Tips to Choose the Perfect Diet Plan and Supplements for Your Body Type

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Choosing the perfect diet plan and supplements isn’t quite as simple as just scanning the Internet to find your favorite celebrity’s diet plan.

Similarly, you can’t just take on the countless diet and workout challenges you see floating about on social media. Simply put, there’s no universal diet plan.

At the end of the day, a successful diet plan is best achieved when tailored to your unique body type and structured with your specific goals in mind.

But the first place to start is to determine your body type. There are three types. They include: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Don’t know your type? Keep reading…

After you’ve determine your body type, you can better choose a diet plan and also the supplements to help you achieve your individual goals.

As far as supplements, you can visit sites like to learn more. But let’s take a closer look at the three body types and some diet plans and supplements best suited for each.

Diet Plan and Supplement Tips for the Three Different Body Types

Ectomorph Tips

An ectomorph is one who’s tall, thin, and finds building body mass a challenge. These are the kind of people who can eat all that they desire and quickly burn off fat, making weight gain close to impossible. This may sound like a blessing, but an ectomorph may wish to gain muscle but find it difficult. Note that this doesn’t mean that ectomorphs are the healthiest or unhealthiest body type because health is determined by what one eats and not solely on the lack of body weight.

Ectomorphs are encouraged to include high-calorie diets, as in large portions of healthy foods. Healthy large portions of quinoa, oats, oranges, and blueberries, for example, make for an efficient high-calorie diet.

In terms of supplements, ectomorphs must take supplements that are high in protein. Protein is appreciated for its contribution to body mass. This means if you take supplements that are high in protein before a mass building work-out, the supplements can jump-start the process for you.

Mesomorph Tips

A mesomorph is naturally of an athletic build. Mesomorphs have probably heard that they have the ideal body without having to put in any effort, but this doesn’t mean that they’re healthy. It also doesn’t mean that they don’t wish to acquire a particular type of body that’s more muscular and fit.

Mesomorphs are advised to maintain a low-calorie diet and include healthy fats and lean protein. Healthy fats can be in the form of natural olive or coconut oil and lean protein in the form of fish.

Although mesomorphs are admired for their natural strength, any fitness routine can leave one feeling exhausted and drained. Supplements that are high in protein can give the energy boost that’s required to sustain a whole fitness session.

Endomorph Tips

Endomorphs are those who have high levels of body fat. People with this body type are usually mistaken as being unhealthy, though it isn’t always the case just as ectomorphs aren’t automatically considered healthy. Endomorphs may have trouble to shift weight and can have large bone structures that make weight loss difficult. They’re encouraged to be on a low carbs diet plan and up the intake of fiber and protein. A low carbs diet can include eggs, red meat, salmon, and broccoli, for example.

Supplements that are rich in protein and fiber can help in muscle build and repair. Fitness sessions can leave one’s muscles in pain and inflamed due to the wear and tear. However, supplements can help recover quickly during your rest days, so that you can get back into your weight loss fitness routines.

General Diet Plan and Supplement Tips

Regardless of the body type that you may have and your fitness intentions, there are tips you can follow to ensure the best possible outcomes about your diet plans and supplement intake:

  • Eat foods that you enjoy. Being on a diet plan isn’t a punishment. Get creative with the different foods that you can create, whether you’re on a high or low-calorie intake.
  • Eat moderate portions if you aim to lose weight. If the aim is to gain, however, you should eat large portions of healthy foods.
  • Be mindful of the preparation methods of your food. Preparing healthy foods such as potatoes by deep fat frying is counterproductive.
  • Choose supplements that are high in protein for best possible fitness results.
  • Protein Supplements that are plant-based accommodate vegetarian and vegan diet plans.
  • Make sure to rest your muscles on some days to prevent wear and tear, also take supplements before you work out.
  • Purchase supplements from recommended and reputable vendors to avoid risking the quality of supplements, which can compromise your health.


Firstly, knowing your body type is vital for deciding which diet plan will best work for you. Each person is unique in physique, meaning there isn’t be a universal one size fits all diet plan.

Trial, error, and patience are some of the requirements that are needed when choosing a diet plan that can work best for you.

Ectomorphs generally require a high-calorie diet plan, while mesomorphs must be on a moderate to low calorie intake. Endomorphs have to be on a low carbs diet with high protein and fiber intake.

The common ground for all body types is the advantages of protein-based supplements. Protein based supplements help with the building of muscle while providing you with the energy and endurance that you need during fitness training. The repair of muscles is also facilitated by quality protein and supplements.

Make sure to consult your doctor before taking on a diet plan and new supplements. Your body type can also be a communicator of underlying health concerns. Once your medical practitioner gives you the green light, make sure to research the types of foods that are required by your body type, the kind of fitness routines, and high protein supplements.

And on a final note, be sure to purchase your supplements from trusted sources and vendors to avoid purchasing compromised products that may place you in unwanted health conditions. Just like food quality matters, so does supplement quality.

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