Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Personal Trainer

male-personal-trainer-with-female-clientTop 5 Ways to Wow Your Fitness Trainer

Would you like to wow your fitness trainer? Don’t just show up to your training sessions. If you want to get the best service from your personal trainer and achieve the best results, show your trainer you mean business with these 5 ways to impress.

5. Show up Early to Your Training Sessions

Get the Most Out of Your Training Sessions

Caloric BalanceEven the best personal trainer cannot help 100% of their clients achieve their desired goals but it is often not due to lack of trying.

Most personal trainers instruct their clients to perform a specific warm-up routine at the beginning of each training session.

Since the warm-up is often repeated it is best performed before the scheduled start of a training session. This allows the personal trainer to design workouts that take full advantage of the allotted time for training sessions.

With personal training sessions, time is money. Even if you don’t show up late but “on-time” and your personal trainer puts you through the same warm-up you are essentially losing money. Do the math. Squandering10 minutes of an hour training session will cost you a training session every 6 sessions!

Origym has similar tips on how to impress your personal trainer. As you see, we aren’t the only trainers who feel showing up early to your sessions is crucial to impress your personal trainer.

Why Showing up Early Will Impress Your Personal Trainer

Showing up early to your training sessions will not only show your trainer that you are fully dedicating yourself to your fitness program it will allow you to get more out of your training sessions, progress faster and most importantly fully get what you paid for.

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4. Update Your Nutrition & Exercise Journal & Bring it to Every Session

Thinking you are Eating Healthy is one thing, Having it on Paper is Anotherfood and exercise journal

The most difficult part of any personal trainer’s job is always going to be keeping their clients accountable for diet and exercise while their not training.

It is virtually impossible for a personal trainer to help you with your diet and nutrition if they cannot see exactly what and how much you eat, and when you eat it.

Impress your personal trainer by keeping a journal which details your complete food and fluid consumption as well as the exercise you perform on your own in between your personal training sessions.

Why This Will Impress Your Personal Trainer

proper nutrition

For many people, just showing up to a training session or doing 30 minutes of cardio is such a challenge in their busy lives that nutrition is somewhat forgotten. It is all too common that personal trainer’s clients fail to achieve their desired results because they neglect their nutrition. By keeping your journal and shoving it in your personal trainer’s face before or after each training session you will impress them by showing them you are doing everything possible to get the best results with their service.

3.  Educate Yourself

You Will Not be Training With Your Personal Trainer ForeverEducate Yourself

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer and while education is one of them, the physical training is often too fast paced and intense to actually learn the ‘method behind the madness.’

By reading health, nutrition and fitness information resources in your spare time, you will be able to understand what your personal trainer is talking about better.

In some cases, educating yourself may even cause you to question your personal trainer which could save you a lot of time and money in the long run if you have a bogus personal trainer. The simple fact is, knowledge is power and by educating yourself about fitness you have greater chances of succeeding in accomplishing your goals.

Educating yourself about health and fitness will not only help you during your training sessions but it will help you transition to training by yourself once you stop training with your personal trainer.

Why This Will Impress Your Personal Trainer

Exercise InformationMost personal trainers are used to being the fitness expert during the training sessions. Clients of most personal trainers know little or nothing about the science of health and fitness. When a client can understand and hold a conversation with a personal trainer about technical aspects of fitness it is not only going to show the personal trainer that the client means business but also force the trainer to give their 100% best service during each and every training session which benefits both parties.

2. Bring Supplements to your Training Sessions

Always Remember:  Physical Training is Only a Stimulus for Achieving ResultsBody Transformation

For the vast majority, achieving results in your fitness program is always going to depend on nutrition more than the actual training sessions.

Your personal trainer will no doubt make some recommendations for what you should eat/drink before, during and after your personal training sessions.

Show your personal trainer you mean business by bringing your nutrition with you to your training sessions. Consuming the proper calories before, during and immediately following your workout can not only help you have better training sessions, but it will help you recover faster and more efficiently.

Why This Will Impress Your Personal Trainer

supplement reviewsNothing is more frustrating to a personal trainer than a client who takes 2 steps back before and after their training sessions after the personal trainer helps them take a step forward. By bringing the recommended pre (if necessary) and post workout nutrition whether it be supplements or food, you will show your trainer that you are doing everything possible to help achieve your goals.

1. Compete

Don’t just Show up to Training Sessions & go through the Motions

Rebound Weight GainJust because you have a personal trainer does not guarantee you will get results in your fitness program. Unfortunately many clients who hire personal trainers fall victim to this false sense of security.

The basic principles of exercise adaptation which include resistance training as well as cardiovascular exercise all rely on progression.

Progressing your workouts goes a long way to helping you achieve your fitness goals regardless of whether they are performance or aesthetically based. By competing you will work out harder as you try your very best to set new boundaries for your physical fitness.

Why this this will Impress your Personal Trainer

fit manMost personal trainers have competed at one time or another in their lives. Whether it was sports in high school and college to fitness or bodybuilding contests personal trainers are generally very competitive people.

By competing with yourself, your trainer and even your personal trainer’s other clients you will not only impress and motivate your personal trainer but you will get the very best results from your exercise program as well as make the most out of your time and of course money you spend on training sessions.

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