process may seem difficult, boring or time-consuming, and maybe you even won’t do it. But any really good work is hard. And if you want your blog to be successful – follow these rules and find your own creative way.

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