9 Ways Weight Training Can Benefit Women

9 Ways Strength Training Can Benefit Women9 Ways Weight Training Can Benefit Women

Do you want to get your legs toned and a shaped butt? There are not many women who may not be interested in wanting sexy curves and lean arms. A flat stomach is a fantasy that almost all women share. Looking good and in shape improves personality and makes women feel confident.

Women want to feel satisfied and comfortable in their own skin. Women wish to be happy with how they appear. So the question is – what is the best way to get the body you’ve always dreamed of? Two words – Strength Training.

A large misconception among women is that they should not get involved in weight training and leave it to the men. I can spot many women spending most of their time on cardio machines at the gym. The number of women who willingly take on strength training is very low. As a trainer, I encourage my female clients to take on weight training. It is now the time to change this statistic and enjoy these benefits.

1. Makes You Mentally Stronger

When you take on weight training, you will always be focusing on new goals and encouraging yourself to achieve them. This makes you more focused and determined, mentally. Moreover, with all the healthy working out, you will maximize the use of your brain and avoid any harmful intakes, resulting in strengthening your brain.

Weight training has a funny way to get your mind off matters that cause stress, and focus on higher goals instead. With all these happening, I assure you that you will end up a lot stronger mentally when you take on strength training.

2. Boosts Metabolism

With ageing, women are known to naturally lose muscle mass. As a result, this causes your metabolism rate to become sluggish. This means that your chances of getting bulky are increased and you may get flabbier as you reach your thirties. When you start weight training with dumbbell lateral exercises, you will begin accelerating your metabolism rate. This will help burn more fat even after many hours of your workout routine.

3. Strengthens your Bones

A common problem found in majority of women is weak bones. Weight training is not only for strengthening your muscles. A major benefit of it, is that it helps strengthen your bones. Weight training is known to improve bone density, which reduces the many risks such as osteoporosis, bone fractures etc. Weight training can also improve the bone density of your spinal cord.

4. Eases out Pain

Hack squatting and other exercises in weight training helps to strengthen your joints. The training itself makes your muscles and bones stronger. This helps rule out muscle and joint pains. Moreover, it will also help relieve back pains, which are a major concern for most women. Continuous training can lead you to a pain-free lifestyle.

5. Healthier Heart and Lessens Chances of Diabetes

Weight training not only offers outer body benefits. It also strengthens your heart by improving the metabolism rate, which removes any extra fat or cholesterol which is harmful for the heart. Moreover, diabetes causing symptoms will remain at bay. Muscle training helps remove glucose and triglycerides from the bloodstream which helps you remain safe from type 2 diabetes.

6. Burns More Calories than a Cardio Workout

You will burn a huge amount of calories through weight training. You will be glad to know that your body will continue to burn more calories even after you have completed strength training. This is referred to as physiologic homework.

Your body will need more calories to build and maintain muscles as compared to fat. Weight training boosts your metabolism 15% faster. This can help you push-start a weight loss plan.

7. Makes you Leaner and Stronger

Cardio exercises may help you get leaner, but the process is slow. With strength training, you can boost your metabolism higher and burn more calories for longer time period. This will get you leaner faster. Not only does it get you lean, it makes you stronger from inside by improving your muscular and bone strength. You will get stronger day by day and achieve a ripped and toned body that you have always desired.

8. Reduces Risk of Injury

Strength training lessens the risk of injury. Your joints, muscles, bones are all stronger, so they can handle more stress and pressure. You will be able to take on greater challenges than before and walk out successful. Your body will become more flexible and you will not bear any muscular injury due to any inappropriate stretching. Moreover, your stamina will be higher than ever so you can keep going for longer period of time.

9. Improves Body Mechanics

Strength training holds amazing benefits that are not just confined to a nicely toned body appearance. It will improve your balance and coordination to a great extent. You will achieve a better body posture. Another major benefit for weight training is for people who suffer from poor flexibility or balance, as it can lessen the risk of falling down by up to 40%. This is very crucial for women as they grow older.

The Bottom Line

Strength training has a vast scope of benefits that stretches far beyond getting you toned and desirable. I have shared some of them above with you. Feel free to share your experiences or take on weight training in the comments section below.


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