Causes And Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse. Also referred to as impotence, about 1 in 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the long term.

Usually, having erection trouble occasionally is not a major cause for concern. However, if this issue is an ongoing one and it causes a serious strain in your relationship while affecting your confidence, then it should be taken seriously.

The inability to achieve or sustain an erection can be a sign of underlying health issues that requires treatment. To explain this better, this guide will look into what erectile dysfunction is, the symptoms, and the causes.

But First, What Causes An Erection?

When there is an increase in the amount of blood flowing into the penis, there is an erection. This blood flow can be stimulated by direct contact with the penis or sexual thoughts. Anytime the penis is excited, the muscle in the blood vessels relaxes, and this ensures an increased flow of blood through the penile arteries. As the two chambers inside the penis are filled with blood, the penis becomes more rigid.

When the muscles within the blood vessels contract and the blood can flow out through the penile veins. Besides erectile dysfunction, many adults are often conscious of their penis size. It often affects their confidence before or during sexual intercourse.

There are several penis enlargement products available, including titan gel, that many people depend on. Of course, the influence of confidence in a relationship must not be overlooked.

Five Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are different causes of erectile dysfunction. Some of these factors are explained below:

1. Vascular disease

It is possible that the blood supply to the penis becomes blocked as a result of certain vascular diseases, including atherosclerosis. When this happens, the amount of blood entering the penis is reduced, making it hard to get an erection.

2. Low testosterone

If you have low testosterone, it can reduce your ability to have satisfying sex and is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive. If low testosterone is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, treating it can help.

3. Neurological disorders (such as multiple sclerosis)

As explained earlier, excitement causes the brain to send signals to the penis. When the nerves that are responsible for sending these impulses to the penis become damaged due to stroke, diabetes, or other neurological disorders, it becomes harder to get and keep an erection.

4. Psychological states

Poor emotional health, including depression and stress, can reduce the stimulus from the brain, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

5. Physical trauma

A brutal injury can also contribute to the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction can be a result of one of these factors or by some of them. This is the reason why it is essential to work with doctors to ensure that the right treatment is not ruled out while treating any underlying medical condition.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction, there are various symptoms that you should not overlook. Some of these are:

  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Difficulty in getting an erection.

The doctors might need to carry out additional testing that can help in the diagnosis of Erectile dysfunction. Some of these tests include ultrasound, nocturnal penile tumescence test, urine test, blood test, and injection tests.

These tests can ensure that doctors can prescribe the best treatment to ensure that any possible underlying condition – that might cause Erectile Dysfunction – can be determined.

The Bottom Line

Having a strong erection is very important for adult males in maintaining confidence in their relationships. Even though it is not a prevalent health condition, the various causes and symptoms of Erectile dysfunction cannot be ignored. As stated above, it is important for you to seek the advice of your doctor to know the right course of action.

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