Household Items That Double as Workout Equipment

household items workout equipment


In every city, we can see a variety of gyms and different types of fitness studios. People are used to keeping their body in shape, in general, not only when they need to lose some weight. While it’s all good for your health, monthly subscriptions and additional gear and equipment come with a price.

However, you can use alternative solutions at home and still get your daily recreation fix at no cost. Besides the expenses, this can also be an excellent opportunity when nothing is working or when you are not in the mood to leave your home.

There are various household items that double as workout equipment. You only need to look in the right places.

Household Items You Can Use as Workout Equipment

Many people dream about having their own in-house gym. But, the high costs of devices and equipment often dispel those dreams. Fortunately, you can be a bit more creative and use different items you find in your home to get your body in shape. Just going through your belongings may result in plenty of surprisingly useful items you can lift or use in unusual ways for recreation. To help remind you of the options, here are a few household solutions you can use as workout equipment:

  • Use your staircase for cardio
  • Convert your garage into a gym
  • Use your heavy blankets for additional load
  • Fill bottles for lightweights
  • Basketball for exercises
  • Cleaning in combination with recreation

Use your staircase for cardio

You don’t need to go out, or visit a gym, to get your daily dose of cardio. You can simply use the already built-in solution you have at home. Your staircases might be the most popular alternative to shake your legs and get your heart pumping. If you live in a house, you probably have some stairs that lead to the upper floor. If you live in an apartment, there is plenty of them in the building. While it might look a little awkward to exercise with all the neighbors around, you can turn your grocery tour into an exercise session. The point is, avoid using elevators no matter where you are.

Convert your garage into a gym

One of the best options for serious recreation is to create a safe workout space by converting your garage into a gym. If you have a double garage and only one car, or no car at all, you can use it fo more than just storing items. You don’t have to buy expensive workout equipment either. You can use whatever you have. For example, a bike pump can be an excellent exercise.

Also, chances are you have a rope in your garage. Use it for rope-jumping, weight pulling, and even climbing. Need a little break? You can easily leave the garage and go outside. If you like to repair things, you probably have different tools already. You can use them for lifting. Even heavier drills with rubberized handles can be a good alternative for bicep training.

Use your heavy blankets for additional load

A little trick with weighted blankets can work when you are not in the mood to exercise actively. This is also a good solution when you want to place additional effort on your regular activities. Just cover yourself like a superhero and continue with everyday activities. The extra weight and limited movement can really work. Also, you can always fold it and wear it on your shoulders. Add the staircases into the combination, and you got yourself an exhausting recreational activity. Finally, blankets can be a pretty good alternative for yoga mats.

Fill bottles for lightweights

There is not a single person who didn’t hear about sand-filled “bottle bells”. Why not grab a few of them and use them as dongles? They are already shaped so that you can lift them with one hand. However, you can mount them on both sides of a pole and get completely valid workout barbells. Just make sure to keep the right posture, so you don’t injure your back.

Basketball for exercises

You can do any exercise that requires medicine balls with any other balls as well. A basketball is typically the best alternative. You only need to inflate it properly. While they don’t weigh as much as a medicine ball, they are still convenient for plenty of exercises like side-to-side, high-knee jogs, or burpees. In addition, a basketball or any other ball can help with pushups. Finally, you can take it out and practice some basketball in your free time.

Cleaning in combination with recreation

You can always try to kill two birds with one stone. Cleaning tool handles from mops, brooms, and similar items can be good helpers with exercises. Use them as bars for stretching, or add some weight to the ends to make some barbells.

Cleaning your entire place can also keep you in good shape. This way, you will expose yourself to physical exertion and, at the same time, clean the living space. If you want to be more creative, employ your legs as well. For any gliding and balancing exercises, use “slippery” slippers. Or, attach rags or old towels to the soles and wipe and exercise as you walk. In addition, all the bags, cans, and bins you lift in the process will only be a boost to your efforts. However, make sure you are safe in the process and try not to fall and hurt yourself.

The Takeaway

Considering how many items we all have in our homes, there is a great chance that we have something to reach for when we need an alternative to exercise. From a plethora of possessions, we certainly have some household items that double as workout equipment. Anything that can be lifted, in general, can serve instead of dumbells or other gym gadgets. All you need is a little creativity, will, and time to find what works for you.

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