Potential Causes of Breaking Out in a Rash



Breaking out in a rash isn’t just unsightly— it can be downright itchy and even painful. While sometimes the reason for the rash is clear, in other cases, we can find ourselves wondering what’s going on.

In order to prevent the rash from coming back again, it’s important that you stop exposing yourself to whatever is triggering your skin.

With that in mind, here are some potential causes that may be causing you to break out in a rash.

1. Insect Bites

The first thing to consider when you break out in a rash is whether you’ve been bitten or stung by an insect. Take a good look at your surroundings and notice whether you notice the presence of mosquitoes, spiders, or any other kind of insects around that could be the problem. Some people are more sensitive to insect bites than others and may not necessarily indicate an allergy.

However, eventually, the rash could get worse the more that you’re exposed to whatever insect is attacking you. If you do determine that the cause of your rash is insect-related, then you should consider calling an exterminator to get rid of the pests if it’s an ongoing problem.

2. Food Allergies

Try to take note of when your rash occurs. If it’s usually around mealtime, then you may be dealing with a food allergy. Food allergies are some of the most common types that there are and believe it or not, food allergies can come on at any point in your life.

In other words, you may have been eating shellfish your entire life, and one day your body decides to reject it. If you do suspect that food allergies may be at play, consider taking an allergy test with your doctor so that you can pinpoint exactly what the allergen is.

3. Stress

Stress is so much more than just an emotional reaction to emotionally charged scenarios. Stress can take the form physically by making us break out in a rash. If your rash tends to happen during tense moments like when your child has a tantrum, or you’re on a strict deadline at work, then it may be emotionally related. Talk to your doctor about some anxiety-reducing solutions and notice whether your rash disappears.

4. Exercise

Some people may not realize the connection between breaking out in a sweat and, in turn, their skin breaking out in a rash. This can happen for multiple reasons. One possibility is due to overheating. When we’re hot, our skin becomes redder, and for people who have more sensitive skin, their body heat may result in patchy redness all over the body.

If you notice that you have a similar rash when you get out of the shower, then it’s almost certain that your rash is a reaction to high body temperature.

The Takeaway

Whether it’s because of an insect bite, an allergic reaction to food, stress, exercise, or simply due to excessive heat, breaking out in a rash is more common than you might think.

But don’t fret if you break out in a rash. Thankfully, most rashes go away on their own in short time. You can also use over-the-counter aids to speed up the recovery process if necessary.

If your rash is stubborn or very painful, obviously don’t hesitate to visit your doctor or local clinic for a quick checkup. Depending on your problem, you might be prescribed a powerful remedy.

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