Laser Hair Removal: Exploring Treatment Options

laser hair removal


If you are hovering on this page, assumingly, you too are fed-up with the shaving and tweezing group and have found respite in the laser-assisted hair removal process.

However, you might be a little surprised to learn that there are multiple ‘types’ of laser processes and not everything suits everyone’s skin tone.

Well, as you are here seeking answers, let’s acquaint you with the range of available procedures and give you some quick fact-check on what to do and what to avoid scenarios.

What Are the Types of Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

For the unversed, there are 5 types of laser hair removal processes for you to choose from. They are – Diode Laser removal, Alexandrite hair removal, Ruby hair removal, IPL hair removal, and YAG hair removal methods. Let’s check out the specifics – 

Ruby Laser hair removal

Comparatively slower to work, than the other available methods, this has been noted to be the best simply because – the results are excellent! Suitable particularly for lighter and fine hair, this also works for coarser hair (though the time period of the results differ). Another notable factor of this process is – since it was one of the first methods invented, therefore, there has been ample evidence regarding the side -effects, and if you get one, can be medically handled in a jiffy.

The most-opted systems are – EpiPulse Ruby, Palomar E2000, and RubyStar.

Alexandrite Laser hair removal

Definitely one of the most-noted and just about perfect after the Ruby technique, this Alexandrite hair removal technique has a wavelength of less than 755 nm and targets comparatively shorter melanin content within the body. Using the cryogen cooling agent, this technique is specifically suitable for intimate areas (since the wavelengths do not penetrate, and hence the harm associated with the rays is reduced). However, to achieve the best results you need to consistently go in for back-to-back sessions.

The most-opted systems are – GentleLase, Candela, EpiTouch Plus, and Cynosure Apogee

Diode Laser hair removal

One of the most-opted hair removal procedures, this is categorically suitable for ones with medium skin tones. Coming with an 810 nm wavelength, this hair removal process, this painless process comes without the standard cooling blast technology. What is specifically notable about this technique is – compared to the other laser techniques, this goes way much deeper into the skin and removes hair painlessly.

The most-opted systems are – SLP-FI Diode format, Laserlite, SopranoXL, MeDioStar, Apex, LightSheer, and Epistar. 

YAG Format Laser hair removal

Backed with the longest wavelength, this is the laser treatment that is categorically suitable for individuals with a dark skin tone and coarse hair. The key to using this technique is – it penetrates comparatively deeper into the skin, and destroys the hair follicles. For the unversed, the NdYag format categorically detects darker melanin and targets the same. In this way, it completely removes the hair (albeit taking its own time) and reduces the rate of hair growing back.

The most-opted systems are – Candela, Lyra, Cutera, Sciton, Medlite IV and GentleYAG. 

IPL Laser hair removal

One of the easiest and technically rare ones to be used, this technique uses intense pulse light to destroy the hair follicles and inhibit growth eventually. This is one of those laser treatments that is suitable for every skin type (from dark to wheatish to fair and even albino. Additionally, the power levels and wavelength of the same can be adjusted according to the requirements of the concerned individual.

The most-opted systems are – PhotoDerm, Epilight, Quantum, Aculight, and Vasculight.

Therefore as an aware individual, you must know about the type of laser treatment you can use, and consult with the specialist before making a move.

Why Does the Type of Laser Used Matter?

As you know already, the laser is a light beam that is quite concentrated and is categorically either green or red. What is worth knowing is – in the case of liquid dye lasers, a comparatively broader band of light is emitted vis a vis a solid or gaseous laser.

Therefore – it is inevitable that it will affect the concerned portion of the skin accordingly. Hence, as an aware client, you need to know the type of laser that is used and for which time period. This will give you an insight into the benefits and negatives of the same, and help you decide accordingly.

Things to Know Before Opting for Laser Hair Removal

Knowing your skin and choosing the correct option is the key to the success of this treatment. Apart from this, here are some quick pointers that you must note before pursing treatment –

  • This is not a single-session option, and to get complete relief, you must go in for multiple sessions (it will depend on the clinic and your service provider).
  • If you do not categorically prepare your skin, prior to the treatment or take care of the reactions post the skincare – then there are chances that the treatment will fail.
  • Despite all the precautions you have taken, there are chances that you might still experience certain side effects. Connect with your medical practitioner immediately and exercise caution.

NOTE: Taking care of your skin post treatment is also going to be important to get the best results. Maintaining a proper skincare routine is going to go a long way to prevent irritation and reduce the chance of side effects. has some great skincare products that can help you with the above. For instance, the All Bright C Serum can even your skin tone and Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion can hydrate and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

What is the Cost Associated with the Different Types?

Technically speaking, the average cost associated with this procedure may range between $40 -$ 600. However, depending on the areas covered, the costs vary. As per the thumb rule – the more intimate the area, the greater the cost.

However, if one talks randomly then – the rates are supposedly stacked at $76 for a single session and it could go up to $500+ taxes. Another rate that is making rounds is – for prominent areas such as legs, upper arms, and full body the normal rates are within – $300-$1550+taxes for close to 10 sessions. Now coming to intimate areas, the rates kickstart from $80 for a single session and it could massively go up to $1600+ taxes.

Most of the Canadian clinics will supposedly charge you something within this range. It is advised that you compare the rates and the services offered and then go in for picking the correct alternative.


Assuming that you have read this article well, one may conclude that you have clarity about the various types of laser-assisted hair removal procedures and know which one suits your skin the best.

Also, before you pick the form of laser, be extremely mindful of the clinic from where you are getting treated and ensure that it matches the criteria that have been listed by the FDA.

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