Anti-Aging Medical Market Growth in 2022

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Anti-aging products and services are becoming ever more popular. From cosmetic services to diet trends, one of the biggest product themes across all industries is developing new methods of preventing the appearance of aging.

One of the most cutting-edge fields of anti-aging research is medicine, and in 2022, medical research into anti-aging remedies is stronger than ever.

What Are Anti-Aging Medications?

Anti-aging medications include treatments to enhance longevity, combating typical signs of aging. Research for anti-aging medications is typically performed on laboratory mice; however, developments in the science behind anti-aging medication have opened up more opportunities for human trials.

With more and more promising results, the future of anti-aging medical research is constantly developing, opening the door to exciting research into remedying the effects of aging on humans.

Common Anti-Aging Medications In Clinical Trials

Isolation of the Klotho protein

Due to its link to cell preservation, the use of Klotho therapy to combat the effects of aging is a very promising area of study concerning anti-aging medication. Currently, in laboratory trials, an increased presence of the Klotho protein has been shown to increase cognitive abilities and extend the lifespan of laboratory mice. More information on these studies can be found at


In recent laboratory studies, Rapamycin has been shown to improve the lifespan of laboratory mice, extending their lifespans by about 20%. Although its trials on humans have been limited, these promising results are positive indicators of success in human studies.


Used typically to combat diabetes, Acarbose is commonly administered to regulate the way our bodies convert food into sugar after a meal. In laboratory studies, male mice were more reactive to Acarbose, displaying a 22% increase in the probability of having a healthy lifespan.


Already commonly used on humans to treat diabetes, the benefits of Metformin administration range beyond insulin regulation and blood sugar control. Certain studies have suggested administering Metformin to older adults to see whether it has any effect on diseases commonly associated with aging.

Recent Developments in Anti-Aging Medications

With a compound annual growth rate of over 7% projected across the next six years, anti-aging medication has been an extremely lucrative market.

In 2020, the market size was estimated to be about 76,500.42 million dollars, and by 2028, that number is estimated to reach over 134,000 million dollars.

With new developments in biotechnology comes more research into anti-aging medications, promoting extreme market growth as new technologies are developed.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, often referred to as the A4M, holds a world congress aimed at promoting the technological advancements of anti-aging medication.

Mainly through providing education opportunities for researchers worldwide, the A4M creates a platform to help advance the spread of knowledge on research in the field of anti-aging medicine, broadening the scope of anti-aging medical research worldwide.

The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine

As with any developing field of science, the anticipation for results and concrete evidence for anti-aging medical development is one of the biggest parts of funding different areas of research.

Between hopeful pharmaceutical options to an increase in genetic sequencing as a means to discover the root of different aging processes, the development of anti-aging medication is a very promising field of study.

Aside from a lucrative market and positive growth projections, the promise of combating debilitating illnesses associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s or kidney neuropathy provides hope to millions of people looking to cure such harmful diseases.

The first step towards upwards progress is continued research and 2022 is slated to be a very productive year for anti-aging medical developments.



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