Five Great Fat-Burning Outdoor Activities


No one said burning fat had to be boring, and if you think outside the box, you’re going to discovery just how much fun you can have in the process.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor outlet to simply burn off some steam, burn off some calories or both, we’ve got some tried and tested outdoor activities for you to take up.

The following are five fat-burning outdoor activities that can help you reach your fitness goals and provide all the thrills you need to keep the process fun a rewarding.


Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity you can do if you want to burn as much fat as possible. It’s an activity that requires you to use all of your muscles to make it to the top of the hill or mountain.

The terrain is unpredictable, which makes it even easier for you to exercise all of your muscles. If you do this enough, you’ll notice that your muscles will start to grow, and your overall health will improve.

You can use smart technology to help track how many calories you are burning every time you hike. On top of that fitness goodness, you also get to experience nature, and that’s always a good thing.

Mountain Biking

Those who want to take things a step further may wish to try mountain biking. It’s an exciting outdoor activity that satisfies the rebel inside of you.

The sport is a little dangerous, which is part of the reason people fall in love with it. You’ll need to make sure you take the right precautions if you are mountain biking, so you’ll need the right equipment.

Browse and other performance gear retailer sites to find the right fit for you. You’ll also need some practice first. You want to master things like braking and turning to be as safe as you can while mountain biking.


Swimming is another great outdoor activity that should help you burn some fat. There are many reasons this activity works so well, like how there are different ways to swim, such as the breaststroke, the backstroke, and the butterfly stroke.

These ways can help work out the other parts of your body, which is what you want. If you don’t know how to change your way of swimming, be sure to take a few classes to get the most out of this outdoor activity.

On top of that, water puts up a fight when you swim, and that forces your body to work even more challenging. You’re going to love this activity, especially on days when it’s hot.

Rock Climbing

Another excellent outdoor activity that’ll help burn fat is rock climbing. This is an activity you need to master before you start. You’ll need rock climbing instructions and maybe some practice before you begin tackling challenging mountains.

The inherent danger is real, so make sure you aren’t only prepared but also wear all the protective gear. You’ll be fighting against gravity, which is another powerful force that’ll help work your body out.

You’ll also be using all of your muscles to reach the top, and you’ll see spectacular views throughout the entire activity.


Tennis is another outdoor activity that mixes in a little competition. Everyone enjoys a little competition; this motivates you to play harder.

This outdoor activity works your body out well, which is what you want. On top of that, it forces you to strategize since you’re trying to win, so you’ll be working your brain out a bit at the same time.

You don’t have to play with someone else when you play tennis. There are machines that’ll throw balls at you, so there’s no excuse if this is your chosen activity.

However, it’s essential to improve your technique over time to avoid tennis elbow and other injuries.


Fat-burning activities can be fun and exciting, and these are just some of the many options available. Talk to your trainer or send us a message and we’d be happy to recommend others.

Some of the great things about these five activities is that you can partake in them with your friends and family, making it not just about exercise but about creating a healthy social outlet too.

A thriving social life in today’s post Covid-19 scamdemic “new normal” world is going to be crucial to maintain your mental and emotional health, which is just as important as your physical.

So, which outdoor activities do you utilize to help you stay in shape? Let me know in the comments below…

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