What A Stepper Machine Can Do For You

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The stepper machine, not to be confused with the stair climber in the gym, offers a low impact workout. Ideal for anyone who has injuries, or could be trying to get back into exercise after pregnancy. It is generally useful for those who want to introduce some movement into their routine.

A stepper machine won’t take up too much room in your house and won’t break the bank!

Luckily, the stepper machine won’t take up too much room in your house. You can find machines available online and it’s a great idea to invest in your very own stepper machine, especially as it’s quite easy to tuck away in the cupboard.

You can also easily carry the stepper around the house and use it anywhere. Compared to other gym machines, the stepper is light and won’t cause you any hassle, it’s also a cheaper option if you’re on a budget.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Stepper Machine

Now that you know a little about stepper machines, here are some of their top benefits…

1. Great for Weight Loss

Being that a mini stepper machine works both your leg and glute muscles (see reason three below), these machines offer a solid little calorie burn. You will definitely lose weight if you use the stepper machine often, although, not as quickly as if you’re exercising on gym equipment like a treadmill or cross trainer. However, interval training on the stepper will increase your resting metabolic rate and when it’s paired up with more intense exercises, it can boost weight loss results. If you find it difficult to get to the gym to lose weight or you don’t like exercising outside, why not invest in your very own?

2. Simple Yet Effective

If you’ve never used a stepper machine before you won’t need instructions on how to use it as you literally just step onto it and start pressing your feet down. There is no screen or anything you will need to press, this means you can’t track your calories or change the settings. You will be in control of the speed you decide to go, and this keeps it simple.

3. Strengthens Your Legs and Glutes

To get the perfect toned legs and glutes and increase calorie burn, you should use the stepper regularly, for a few minutes at least every day or on rotating days, but also remember to add in rest days if you’re doing other exercises too. You will be working the same muscles you use when walking up the stairs, so as you can expect to see your low body muscles becoming more toned, especially your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. If you walk a lot anyway, the stepper machine won’t seem too difficult unless you’re pressing down quite hard and stepping fast.


For anyone that would like a low impact machine to use in between more intense workouts or for recovering from injuries, the stepper machine could be exactly what you need. The fact you can go at your own speed and use this from the comfort of your own home is a huge bonus. You can also carry it with you if you want to take it outside or upstairs.

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