Top Fitness Tips to Keep You Healthy and Fit

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There’s no magical piece of advice that will help you stay fit.

You have to put in the time and effort in order to see changes.

But once you commit to making lifestyle changes, you’ll start to see true results.

Social, emotional, and physical health benefits are only some of the many perks of exercising regularly.

However, one should understand that there are risks that come with working out to achieve your fitness goals.

That said, it’s essential to ensure a safe exercise routine every day to remain healthy, as well as injury-free.

Of course, you’re more likely to stick to a workout regimen if it’s painless and safe.

Exercise safety is all about understanding the most basic techniques and rules. It boils down to how attentive you are in listening to what your body says. It’s all about using common sense in every step you take.

Top 7 Fitness Tips to Keep You in Shape

Here are seven important fitness tips to help keep you in shape…

Drink Distilled Water

Can you drink distilled water to aid in weight loss? Yes, you can, but in small doses. Distilled water is a little known secret weapon to fight fluid retention. Basically distilled water is made when the water is treated, removing the impurities so it is safe to drink. It doesn’t have any contaminants or nutrients. For instance, tap water still has minerals that usually aren’t found in distilled water. Fitness competitors often drink distilled water to get better muscle definition. There is about 12 milligrams of sodium in a cup of everyday drinking water. This might not sound like much, but if you’re consuming a gallon of water a day, this number can add up. One of the safest ways to lose water weight is by drinking distilled water. It’s best to mix distilled water and tap water. This is because you will get the nutrients of magnesium and calcium in tap water. You don’t want to miss out on these needed nutrients and cause an electrolyte imbalance.

Watch What You Eat

It sounds like a no-brainer to watch what you eat when you’re trying to be healthy. Focus on lean protein, vegetables, fruits and clean foods. Stay as far away as you can from sugar and starches. Write down how many calories you eat each day. If you can meal prep, go for it. You know what helps you grab the foods that are the healthiest. Go to the grocery store paying attention to labels. Plan healthy meals for the entire week so when you’re at the store you’re more apt to pick up the healthy ingredients instead of going for fast food at a later date. It’s also important to pay attention to your portion size. You don’t need to eat meat that is larger than your palm or pasta that is larger than your fist. Eat in smaller bowls, on smaller plates and in smaller cups. This will help you eat less. If you’ve ever indulged in the Large popcorn at the movies, you know sometimes grazing can get out of control quickly.

Get Up And Move

The first step towards any fitness goal is to get up and move. Try to workout as much as you can in a week without burning out. If this means you go for a thirty minute walk each day, it’s a great way to start. Do some sort of physical activity each day. You don’t need to run a marathon every week, but you do need to get your heart pumping. Your muscles will tell you when they’re getting tired so always listen to them. This means your body is changing. Find a workout buddy to push you to get up and move. If you have someone else pushing you to be accountable, you probably won’t quit on the route to your fitness goals. Check in with someone so you stay on track. Push yourself a little further each day. It might be tough when you want a few lazy days in a row, but you’ll thank yourself one day. You’ll soon notice your workouts don’t seem so tough. Each day will get easier and easier. It just takes getting up and going to jump start your fitness levels.

Don’t Quit If You Cheat

If you go out and drink beer, inhale a pizza and have ice cream for dessert, don’t fall off the fitness wagon. Don’t beat yourself up. Dust off, and get back on the treadmill. It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound of body fat. You probably didn’t eat that in one sitting. Cheating might set you back, but it doesn’t mean you’ll gain ten pounds in a few days. You just have to make the choice to turn your ways around. Boost up your exercise and eat healthier. Never starve yourself to get back on track. It’ll just throw your whole body off. Eat healthy, exercise and get back to the grind. Most people understand it’s normal to cheat. It’s extremely difficult for most people to just eat healthy all of the time. There’s just too much good “bad” food out there. You go to a party full of yummy desserts. It would be rude to say no! The thing you need to remember is that cheating is okay. As long as you don’t eat like every day is Thanksgiving dinner, you will be okay. Too many people quit because they think one day is going to throw everything off course. You might feel the burn a little more during your run the next day, but take a little bit and work back to where you once were. Not many people can go every day of their lives eating perfectly clean, healthy food. Kudos to them, but if you’re human and mess up every now and again, it’s okay as long as you get back to the weight machine as soon as you can.

Avoid Burnout

If you hit the gym every day for two weeks and hit a wall, you’re getting burned out. You have to prioritize consistency over intensity. This means doing shorter workouts a few times a week instead of trying to do long workouts every day. It’s fun at first, but you’ll hit that brick wall. It might cause you to quit. Be consistent with your workouts. Do it a few times a week when you’re feeling into it. Don’t let yourself give up. Think of going to the gym as a restart button each time you enter the doors. Give yourself time away then hit it hard the next time. You’ll thank your body. You probably have heard the stories of collegiate athletes that had a blast doing their sport until they got to college where it was more of a job. They quickly burned out from doing the sport every minute of every day, it seemed. Burnout is real. Even if you aren’t at a collegiate level, eating healthy and working out can feel like an Olympic sport. If you’re not used to hitting the gym every day at 5 AM, doing so for five days in a row can run you into a metaphoric wall. It’s fun the first few days, but then it becomes more like a job. When working out no longer has joy, it’s time to take a break. You can feel your mind and body giving in. Always give yourself a break to avoid burnout. Once you feel better, get back into the game.

