Optimize Workouts with an Exercise Recovery Week

Optimize Your Workout with rest1 Forgotten Rule For Optimizing Workout Results

So, here’s the deal-io this time around. I’ve been doing some researching lately on personal development and the worthy pursuits of goals, yadda, yadda, yadda. After all, this isn’t about me, this is about me helping you. Any who, this thought provoking reading has sparked an interest in my mind that might help you accelerate your results, if you’ll let me?

Oddly enough, I’ve been reading on how we have certain areas in our lives that seem to “trump” other ones. Maybe you are financially successful, but your relationships aren’t up to snuff or you have the best relationships with your friends/family/significant others but your spirituality is suffering. You probably catch my drift here, so I’ll just cut right to the meat and potatoes.

I got to thinking, that I’ve encountered many normal everyday people who have dialed in one or two areas of health and fitness but just have that missing link that isn’t allowing them to get the long lasting and permanent results that they so desire, and it’s perfectly understandable if you are a bit frustrated.

We have this gap sometimes in life between Point A which is how life currently is and Point B which is where we think life should be, that’s full of our expectations. This void between point A and point B is full of frustration, heartache, maybe anger, and disappointment. How do we bridge that gap?

Let’s chat quick about something that is extremely overlooked in our industry. When my personal and coaching clients have successfully implemented this, their results have skyrocketed and have been perpetual.

Optimizing Your Workout Results with an Exercise Recovery Week

man just waking up from sleepThis strange ideal I speak of  is an exercise recovery week, as proper rest and recovery is paramount for optimizing your workout results.

Inside our industry amongst professionals this is often considered to be a de-load week. What this consists of is a week, every 4-6 weeks of training where we significantly scale back our program for a week.

Instead of heavy lifting and high intensity cardio during this week, we would look at more therapeutic forms of exercise like bodyweight workouts, swimming, sitting in the sauna to sweat out toxins or even just taking the week off.

I choose not to make fitness and health something that seems all scientific and confusing, but during this time of rest and recovery you’ll also be allowing your nervous system (CNS) to fully recover. The CNS is the command center, so it is important that we give it time to rest.

Over the course of time with continuous working out, our muscles become more tense and tight, screaming for a chance to loosen up and relax. One important thing to remember as well, is that AFTER workouts is when the magic happens for results. It’s during this “down” time that our bodies really do the most work and we see the most results, so if we never give it time off, we aren’t fully maximizing it’s true potential.

Other activities that can be performed during your exercise recovery week would be things like Yoga, chiropractic care, deep breathing techniques, massage or extra foam rolling.

The goal here is to allow your body time to FULLY recover itself from whatever form of activity you have been doing. They key is to listen to your body. If it’s sore for days, you feel exhausted, or can’t give 100% output it’s time for a break.

It’s your chance to get some extra sleep and experience the therapeutic side of things instead of having your body into this tightly wound ball of stress that leaves you achy, tense, tight, and sore.

You can avoid things like overuse injury and plateaus by incorporating a week of less activity, I KNOW it sounds goofy. I’m basically telling you to take time off, which seems so counter-intuitive to “‘working hard” but this is more of a working “smart” approach that will allow your body to fully recover, repair, and come back stronger than ever.

Personally, I have never came back from a week off and gotten worse and neither has anyone I’ve worked with 1 on 1 or coached. I highly advocate this into your routine and it’s something I make serious note to do. Yes, it varies at times. My biggest tip is listen to your body, we are all intuitive, so if your body says, take some time off, please do it a favor and take some time off.

Exercise Recovery Week:  Final Thoughts

If you haven’t done something like this before, give it a try, you ultimately have nothing to lose. If it’s something you have done, make it a more steady part of your routine your body will sure appreciate you giving it a break.

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