How Drugs Can Cause Sexual and Fertility Issues in Men

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According to old sayings, happy life banks on a sexually healthy and prosperous life.

However, modern lifestyle and its complexities affect the general health and wellness of people drastically.

Hey, young chaps of today!

Want to unlock the secret to a happy family and professional life?

You need to have your fertility brimming.

The complications of Male fertility are well taken care of by VSM Detox, using its state-of-the-art infrastructure.

So Let’s break the taboo here! And let’s get started.

Definition of Fertility and Infertility

Do you know what fertility means?

It is the capability to produce offspring when one attains maturity in life.

Fertility… in a large canvas is the essential reproducing feature of humanity.

Lack of Fertility, which is the inability to generate or prepare posterior generation creates infertility. It is a bit tough for you?

If you can not produce offspring, if you cannot father a child…sadly you are infertile.

Do you Know?

  • Around 17% of the couples in the USA deal with infertility 
  • 50% of the infertility is attributed to males having low sperm counts 
  • The Male Factor to gaining infertility raises to around 30%-50%.
  • 81% of the couples find themselves having problems producing a second child.
  •  Around $11,000 to $12,000 is spent on Vitro -Fertilisation in the USA.

Symptoms Of Low Fertility

So, you naives and Greenhorns!!… how long do you dip yourself in immaturity, hmm??

Know certain symptoms that will help you identify your infertility or impotence that you might have created within and feel shy to discuss.

There are certain symptoms that help you raise self questions about your fertility… I hope you understand.

1: Problems With Sexual Functioning

You see that you have problems with sexual functioning. You are not able to ejaculate with the vigor you generally do. Moreover, you ejaculate in small volumes. You feel feeble from within. If you encounter these symptoms, you should see a physician immediately.

2: Pain In Testicles

You experience pain or swelling in your lower abdomen or testicle areas. You have abnormal breast growth (gynecomastia).

3: Losing Body Hair

Moreover, you will notice that you lose your facial and body hair. These you could identify as some chromosomal or hormonal disorders.

Therefore you understand…save your energy to the fullest. Be careful to sway your emotions when you swim into the sinister and treacherous sea of sexual desire. This will rob all your energy and leave you drenched completely. Be careful guys.

Factors Affecting Male Fertility

I would like to tell you that research confirms certain factors that are responsible for increasing your sexual capacity or capacity to reproduce. You must be careful in what you eat; what you drink; how you behave and how you live your life.

These factors include nutrition, daily lifestyle, stress and anxiety, physical and mental conditioning, and environment. All these have indirectly instigated you to consume drugs.

Some say that obesity is linked directly with being impotent. If you weigh more in proportion to your height… my dear you need to lose some of your excess fat.. Not even this, if you are underweight then I fear you might face symptoms of infertility in the future. You need to have proper weight.

Do you exercise daily?

That’s good. But do you overexercise?

Do you feel lethargic and do not exercise at all.

This is not good for keeping sexual health. According to studies, elevated temperatures in the testicles are the reason behind the lack of sperm count.  These are too simple…yet count on them.

It is also inferred through studies that body-building medications, androgens, and other medications affect your sexual health. Therefore this debunks the theory of strength and its direct proportionality with sexual health.

If you consume tobacco in excess, then you have a high chance of becoming sexually feeble. Studies revealed that excessive tobacco consumption not only damages your health, especially sexual organs but also disrupts you from within. It will lead you to be non-participatory and socially passive and alienated.

You have to keep your bodily pressure at normal levels (120/80). A pressure level higher than this works to increase the chances of becoming impotent. Therefore keep a good lifestyle and stay away from over-panicking and an imbalanced lifestyle. Moreover, please revere nature.

Drugs, You Need to Get Rid Off NOW

There are selective drugs that can cause havoc to your sexual health. You need to know them regarding which drugs and how they affect your sexual stimulus:


Supposing you have gone for Testerone replacement in order to be sexually potent, by God it can backfire. When you take testosterone it could block your sperm count. This might result from some hormonal deficiency. This I tell you is detrimental to not only sexual health but also overall health.

Anabolic Steroids

These steroids are taken by the bodybuilder in order to enrich their body muscles. These drugs are responsible for increasing body muscles. Various non-competitive athletes are now using it to benefit their muscle building in hope of enhanced performance.


Illegal drugs like MDMA, GHB, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, Ketamine, Cocaine, Cannabis are among the list of illegal drugs. If you are a sportsman be careful of them…you never know…they (not scientifically vindicated) might harm your sexual health for good !!!


If you are a regular alcohol consumer. This might severely affect your lungs. Heavy alcohol drinking (10-14 drinks weekly) might drastically impair your sexual organs. Therefore, you need to be mindful of this.


If you are consuming Tobacco on a regular basis that might affect your inner health and sexual wellness. Therefore, you should stop smoking right now if you want to stay fit and healthy for a long time.

Apart from these, there are other Althohlic steroids like Marijuana, Opiates5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, Alpha-blockers groups that might drag you into the realm of infertility.  Certain medications like Chemotherapy, Ketoconazole completely annihilates your sexual desires.


You need to be highly conscious regarding the use of different types of medications, treatments, and drugs. You need to remember that these drugs have the capacity to destroy your sexual wellness for good.

You also need to be mindful regarding your daily routines and keep track of health parameters on a regular basis. This will definitely keep you protected against any kind of mental and sexual disease. You need to know that psychological and sexual diseases are directly related to each other.

So guys…don’t be afraid but shed this carefree nature….Lead a simple, healthy lifestyle, have good food, abstain from drinking alcohol, and exercise regularly. This I guess is enough to keep your health at normal levels.

So take care of yourself and keep your loved ones happy.

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