How to Deal with Hip Pain While Running

Running is an activity which promotes great health and clarity of mind, but neither of those benefits can be attained if your joints are pained after or during a run. One of the most common joint pains experienced while running is hip pain.

Hip pain can be caused by several things. One potential cause for premature osteoarthritis could be excessive running. Luckily for us, there are also several things which can help with softening and stopping pain associated with hips while running. If you experience hip pain running, there are some things you should know.

Hip Pain Causes

Hip pain while running can be caused by any or several of the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Minor Tears in Cartilage
  • Alignment Issues
  • Injury
  • Strain or Tendinitis

Many of these causes for hip pain and discomfort are made worse or caused by running regularly. Just because these can be aggravated by the activity doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite exercise.

Treatments and Tips

Instead of calling it quits and throwing away your running shoes, here are some things you can do to slowly alleviate hip pain from running so you can get back into it.


If you experience inflammation in your hips, which is often diagnosable by a doctor, you may feel painful tightness or swelling from knees to hips or around the inside or outside of hips. This can be helped by taking regular anti-inflammatory supplements and giving legs time to rest.

Minor Tears in Cartilage

If you have small tears or tips in the cartilage surrounding your hip joints, this could be caused by misalignment of the pelvis, and it can be made worse by regular running without being treated. One way to help with this is by taking time to stretch gently before, during, and after running.

You could also incorporate hyaluronic-acid-rich foods, proteins, and supplements into your diet, and make sure you are getting a regular collagen protein intake.

Alignment Issues

If you feel your hip pain while running is caused because of poor posture habits, general spine issues, or other alignment imperfections, a visit to the chiropractor can reap great benefits on hip alignment and joint health.


Past injuries can affect future performance in running to a high degree. Even if it has healed completely, the area may be weaker or thinner, and friction in the hip area may irritate the scarred tissue and cause hip pain.

Ways to help with injury-related chronic pain in the hips include yoga, taking supplements and medicine, regular physical therapy check-ups, and chiropractic appointments.

Strain or Tendinitis

Overworking the hip joints can cause intense strain leading to inflammation and tendinitis in these areas of the body. While rest and general care may be appropriate steps, another way of expediting the recovery and long-term care process is by taking supplements like PerformaFlex™, which is a fantastic joint health formula to care for hips and other joints.

The Bottom Line

Strain, injury, misalignment, and many other things can contribute to hip pain while running, but proper care, hip pain exercises, and medicinal supplements can combine to provide long-term relief.

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