The Dangers of Mixing Steroids and Alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic substances alongside steroids, whether Masteron, Prednisone or other, is a highly debated topic in both the world of bodybuilding and the medical community.

There are many reports that show consuming alcohol when using steroids may lead to gastrointestinal problems like ulcers, bleeding, or other health conditions. Unfortunately, this can be a problem, notably with those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol alongside higher doses of steroids.

If you’re a bodybuilder currently using or you’ve been prescribed steroids by your doctor for health reasons, it’s very important to watch your alcohol intake, especially if you’re a regular drinker.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the risks of consuming alcohol with steroids.

Some Precautions and Thoughts on the Consumption of Steroids and Alcohol

Bodybuilder Drinking AlcoholMedical professionals prescribe Corticosteroids like Prednisone for many reasons. Prednisone is recognized as a strong anti-inflammatory medication. Other steroids are also commonly prescribed for different conditions and many pro bodybuilders obviously use various steroids to improve muscle growth.

While a drug like Prednisone can help with inflammation, for example, taking it or other steroids along with alcohol can be dangerous for you and overdoses of such steroids will certainly negatively impact your health. Alcohol alone is already fairly poisoning in doses above what health professionals would normally consider normal drinking habits, and mixing with steroids can be dangerous.

If you’re excessively consuming both, it is highly recommended that you tone down your use of alcohol and steroids as soon as possible, otherwise, you may trigger a big problem with your health, especially in time.

And while steroids are also commonly prescribed for various other issues like endocrine disorders, for example, consuming alcohol alongside at the minimum can negatively impact the effectiveness of treatment and at the worst may hurt your health.

People also generally shouldn’t consume steroids when they are suffering from ailments like diabetes, thyroid disorders, myasthenia gravis, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, congestive heart failure, diverticulitis, or high blood pressure, and this is especially true if they are a regular consumer of alcoholic products.

A Note on Side Effects When Consuming Alcohol and Steroids

One must be careful when it comes to the side effects of using steroids, especially when consuming alcohol. Drinking alongside steroid use increases risk and a user might experience side effects including coughing up blood, pancreatitis, rapid weight gain, swelling, seeing halos, eye pain, high blood pressure, or low potassium.

Users also might experience less serious symptoms like mood swings, insomnia, slower healing, acne, and alteration of the location of body fat or shape, dizziness and more. The side effects can be increased with the use of alcohol and you can also face some stomach related issues.

If you or someone you know is using alcohol and steroids together, especially if you are experiencing any alarming side effects, it is highly advisable to consult with a qualified medical professional to evaluate your current health and to receive proper guidance. A doctor will assess your current condition and provide professional recommendations.

Options for Treatment and When to Seek Help

This brings us to options for treatment and when to seek a professional. Dependency on alcohol and steroids can be dangerous and it is highly advisable that you initiate treatment to prevent potential health issues.

Hospitals, private doctors, and clinics are all great places to seek treatment. Don’t hesitate to seek help, especially if you are both a heavy drinker and steroid user experiencing questionable side effects or any alarming complications.

The use of steroids already carry a number of risks, especially when used without the proper guidance of a professional. And when you also consume alcohol, the risks only increase, sometimes substantially depending on how much you drink.

If you feel you just may have an addiction problem, your next step should be the elimination of alcohol from the body and this will require that you go through the proper detoxification process, preferably under the supervision of a medical professional.

Ultimately, if you do in fact feel you have a problem with substance abuse, please don’t hesitate to seek a psychotherapist or addiction specialist right away. It may just save your life and the sooner you get started on the road to sobriety, the better.

The Bottom Line

Steroids and alcohol (moderate usage) when used responsibly and under the guidance of a medical professional, can usually be taken together without complications. In fact, many steroids are already mixed with alcohol to make them work effectively.

That being said, it generally isn’t recommended that you mix the two. Alcohol and steroids don’t always place nice when consumed together and depending on how much you are consuming, health complications can manifest.

Take note… If you’re a heavy drinker and have a history of substance or alcohol abuse, adding steroids to the mix only further increases your risk for serious health complications. For you, the chances of you abusing steroids on top of alcohol also increase substantially and large quantities of both is certainly a recipe for disaster.

Be sure to seek the help of a medical professional if substance abuse is a problem for you, whether it’s alcohol, steroids or both, and if you are experiencing any side effects or complications from your drug and/or alcohol use, please see your doctor right away.

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