Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

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Between getting tasks checked off from your never-ending list to-do list to balancing the roles of a mom and a wife, squeezing in a half-an-hour workout and eating healthy seems downright impossible.

With a daily schedule that’s pretty much a roller coaster, it can be easy to write off your plans to exercise and eat right.

Yes, finding motivation to stay on track with your health goals can certainly be challenging when you’re working full-time.

However, given the number of health benefits that come with regular physical activity and healthy nutrition, it definitely pays to make fitness your priority.

To help you get back on track, we’re listing six genius fitness tips for full-time working moms who feel short on time.

Make Those Early Mornings Work for You

Many successful people have talked about the benefits of waking up early in the morning. This is the time of the day when we’re our most focused, relaxed selves, meaning it’s the best time to tackle the workouts.

Other than eliminating the fatigue that comes with evening workouts, morning workouts are also more effective when it comes to the number of calories burned. Plus, you’ll be less likely to find excuses such as “I’m feeling exhausted” or “I’ll make up for it tomorrow” which often happens when we work out in the evening.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This is one of those things that we hear about all the time, yet we somehow forget about. Dehydration can be detrimental to your concentration, and it will most likely affect your mood. Other side effects include headaches, sleepiness, low blood pressure, and dizziness.

Being well-hydrated, on the other hand, ensures your body’s optimal performance. When you drink enough water, the organs are able to function properly, your body’s temperature is being regulated, and your mood, cognition, and sleep improve. Waking up with water, adding flavor, avoiding soda, and logging your water intake are all effective strategies you can use to stay hydrated even throughout the busiest of days.

Focus on Eating Right

For many women, healthy means fat-free. However, don’t write fat off just yet. Healthy fats, such as the ones found in seeds, nuts, beans, and certain oils, are essential for our health as they promote cell growth and improve nutrient absorption. Olive oil, in particular, can be a great source of healthy dietary fat, and certain companies that offer olive oil bulk wholesale programs make it easy to stock up on this essential source of healthy fats. Other healthy oils include avocado, coconut, canola, and grapeseed oil.

Foods rich in saturated and trans fats, as well as cholesterol, salt, and sugar, however, are not your friend, so it’s best to limit them or skip them completely. Finally, stock up on vegetables, fruits, and whole-grains, eat more high-fiber starchy carbohydrates, and include oily fish since they’re rich in omega-3 fats.

Make it Short

When going to the gym is not an option, sticking with short yet effective at-home workouts should do the trick. Hopping on a treadmill can be an easy way to get your heart rate up when you only have 30 minutes. Plus, you can watch your favorite TV show while you’re at it.

Combo workouts such as circuit training are a great option when you’re working with as little as 20 minutes, and they can really make a difference in your overall health and fitness levels over time.

Add in Mini-Workouts

When your work schedule is jam-packed, add in mini-workouts. Park your car several blocks away and walk to work. Or, get out of your train or a bus a few stops earlier.

Also, try working out in your office. Contract and hold abs while sitting at your office desk, do some wall sits and chair dips, or keep it simple with leg lifts. With so many effective office exercises, there really are no excuses.


Assuming that women are naturally good at multitasking, this ability can also serve as an effective fitness strategy. Other than catching up on your favorite TV show while on a treadmill, multitasking can also mean working out while listening to your favorite podcasts, talking to your family or friends on the phone, planning your day ahead, or simply belting out your favorite tunes.

Better yet, get your kids involved in your workout routine. You’ll spend quality time together, have some fun, and keep kids occupied while at the same time getting closer to your fitness goals – it’s a win-win situation all around.

Wrapping Up

Prioritizing your health and wellness can definitely be challenging when so many different things demand your attention.

And while feeling like you’re short on time is completely normal, you should do your best to create a structure that works for you and that keeps you motivated.

Stick with these tips, prioritize yourself and your health, and you should have no trouble staying on track and meeting your fitness goals.

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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