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Calcium is one of the few supplements which most people can benefit from taking. It is very important for women to take a calcium supplement due to bone loss.

If you are at risk for osteoporosis or osteopenia you should be taking a calcium supplement. The highest risk group of people is post-menopausal women.

If you are a healthy person who consumes the recommended amount of dairy products, you most likely satisfy your calcium requirement.

It is always a good idea to ask your doctor is a calcium supplement is right for you.

Why Should You take the Best Calcium Supplements ?** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

Even if you do have a plentiful supply of calcium rich dairy products in your house there is a catch.

Muscular contraction requires the presence of calcium. If you are physically active, your high activity level could increase your calcium requirement.

Especially if you are a woman, it is “better safe than sorry” which is the best philosophy. If your body has dietary calcium present, it is less likely to take calcium from your body’s calcium rich tissues your bones.

Calcium Supplements do Their Job Rather Nicely

How they actually work is the important part. Your bones are going through a non-stop cycle of breakdown and rebuilding for the duration of your life.

Calcium is an essential nutrition, which means you have to obtain it through your diet. If you do not get enough in your diet, it is a good alternative to turn to a calcium supplement.

Calcium supplements are only good if they can dissolve in your stomach. You can test your calcium supplement by placing it in some vinegar.

If it doesn’t dissolve in 30 minutes, it is not a good supplement because it wouldn’t be able to dissolve in your stomach acid. If a supplement has a USP symbol on it, it is guaranteed to be able to dissolve in your stomach so it can be absorbed through your intestines.

How much Calcium do You Need to Take ?

Calcium requirements vary for every individual. The general guideline for calcium intake is no more than 2,500mg per day.

If you supplement your diet with calcium it is best to take multiple doses, for example take a 500mg tablet three times per day.

What is the Best Form of Calcium Supplements ?

There are many different forms of calcium out there. Every so often there will be a new form which is supposed to be better than other types. These are just companies trying to make some money from you.

Most forms of calcium will get around the same amount of absorption for normal individuals. Calcium citrate is probably the best form of calcium to take because it can be taken with or without food, and is usable for people taking certain digestive dysfunction medications.

Calcium absorption requires vitamin D. If your calcium supplement is not vitamin D fortified, you should find one that is.

When Should You take the Best Calcium Supplement ?

Most of the best calcium supplements are best taken with food. The exception is calcium citrate, which can be taken with or without food.

Some people claim that if you take calcium before exercise you will reduce the chance of bone loss during exercise. They claim that calcium in your blood will be available to working muscles so your body does not have to break down your bone.

Are there Any Side Effects with the Best Calcium Supplement ?

Some people report constipation and diarrhea after taking calcium supplements. This can most likely be avoided by having a fiber rich diet with plenty fruits and vegetables. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day also.

Where Can You Buy the Best Calcium Supplement ?

Calcium citrate is most easily digested form of calcium supplements and Now Nutrition has been known to be one of the best brands of natural supplements.

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The best online supplement vendors also often sell their products at wholesale prices, and of course you will have the products delivered straight to your door.
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