Motorcycle Accident Care: What You Need to Know

motorcycle accident care


If you have encountered an unfortunate motorcycle accident, you will probably find yourself at the starting point of a long journey towards recovery. In case the injuries are critical, get yourself prepared for a detailed medical checkup and treatment.

Also, minor injuries require immediate treatment otherwise they can be worsened with time. In some cases, you may feel fine for a time being but you never know when suddenly you start feeling the pain after a few hours or days later.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Here we have discussed a few common conditions you may suffer from a motorcycle accident and why the treatment at the right time is important.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

One of the common injuries from the motorcycle accident is whiplash. The situation occurs with a sudden back and forth movement.

The condition is primarily referred to as the soft tissue considerably affecting the muscles and tendons of the neck. Tender adjustments or manipulations can realign these muscles whereas muscle stretching can further worsen it.

On the other hand, many people suffer from fractures of the neck vertebrae. You are more likely to consult a chiropractor who will help you by restoring the motion through gentle and manipulative therapy. Chiropractic care is the natural and safest way to restore your misaligned muscles.

Back Injuries

Some other injuries commonly involve the back. Being involved in a motorcycle accident, the spine and the adjacent muscles are more likely to be injured since they are prone to be misaligned.

Chiropractic treatment helps in restoring slipped or herniated discs through massage therapy and manipulative therapy. Irrespective of the intensity of pain, you should consult a doctor in any way.

Hip and Pelvic Misalignment

Motorcycle accident injury frequently cause the pelvis or hips to become skewed resulting in critical pain and discomfort. By visiting a medical specialist, they can help you with certain types of injuries and what treatment options are available to overcome these with the aim of restoring pelvic alignment.

Tips for Emergency Medical Care

Unfortunately, if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, your health should be the foremost consideration. The very first thing you should do is evaluate yourself for injuries. You can also ask other people around for help so they can take you to the nearby medical facility.

The foremost type of compensable treatment is seeking emergency medical care. The treatment is available in one form or another primarily depending on the intensity of injuries.

  • On-scenario emergency treatment
  • Cleaning wounds and stitching lacerations
  • Bandaging broken bones or fractures

Tips for Physical Therapy

Many minor and major injuries you suffer from a motorcycle accident frequently need some sort of therapy or treatment such as physical therapy. The technique involved in physical therapy primarily depends on the nature and intensity of the injury.

Subsequently, you will require multiple sessions involved with a professional physical therapist or chiropractic doctor to help you treat the condition. It may take up to several days, months, or even years.

For instance, if you have a broken bone you will need physical therapy to restore the bone and rebuild the strength. At the same time, remember physical therapy is not only limited to torn muscles or fractures. In some cases, physical therapy is also recommended for even a road rash.

Considering the fact that these injuries may end up with scar tissues on muscles, tendons, and ligaments, acquiring medical treatment will absolutely help. On the other hand, if you allow this to grow it will eventually affect your health and restrict mobility. Physical therapy is a crucial part of the recovery progression.

Tips for Documenting the Accident

Always document the accident. Keep in mind you should always keep medical records and the accident report from the police official. It’s a smart approach to maintain a detailed personal journal having all the relevant information regarding the injuries. You may even write about your feelings and what factors are affecting you every day. It is important to note that some critical head injuries, soft tissue injuries, sprains & strains may take more or less time to appear. They can appear after a few weeks or months.

When you are injured in a crash, the immediate adrenaline will cover up the injuries and for some time you may not feel any pain. To ensure your well-being in the long term, the best approach is to acquire emergency medical treatment. Also, don’t forget to take follow-up care without any gap. Remember medical treatment and some gaps between the follow-up treatments may weaken your insurance case. The insurance agency is more likely to require an explanation about this gap. It’s important to gather medical records related to diagnosis and treatment. These records are essential to the personal injury claim.

  • Physician recommendations and medical test results
  • Results of diagnostic tests
  • Surgical records and treatment plans
  • Medical bills and medication prescriptions
  • Rehabilitation & therapy details

Photographing the Accident

Photographs are worthwhile evidence to injury claim since they provide a clear image of the accident. If you can take photographs of the scenario, it will considerably help you in the personal injury claim process. Alternatively, you can ask someone around to help you.

  • Position and damage of the vehicles
  • Slip marks and other colorations
  • Property damage surrounding the accident scene
  • Road conditions, traffic signals, and street signs
  • Potential hazards on the road
  • Photographs of the injuries


If you have ever been involved in a motorcycle accident and have any minor or major injuries, the foremost step is to seek medical care.

If you have read this, you will probably understand some of the common injuries. Also, we have highlighted why finding the right treatment can help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns or queries related to the type of injury or relevant treatment options, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with a specialist today.

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