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Tons of research has been done on aluminum-free deodorant and everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic. This makes it difficult to know the truth about aluminum in deodorant and other products we actively use.

There are good things about soft and aluminum-free deodorant such as it keeps your skin silky smooth and irresistible. One of the debates about aluminum-free deodorant is that it blocks pores.

Some say that this ingredient is in conventional formulas and because it plugs the sweat glands, you don’t sweat. Well, when you take it out, you may perspire. However, keep reading to find out more about this popular topic.

The other thing about aluminum is some believe it to be harmful and that it can cause cancer. Well, the American Cancer Society says, “There are no strong epidemiologic studies in the medical literature that link breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use, and very little scientific evidence to support this claim.”

Nevertheless, there are plenty of individuals who prefer natural deodorants. If you tune into writer Doree Shafrir’s Forever35 podcast, you’d know aluminum doesn’t block your pores and prevent your body from sweating, it instead allows ‘good’ bacteria to flourish so that you eventually become less stinky than before.

Not surprising, natural deodorant is one of the best-selling products. “It’s a place where a lot of people start their clean-beauty journeys,” says CEO and Follain founder Tara Foley.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

As mentioned before, aluminum is the ingredient that keeps you from sweating. However, not everyone knows the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant usually has a pleasing scent that helps to mask any odors that come from sweating, but what it doesn’t do is prevent anyone from sweating.

Why Use Aluminum-free Deodorant?

There are many situations in which it’s more appropriate to use an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant. Plant-based deodorant has more flexibility when it comes to applying it. You should use deodorant after a shower, making sure the underarms are dry to prevent offensive smells. So, you need an aluminum-free deodorant that works.

The Ingredients in Antiperspirants

Makers use aluminum salts in antiperspirants to prevent sweating. Deodorants focus on preventing odor rather than sweat. They contain certain antibacterial ingredients (cornstarch, coconut oil), killing bacteria that thrive off the protein that comes from sweat. Mostly, the chosen ingredients are plant-based.

Blocks Body Odor Not Sweat

Now we know the difference between deodorants with aluminum and deodorants that don’t have aluminum in them. One prevents odor while antiperspirants prevent sweating by altering the perspiration process. You should know that when we sweat, it’s the body’s way of cooling down.

People sweat from under their arms because the nervous system activated the apocrine glands. These glands are responsible for producing sweat that’s high in protein which attracts foul-smelling bacteria.

Possible Side Effects of Aluminum

One of the top-selling women’s deodorant without antiperspirant is paraben and dye-free plus it’s long-lasting, but are there any side effects to wearing them?

Breast Cancer

Cancer is always a major concern for women but in particular breast cancer. Some people believe there’s a link between antiperspirants and aluminum. Not only that, but the ingredient is also in other skincare products.

Kidney Diseases

Your kidneys flush out aluminum and other toxic chemicals or elements from the body. The National Kidney Foundation says that we can’t absorb enough of the ingredient to do damage to our kidneys.

Age-related Conditions

The researchers at the National Kidney Foundation discovered a link between aluminum and chronic kidney disease. There must be high levels of aluminum, however, in a person’s body to develop age-related conditions such as dementia. The scientist found high levels of aluminum in the patient’s medication and not the antiperspirants. Still, maybe it’s time to think about wearing an aluminum-free deodorant.

The Takeaway

Antiperspirants and deodorants work in different ways to reduce body odors. Antiperspirants reduce sweat, where deodorants increase skin acidity, which odor-causing bacteria do not like. While there are rumors linking antiperspirants and deodorants containing aluminum to cancer, research suggests otherwise. That being said, you can mitigate any worries by purchasing aluminum-free deodorants.

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