How to Meet Health-Conscious Women

How to Meet Health-Conscious Women


Hippocrates’ famous words “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” have stood the test of time. As such, more and more people are choosing to eat consciously.

Turmeric smoothies, avocado shakes, and zinc-rich foods are the new buzzwords, and believe it or not, hopping on to the health food bandwagon can do wonders for your dating life.

I’ve met tons of guys who dared to take on an alternate route to meeting women – they simply followed the health food trail.

Five Places to Meet A Health-Conscious Lady

Here are some of the many ways you can meet/chat up with like-minded women.

Farmers’ Markets

What place is better than the trusty farmers’ markets where you can stroll through endless stalls sampling springtime asparagus or baked pumpkins? These markets are so cool because the atmosphere allows for strangers to mingle and chat without coming off as creepy. Here is a useful guide on how to talk to girls.

Oftentimes at farmers’ markets, there are local bands and impromptu dance sessions to liven things up – so feel free to shake a leg with that gorgeous girl you’ve been eyeing. Tip: Brush up on your knowledge of cheeses, exotic fruits, and veggies if you want to make an impression.

Vegan Restaurants

When it comes to ideologies, few can compete with vegans whose passion and commitment to a cause is quite likely to spill over into their romantic lives. All those plant-based diets and zinc-rich foods (avocado, almonds, etc) are often linked to heightened sexual libido.

A good idea is to draw up a list of popular vegan joints in your town or city. Look up reviews and social media pages, and when fully convinced, pop in to check out the scene. Once there, it’s easy to meet fellow diners and engage in small talk. Even better is to get into discussions about your radical lifestyle choices. Going vegan (and dating one) will keep you fit too.

Local Food Festivals

Keep an eye on your town’s festival calendar. Health food festivals are getting increasingly trendy and are one of the places to meet women who ride the same wavelength as yours.

Whether it’s organic farm-fresh food that you’re after or vegan barbecue (yes those exist!), you’re quite likely to cross paths with similar-minded ladies. Festivals are also a great place to network, pick up a few holistic health tips and possibly meet the love of your life.

Hang out at Backpacker Areas

Fun as they are, food festivals unfortunately aren’t a year-round affair. Also, you don’t want to be perceived as the lothario who frequents the same New Age cafés and juice bars to pick up girls. All’s not lost though.

If your city or town has a backpacker area or street (Kreuzberg in Berlin), you’re likely to find an eclectic range of cafés and restaurants that cater to health-conscious travelers. Backpackers also tend to be more open to meeting locals and enjoying a casual romantic encounter which is why hanging out in their areas is such a great way to meet women travelers passing through your city.

Follow Health Trends on Social Media

Forget Tinder – with applications such as Clubhouse, users can now discuss a gamut of topics under the sun. Go ahead and start health-food-related discussions. For example, “Vegetarian Lovers of ____ (your town) Unite!”

Sit back and watch the number of users who drop in to listen in to the conversation. There are some interesting ladies out there who won’t hold back from voicing their opinions. Throw in yours, feel free to agree (or disagree) and you could end up meeting some cool single woman from your town.

Another great idea is to check out health food recipe videos on social media and engage with commenters who have caught your eye. A couple of exchanges later you could be well on your way to private messaging her and even meeting up.

Good luck on your quest for a woman who shares the same ideals as yours when it comes to food!

The Takeaway

As a health nut yourself, we know it’s a must that you meet an attractive and health-conscious woman to satisfy your wildest desires.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to meet a health-conscious lady. However, don’t let that shy you away from meeting the woman of your dreams.

As we’ve covered in this guide, there are actually quite a few places that you can meet health-conscious women.

So, are you ready to mingle? Then get yourself out there!

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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