Go For Some Good Workout Attire

When you feel great, you workout harder. Invest in some great workout clothing that makes you go hard. If you wear old shoes that are broken down, your joints and ligaments will be negatively impacted. Get special running shoes that are made to fit your exact feet. If you lift a lot of weights, invest in some flat bottom shoes for stability. Make sure you get clothing that is properly ventilated. You want to feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure you can move freely without any restrictions. Your clothing is a huge part of your success in your workout. If you’re bogged down with sweat and can’t bend, you can’t get the full rewards of your workout. If your feet hurt and your shoes are falling apart, you’re losing momentum. You don’t need to invest in the most expensive attire either. Invest in what makes you feel good during your workout. Try a few different types and brands of attire. You’ll know what helps you move and groove the best.

Think Of Fitness As A Lifestyle

The road to fitness doesn’t end once you reach your goals. Fitness is a lifestyle. Make it something that you strive for each day. Your health should be one of your top priorities. Keep on top of your goals on a daily basis. Try to eat as well as you can. Go for walks with your family. Do stretches as you make dinner. Fitness is about health and wellness. Yes, you can be happy with your physical outwards appearance, but fitness mainly works on your insides helping your body be as healthy as possible. It’s up to you to make the decision to make fitness part of your lifestyle. It’s just the cherry on top that your pants fit better. Fitness as a lifestyle should be a fun part of your life. Do whatever you need to make it fun to be fit.

Staying in shape can be done if you just focus on a few key areas of your life. You don’t have to be a slave to food and working out. You have to make better decisions that affect your health. Get started towards a fitter, happier lifestyle today.

Top 5 Fitness Tips to Follow for a Safer Workout

Talking to your doctor and obtaining advice is the most basic rule. As you probably already know, one of the benefits of engaging in workout exercises is the improvement of some health conditions.

But, the importance of consulting a physician before tackling any exercise program will always be there. The experts can help you find a workout regimen that fits your needs. Do it unless you want to end up consulting a sports injury doctor instead; as they say, prevention is better than cure.

Obviously, no one engages in an exercise routine planning to obtain an injury. Still, the fitness journey of some individuals ends up with a bruise, tear, or pain. While it’s true that small injuries are inevitable along the way, workout accidents are preventable. Always remember that exercising or any other activity that aims to improve your health shouldn’t put you in danger.

Read on below to learn about the 5 rules you need to follow to execute workout exercises safely.

Wear Proper Workout Shoes

When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes for running or working out? Check if they’re still capable of providing you with the support and comfort that you need. If not, then it’s maybe time to head to your favorite local store or online to get a new one.

When buying workout attire, it’s essential to choose those that fit your body best. When selecting a pair of shoes, for example, consider your body weight, gait, and arch. It would be best if you can ask for expert advice.

Many injuries have resulted from wearing improper workout attire, and they’re usually because of still using a worn-out pair of shoes.

Don’t Forget To Perform Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-out routines are essential, and they can only take for about five minutes. Disregarding warm-up exercises is a big no since injuries may arise if you jump into a workout while your muscles aren’t warm yet or your heart rate state is still low.

You can elevate your heart rate by doing warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, light jogging, and even brisk-walking.

It’s also essential to note that many people commit the mistake of stretching before exercising. Experts discourage it since they might result in the straining of muscles. It’s where warm-up routines become useful. After warming up, the muscles start to loosen, and it’s the perfect time to stretch them, making the muscles more flexible.

Also, please take note that the best form of stretching is the dynamic one, which means that you’re going to do it slowly through controlled movements. Flowing yoga poses, hip rotations, leg raises, and arm circles are good examples of dynamic stretching.

Utilize Cross-Training

It’s common for many people to hit a plateau when working out, and the primary reason for it is that they don’t cross-train.

Cross-training means changing up routines by engaging yourself in different activities. It will help in giving the muscles a much-needed break it deserves after hitting the same workout routine for several days.

Aside from the body, your metabolism also benefits from a diversified exercise routine. So, if your ultimate goal for working out is to burn calories, switching up your exercises is something that you should consider trying.

Hydrate Your Body

When exercising, one can’t ignore the importance of hydration.Dehydration can result in muscle cramps, and the only way to lower its risk is by adequately hydrating your body.

Metabolic processes that run efficiently also result from adequate hydration. At least sixty-four ounces of water is the amount that a person has to consume daily.

For athletes and regular exercisers, however, the recommended amounts are sixteen ounces before engaging in the activity.

Finally, follow it up with six to twelve ounces of water immediately before the workout. Such hydration rules hold every fifteen to twenty minutes of active training.

Follow A Cool-Down Regimen

Pain and stiffness follow a workout, and the only way to reduce them is to cool down appropriately.

You can do it through a light, ten-minute jog or walk, allowing your heart rate some time to decline back to its normal state.

Also, a cool-down regimen helps in removing lactic acid, as well as encouraging blood flow in the body.


Regular exercise and sound nutrition are two of the most important things you can incorporate into your lifestyle. They say, “abs are made in the kitchen,” but that’s only part of the puzzle for optimal health.

That being said, it’s important to approach things slow and steady, especially if you’re just starting out. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so slow progress is better than biting off more than what you can chew. You don’t want to end up with an injury.

Though, at the end of the day, the key to success is to stay patient and consistent, and the results will follow. Action equals results!

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