The 7 Unspoken Health Benefits of Bowhunting

bothunting health benefits


Bowhunting can be a brutal activity! Dragging an elk carcass across miles of unforgiving backcountry territory is not an everyday task. But at the end of the day, it is all worth it because you don’t just get a trophy to take back home. Bowhunting can be very beneficial, both physically and mentally, to those who defy the odds and pick it up as their primary pastime.

In this post, we look at the seven unknown benefits of bowhunting. Let’s dive in…

Boosts Physical Strength

Using a bow helps to increase your physical strength! This is because every time you draw the bow before shooting, a multitude of muscles around the body are engaged. Generally, drawing and releasing works the muscles of your hands, arms, and chest. It is a workout session that you will start to feel after several sessions.

In the end, it results in muscle development in your core and upper body. So, if you have been going to the gym, it should be a seamless transition for you when you finally start practicing shooting the bow and arrow.

Improves Your Focus

Bowhunting goes a long way to take your focus to the next level. It takes a lot of concentration and muscle relaxation to draw, aim, and release to hit your target. It also requires strength from your upper body and balance. As you practice archery, it greatly improves your hand-to-eye coordination and turns you into a more focused individual.

It’s Good Mental Health Exercise

Overall, archery has a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. The series of events involved, from drawing to releasing the bow, requires you to have a clear mind to be a good archer. You need to relax your mind and forget about all the distractions in your head to aim properly and hit the target accurately. As you grow into bowhunting, you become better at overcoming distractions and developing your organization skills.

Good for Your Social Life

If you live a relatively sedentary and boring life, maybe you should try out bowhunting to make it more interesting. Being an outdoor activity, bowhunting helps to get you out and brings into contact with nature. It also enables you to meet up with new people, whether at target practice or in the hunting zone. Some competitions require that you work as a group with fellow archers, which not only earns you new friends but also boost your interpersonal skills.

It Burns Calories

The sport is also a nice way to reduce your weight. It is physically brutal and requires you to move around a lot, especially when you are tracking a potential hunt. You will find yourself running, jumping to avoid obstacles, and even climbing on trees and hills to be at a better vantage point.

All these movements result in the burning of calories and before you realize it, your body fat will start to reduce. According to research, drawing a bow burns an average of about 140 calories after 30 minutes of activity. This is equivalent to walking a distance of 4 miles in an hour.

The running and walking are also an aerobic exercise that will significantly cut down your weight. If you are a lady trying to achieve a lean frame, you can find a great bow for woman to get started!

You Get Healthy Meat

Some people get into bowhunting as a hobby or sports hunting; for others, it is a way to earn a meal! After every successful hunt, you get to enjoy the bounty with your friends and family. A fresh kill offers delicious lean meat that comes with more nutritional benefits than the beef you buy in the grocery store. This is a great way to supplement your dietary needs and there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a meal that came directly from your hard work. It is so macho!

Boosts Your Flexibility

Bowhunting makes your body more flexible. Just like the bow you’re holding; archery is all about stretching. Everything from your fingers, arms, hands, head, and shoulders is constantly turning as you try to position yourself into the perfect aim. All the continued movements mean that your body becomes more flexible over time.


So, if you were wondering what’s all the fuss about bowhunting, the above article should give you a good idea of why many people are picking it up as a hobby lately. There are numerous benefits it offers and this would be the right time to get started. Especially in these “stay-at-home” and ”social distancing” times we find ourselves in.

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