Important Things to Consider When Buying a Water Bottle

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Now, more than ever, people are starting to see the value of living sustainably.

It’s become taboo in many circles to buy single use plastic products, or shop with companies that are known to work in an unsustainable manner. It’s not a perfect world by any means, but as a society, we’ve made progress in recognizing the contribution that we make to the world.

Single use plastic is a particularly big focus in the world right now, as this is one of the main things that is clogging up landfills and choking the wildlife in the ocean. Buying a plastic bottle of juice or using a plastic straw may seem inconsequential, but the effects of large groups doing this over time can be immense and harmful.

One particularly great way to get a handle on your own plastic consumption is to get yourself a reusable water bottle. Buying a bottled drink every time you’re thirsty can get expensive, and it can have a massive impact on the environment too. There are so many fantastic ones available on the market right now, to suit every individual need and personal style.

In this blog post, we’ll be going over 8 important things that you need to bear in mind when buying yourself a water bottle, covering everything from size and shape, to aesthetic appeal.

Size and Capacity

To start off with, it’s important to consider how big you want your bottle to be.

Are you looking for one that’s miniature, so it fits inside a handbag? Something that’s a regular size, so that you can take it to work? Whatever your individual drinking habits are, size and capacity are two of the most important factors to think about with bottles.


Are you planning to take your bottle with you on the go? If so, you’re going to want to look into whether the water bottle in question is spill-proof or not. Make a note of whether the product description says this or not, and read up on the customer reviews as well.


Materials are another essential element to consider, and knowing what you want your bottle to be made of will help you to narrow down your choices. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from plastic and glass, to different kinds of metal. We’d personally recommend opting for a stainless steel bottle, as they’re durable and hard wearing.

When you’re looking for your bottle, take note of what materials are listed in the product description. As pointed out in this Washington Post article, some manufacturers may line their bottles with different materials that could potentially become harmful over time. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to read the product description.


Something else that’s worth considering is what shape you want your bottle to be, as pointed out in this Kool8 article. If you’re someone who goes on a lot of runs, for example, you may want a bottle that is curved with a handle so that you can take it with you. Additionally, slimline water bottles are great if you’re looking to carry your bottle around in a bag all day.


It’s worth looking into how durable and long lasting your chosen bottle is meant to be, too. This is especially true if you’re hunting for a sports bottle or hiking bottle. Some specialist shops may have notes in the product description saying how long the bottles last before wear and tear occurs, and some may even offer warranties.

Social media is a great place to head if you’re looking to read some product reviews. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are packed full of influencers who are bound to have content related to this particular topic.

Aesthetics and Design

Design and aesthetic appeal might not be as important to some people, but for others it can make or break a purchase. If you’re somebody who likes to have everything matching, it’s worth looking into water bottles with sleek, minimalistic designs or cute illustrations on them. Pinterest is a helpful platform to use for visual inspiration.

Extra Capabilities

There are some wonderful bottles on the market right now that have extra capabilities and functions, which are worth knowing about before you buy. For example, you can buy water bottles with fruit infusion pockets in them, or ones that have calming crystals embedded in them.


A final thing that’s worth being aware of is product safety. Is your bottle going to shatter when being carried in a bag? Can you put hot liquids in it without any issue? This may be a boring thing to research, but it’ll save you time in the long run.

Reading product descriptions is your best bet, or emailing the manufacturers could work too.

The Bottom Line

Buying a water bottle may not seem like something that requires much thought- but they are essential everyday items and should be treated as such. Whether you’re looking for a pretty flask to take to work, a comfortable bottle to run with, or a secure bottle to keep in your backpack, you’re bound to find the perfect bottle online.

If you are looking to purchase a water bottle online, it’s important that you do your research beforehand. Make sure to check out a shop’s reviews, and see how other customers have found the shopping experience. Looking at a company’s social media presence can be helpful, too.

Product reviews and guides are another important part of shopping for products like water bottles online, too. If you’re looking for inspiration on what sort of water bottle to purchase for yourself, this guide from GiftWits (14 Best Water Bottles Money Can Buy in 2020)  could be a great place to start.

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