8 Soothing Teas for a Yogi Lifestyle

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Tea, yoga and meditation are excellent companions. You probably are aware of the disease-fighting antioxidants present in tea, alongside its many health benefits. But did you know that a cup of soothing tea can also infuse your yoga practice?

Oolong, Black, white and Green teas, for instance, have natural caffeine, which is excellent at reducing inflammation, particularly in invigorating sessions. The teas, which can be purchased from Kent & Sussex tea & Coffee Company, an online tea and coffee shop, boost the immune system and enhance metabolism.

Teas Yogis Should Drink Before the Practice

Oolong and black beverages are the perfect teas for yogis before re-energizing and getting involved in a yoga session. Caffeinated teas without additives such as sugar and milk will keep your energy up.

Oolong Tea

This tea makes it easy to sail through a yoga session because it enhances focus. It has excellent re-energizing and healing elements and just like green tea, it contains EGCG phytonutrients, which enable the body to remove toxins and turn fats into energy. When taken before a yoga session, high-quality oolong tea heightens energy levels and gives better performance by boosting alertness and endurance. Purchase these tea bags online from Kent & Sussex tea Company.

Black Tea

If you are planning on engaging in power yoga, drink black tea before the start of the session. Black tea promises focus and elevated energy during yoga practice. If, for instance, you feel light-headed each time you engage in yoga, black tea will be your perfect pick. It contains caffeine, which is good at improving circulation. This tea from Kent & Sussex Tea Company is also excellent at reducing cardiovascular problems and boosting stamina, which in turn burns calories. You will get the full benefits of black tea when you omit additives such as sugar and milk.

Mint Tea for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is done in a heated-up room of about 95-105 degrees or hot summer outdoors. The temperatures are excellent at promoting muscle and organ detoxification and flexibility. Mint tea, which can be purchased from a tea bag online shop, is the best hot yoga companion because it activates the body’s cold-sensitive receptors to give a cooling sensation. You can try different varieties of the mint flavor including mint chai, peppermint tea and mini hibiscus.

Green tea

Green tea is best taken before meditative yoga because it is excellent at giving an alert mind. Meditative practices involve long poses and meditation. Taking a cup of green tea before your session will help you stay calm and focused. Grab your loose leaf tea packed with catechins and polyphenols and enjoy your meditative yoga.

Teas Yogis Should Drink After an Evening Session

After your evening yoga class, choose soothing teas such as chamomile, lavender, jasmine or white tea to promote a relaxed mind close to bedtime. Look out for tea bag offers from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a loose leaf tea brewed from edible sweet-smelling chamomile flowers from the daisy family native to Europe and Asia. It is a popular bedtime beverage. This tea comes with an excellent combination of sweet and bitter flavors and a touch of floral fragrance. After your yoga session, take a cup of this beverage to gain relaxation. It fights anxiety and allows you to sleep better than ever.

Lavender Tea

Lavender, which can be purchased from a tea bag online shop, is a great post-yoga beverage. This tea, brewed from the buds of the lavender plant, relaxes sore muscles. After most yoga sessions, you may end up with tense or sore muscles. You can relieve this by taking a hot cup of lavender tea to maintain your stamina and keep your energy up.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea happens to be the best post-yoga beverage for its irresistible healing benefits. This tea lowers the risk for heart disease, improves the digestive system, lowers cholesterol levels and builds a strong immune system. This tea, which can be purchased from an online tea and coffee shop, relieves stress and offers calming effects.

White Tea

Black tea is one of the strongest beverages, and so if this does not work for you, take white tea after your yoga workout. The leaves of white tea are derived from camellia Sinensis. If you leave your class feeling tired, a cup of white tea will cheer you up.


For your next yoga sessions, look out for tea bag offers and make your purchase to make your workout relaxed and beneficial. These are some of the best teas for yogis; why not give them a try! You can find these tea bags online from Kent and Sussex Tea Company.

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